Tuesday, July 25, 2017

No Urinals?

The Navy's newest, most sophisticated aircraft carrier doesn't have urinals
Well, we just can't have urninals in the bathrooms, can we? I mean, even though sailors are mostly men, you might need to convert that head to one for women someday, and then they'd have to walk past the urinals to get to the stalls and that might make them uncomfortable. And that way there's no chance of making any transgender (because we expect so many of them to be in the military, they supposedly are as many as 3 people in 1000 in the population) uncomfortable either. That using flush toilets for men urinating is wasteful of space, energy, and water and probably messier since they won't be sitting down (unless of course the PC police make that a regulation), is just not something we're going to worry about. This is what the years of Obama's appointing PC idiots to various positions has brought us. Maybe they will rename the heads as "Mabus" in honor of the disastrous SecNav who did so much damage. How utterly stupid! --Del

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  1. I once worked for an insurance company that had no urinals. The majority of the workforce was female, and entire departments could be relocated to different parts of the company, so the restrooms were gender neutral. In the case of the USS Ford, it seems the Navy has accommodated the minority workforce. I wonder how much Obama's PC agenda had to do with it, but I suspect the male sailors will adjust.