Sunday, July 23, 2017


California: Golden No More
And they just raised the gas tax 70%, which will guarantee the state's title for highest cost of gas in the nation, and in fact, for all of North America. The state remains solvent, but with incredible levels of pension obligations and wasteful projects, and a big chunk of crumbling infrastructre, and all kinds of discouragement for any kind of manufacturing businesses. Businesses have left and are leaving, middle class people leave if they can, retirees leave too, but of course the sanctuary policies and great benefits for illegals keep the population from dropping. Fewer and fewer taxpayers and industries are paying for more and more expenditures by the governor and legislature. One wonders how much longer this can go on. I guess until finally all the chickens come home to roost and the system starts to break down and there's a full scale voter revolt. Of course, by then things will be bad enough that doing any fixing will mean radical measures. Oh well, it's a drama that is fun to watch, as long it's from a vantage point in some other state. --Del

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