Friday, February 24, 2017

White People Shouldn't Breed

UK: Muslim spits in non-Muslim baby’s face and shouts abuse at her mother
Excerpt: “White people shouldn’t breed,” screamed Rezzas Abdulla, and this is being presented solely as a racial incident. But in Britain, the entire problem of jihad and Sharia is presented as a racial issue between “Muslims” and “whites,” as if one couldn’t conceivably be a white Muslim. While this is absurd, as Islam and Islamic supremacism in reality have nothing to do with race aside from Islam’s ingrained Arab supremacism, it is the prevailing paradigm. So when Rezzas Abdulla spits in baby Layla-Jean’s face and screams about “white people,” it is apparently an act of vicious Islamic supremacism: white people shouldn’t breed, he is saying, only Muslims should, until the white people are conquered and subjugated.

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