Monday, July 31, 2017

Random Thoughts for August

Random Thoughts for August, 2017.
By Robert A. Hall
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I'm now a VA employee as a PT Writer-Editor in the "My Life, My Story" program, working Wednesday-Friday. I interview vets about their life story, write it up, and when they okay it, it goes in their medical records so their health providers know more about them. They also get copies to give to family and friends. So if you know vets who are VA patients in Madison, send them to us! The hours are more regular and the pay better than the PT (!) job I had earlier this year as a Security Guard. I'm enjoying to it--and praying my health holds.

Scaramucci is in, then out. That was quick. I didn't even learn to spell his name. Pray that General John Kelly brings some stability to the White House.

Bonnie, my brother Mark and I saw Dunkirk and thought it was terrific.

It is okay to loathe people who are loathsome.

Some people notice every perceived slight and offense given to them, but never the ones they give to others. Which are usually much worse.

From my friend, Alison: "Identity politics is racism on steroids." And, "Progressives are the science deniers: they don't believe in biology."

One wishes that liberals might care half as much about the brutalized victims as they do about the evil perpetrators.

We all live lives that are the result of the choices we made. Those who made bad choices usually cast about for others to blame for their wretched lives.

When an employer advertises a "salary range," you can bet that they will offer you the low end of the range if you get the job.

A parent using a child as a weapon against a spouse or relative is just evil.

Had another fraud robo-call on the IRS scam. They are getting more aggressive. Threatening make voice, "Officer Mark Bowen" said they had found fraud in my tax return that needed to be cleared up immediately. Scum. Don't fall for it if they call you.

Some days I feel like my life is a soap opera. But maybe everyone's is.

A lot of profit is turned selling stuff to folks with more money than sense. The economy might collapse without them.

There may be no stupid questions, but there are some damn annoying ones.

When I was a kid you had to go to the circus to see the tattooed lady. Now you just go to Walmart.

The sixties planted a cancer in our society that I believe has reached the terminal stage.

"If you want to make the case that Democrats or the media are hypocrites, whataboutism is perfectly valid (and quite fun). But if you want to say that it’s fine for Trump to do things you considered legally and morally outrageous when Hillary Clinton did them, you should either concede that you believe two wrongs make a right or you should apologize for being angry about what Clinton did. And you should be prepared to have no right to complain when the next Democrat gets into power and does the same thing." --Jonah Goldberg

Every week I have FBI problems--Face Book Idiots.

"The senate opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation." --Will Rogers

The Democrats Slogan: Disparage, Deteriorate, Defecate.

Near as I can tell, work is a major interference with most people's lives.

"What's the difference between a cannibal and a liberal? A cannibal doesn't eat his friends." --Lyndon Johnson.

We fought a revolution on the premise that we were capable of taxing ourselves. And we've been over-achievers proving it.

If the cost of dying keeps going up, people are going to stop doing it.

If Sessions resigns, the left which has been demonizing him will make him into a martyred victim.

Frankly, I don't know why Sessions hasn't resigned. If a boss trashed me in public like that, my resignation letter would be on his desk at 8:00 am at the latest.

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