Sunday, February 12, 2017

Better URL: Why Trump won

Good column, why I think Trump won: I am a deplorable, and I'm happy I voted for Trump. Jeff Best
Excerpt: But all that doesn't matter. My grandchildren should make these choices themselves, not the current collection of Washington and state government politicos who use my taxes to make empty speeches and buy votes in the next election. Balance the budgets and pay off state and federal debt first. And then we can have all the empty values-centered debates about which cause du jour we want to throw money at. It seems that the outcome of the last election is understood only by people like me. Frankly, I don't like Donald Trump either. He is arrogant, careless with what he says, overly competitive and insensitive. I voted for Trump because he was the alternative to letting a collection of free spenders, organizers, race-baiters, intellectuals, tree huggers and professional value arbitrators continue to spend our grandchildren's money. This country and this generation of voters must pay our bills and not sit around having dorm-room debates on philosophy and injustice. I voted for Trump because we can't afford another president we simply like; we need one now who does something.

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