Saturday, February 11, 2017


The Ninth Circuit: Dangerously Out of Order: Black-robed politicians on the Left Coast handcuff Trump, keeping the borders wide open for terrorists.
First off, the Taft-Hartley Act of 1952 gives the President total authority to ban whomever he wants on whatever grounds. The last time it was used it was Jimmy Carter, against Iranians. Secondly, national security is the responsibility of the Executive Branch, totally, and there is no basis whatsoever for the Judicial Branch to to make any rulings about it. These three judges are off on a political "social justice" mission, which is utterly outside of their power or purview. Had any court made some kind of similar decision to twart Obama from doing something, the media and law school professors would have gone beyond ballistic, but it's OK now, see, because it's Trump and we don't like him or his ideas. Whether anyone likes how he uses his powers, as long as they are legal, constitutional, he gets to do them, the same as Obama did. Revolt against the President because you don't like him is what they do in 3rd world countries, not here. They have no idea how dangerous this kind of thing is to the future of the Republic. --Del

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