Monday, February 13, 2017

Join the Resistance

Join the Resistance Against Authoritarianism. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: Over the weekend, the Politico ran this piece about former Obama staffers steamed that Congress was repealing Obama-era regulations. Last week, a technology blogger from the left blogged about Obama writing laws and Congress trying to undo them. Under Armour’s CEO is under assault for saying he thinks President Trump will be good for his business. Leftists are posting signs that Trump voters are not welcome in their businesses. Liberal Christians are being cheered on for using Christianity to defend Obamacare while faithful Christians are booed for hiding behind their faith to oppose paying for abortions. I absolutely agree — we should join the resistance against authoritarianism. But it is the left that is authoritarian, not Donald Trump. Last week, based on campaign promises and without ever citing relevant statutes, the liberals on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Donald Trump’s immigration order. Sure, the left argued, Presidents can do what Donald Trump wants to do. But Donald Trump himself cannot. Never mind an actual statute gives President Trump the power to do what he did. The left, however, cheered the outcome and ignored the rule of law.

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