Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Defending Slavery

Georgetown, Slavery, and the Riots in Sweden. By WILLIAM KILPATRICK
Excerpt: Two years ago, Georgetown University made a show of repenting of its past connections to slavery by renaming two buildings whose namesakes had once sold slaves. It might be expected then that when a Georgetown faculty member defends slavery, not just online, but in the course of a ninety-minute lecture, the reaction would be swift and severe. We would expect that the wayward academic would be relieved of his duties and sentenced to a re-education program, or else be fired outright.(Who would ever have thought of a professor at a nominally Catholic college, one that took on an enormous boatload of shame over having owned slaves nearly two centuries ago (when it was as normal a practice as there was regardless of how horrifying we find it now), would come out clearly and strongly to defend slavery as a normal and proper practice? This is what PC thinking and Saudi oil money lead to, combined with the total gutlessness of the college's Directors, and Catholics somehow deciding that championing Catholic values has become somehow obsolete. No, no, it's better to forget those lines about being "in the world, but not OF the world" and just join whatever is going on in the world. It's not the assault from outside that destroys an institution, it's the terrible rot coming from within. Heaven help us. -Del)

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