Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Marine vet for the Senate

Marine Vet Kevin Nicholson Announces 2018 Challenge to Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin
Excerpt: “Let’s put it this way: During my time there, I saw enough to know it wasn’t my crowd,” he explains. “Not to mention the fact that people in the DNC looked at me like I was crazy when I told them I was planning to join the Marine Corps.” He received a commission as an officer in the Marines after graduating, and his experience in the military expedited the disenchantment that he had begun to feel at the DNC, as Nicholson realized how little the Democratic party’s policies coincided with the real world. “I saw a different side of people in the Marines, where everyone was treated according to their merit and not their skin color or identity,” he says. “There is no greater introduction into reality than the U.S. Marine Corps.” That learning process only intensified when Nicholson served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. (Like the sound of this guy ~Bob)

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