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Random Thoughts for September, 2015.

Random Thoughts for September, 2015. By Robert A. Hall
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August 16th marked the 51st anniversary of my journey to Parris Island, SC to become a Marine. The next three months changed my life forever. My drill instructors, Sgt. E. Owens, Sgt. M. Martin and Sgt. W. Harris gave me self-discipline and tenacity. That has made all the difference. Sgt. Owens is gone now, the other two I know not of, but I can never repay the debt.

People say they like Donald Trump because they like what he says. Of course they do. In recent memory he has been on both sides of every issue, telling the DREAMers they had convinced him, giving money to elect Reid, Pelosi and Hillary, saying we should negotiate with Iran, saying Obama would be better than Bush, supporting single-payer healthcare and so on. Everything he says he has at one time said the opposite. 33% of Republicans say they would not vote for Trump under any circumstances, so his nomination guarantees President Hillary.

Suggested sign for Christian Businesses: "Unattended children will be sold to planned parenthood for parts."

The silver lining to China's economic meltdown is that the weaker they are economically, the less able they are to project military power. The same is true of us, of course.

I didn't call the guy who manages my IRA during the meltdown. His cell breaks up out on the ledge.

I can't wait to find out how the latest market crash is the fault of George Bush, the Koch Brothers and Global Warming.

The major problem we face is that progressives can spout utter nonsense and the media will present it to low-info voters as solid facts, while conservatives can present solid facts and the media will present it as utter nonsense.

Some people have inquiring minds. I seem to have a rambling mind, interested in all kinds of things, wandering among them like a butterfly in a garden.

I ran into another reporter doing an expose at the VA--of the long wait times for elevators.

Some people age like fine wine--others age into vinegar.

People will believe stuff on the Internet they wouldn't believe if a guy told it to them over a beer in a bar.

I just read a wonderful two-volume bio of the great Robert A. Heinlein which reminded me he popularized TANSTAAFL: "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch." It has always been true but politicians still get elected by promising free stuff to low-info, economically-ignorant, entitlement-mentality voters.

I think we should refer to Democrats as "The Free Lunch Party."

I bet you're short of time. Everyone I talk to is. I was short of time when working, but I still am now that I'm medically retired. The only reasonable explanation for a shortage this big is that the government must have put some bureaucratic agency in charge of time. As Milton Friedman said, " If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand."

Fellow Republicans have complained since 2008 that Obama is a narcissist... and now support Trump?

A liberal friend refers to the large GOP presidential field, 16 Republicans and Democrat-talking horse Trump--as the "Clown Car" I think we can refer to the Democrat field as "The Witch and the Flying Monkeys," though I exempt Jim Webb, a true Marine hero, from that designation.

Having bought a Kindle from Amazon, I have downloaded many of their free Kindle books. Some I've found not worth the price.

I was in Walmart recently wearing a cap with the Marine emblem and the Vietnam service ribbons on it. An employee in his 40s said, "I like your hat." "Thanks," I replied, "It was a privilege to wear the uniform." "World War Two?" he then asked? So much for my conceit that I look younger than I am.

Suppose Nixon had said, "Take my word for it. The only tapes I destroyed were those with personal information on them." Do you think the media or the Congress would have believed him? So why should we believe Hillary?

If you can listen to horse shit with a straight face and an interested look, you may have a future in government.

In Physical Therapy recently, I was talking about the YouTube clip where college students had no idea who had won the Civil war. Turned out the young woman who is the new Resident in PT also had no idea who won. "I'm really bad at history," she said. Ya think? A few days later I asked her what we celebrate on July 4. "Independence," she said. "From who?" I asked. She had no idea. I gave her a book of American History.

Unfortunately, the supply of no-brainer jobs is far exceeded by the supply of no-brainer people.

I hear Iran has adopted a new motto: Allah Mit Uns.

For years the Democrats held Jefferson-Jackson Dinners to celebrate the founders of their party. But it has just come to light that both men were slave holders; who knew? So I hear they will now hold Trotsky-Mao dinners.

If a private company or local government had dumped as much toxic waste into the Animas River as the EPA did, what fines and penalties would the EPA place on them?

If you eliminate candidates because you disagree with them on one issue, you will have no one to vote for.

You cannot win over or reason with a sociopath. Likewise it will not make any difference to a narcissist how much praise you give him, or how many favors you do him. He believes he is entitled to it, and is not grateful for your niggardly effort.

My wife loves the Mercedes G-Class Square SUVs. But the base price is $115,400 so I don't think so.

Whites will believe "Black Lives Matter" when blacks stop killing blacks and Planned Parenthood stops targeting black neighborhoods. Blacks make up 13% of the population, 40% of the abortions (a black genocide) and almost 50% of the murders--mostly of other blacks.

John Kerry said he felt at home in Communist Cuba. Well, of course he did. In Cuba, the government is all powerful. Speech that the government deems as not being political correct is outlawed. People are jailed for speaking out against the government. Only one party is allowed. The government owns all industry and decides where you can work and if you can get an education or a job. People wanting freedom flee the island in small, makeshift boats, risking death. What's not to like for a big-government progressive?

It's no longer press two for Spanish. Recently I was trying to get information on car rentals and also on bus schedules for a friend. Twice I got a native Spanish speaker whose English was so poor we had great trouble understanding each other.

The reason old age has so many miseries is so you won't fear dying.

The first thing a politician being investigated cries is, "Political Witch Hunt." Unless it's a black politician--then it's "Racism!"

You have a better chance of becoming an American if you plan to come through a border tunnel than through a birth canal.

If I was a cop in a big city, I would quit, go to a small town or another line of work. It is one thing to risk death or maiming to protect people from the thugs, but quite another when a large group of the people you are protecting are on the side of the thugs, and you are risking financial and personal ruin by the media, perhaps legal action if pushed to a split second decision that the media/protesters do not like.

There's a big difference between being spot-on and spat-on.

What is ISIS but an all-powerful government using the government's power of coercion to force people to do that which the government thinks is best for them?

Most college students couldn't tell you when the War of 1812 started.

Maybe if we sold the body parts of executed murderers, progressives would support the death penalty.

Sometimes, to save a trip, when I go to the refrigerator or a cabinet, I actually take out what I originally came for so I don't have to go back.

If people say I'm good looking, that proves it. If they say I'm ugly, they are envious, so that proves I'm good looking. If woman want me, it proves I'm good looking. If they don't want me, it proves they are intimidated by my good looks. In point of fact, my good looks are like Global Warming--everything proves it.

It's never too late to become a better person. If you are not now better than you were a year ago, you're not trying. (Age related decline excused. A little.)

I have to weigh myself every morning. I try to do it with as few clothes as possible (sorry for the visual). But It's only fair to make allowances for things I do have on. For example, I deduct 10 lbs. for a night shirt, 3 lbs. for a watch, 1 lb. for a wedding ring and so on.

My wife said she was going to do something I thought unlikely. When I didn't respond, she said, "You don't believe me, do you?" "It's not that," I said, "It's that I don't get too interesting in events that will fall one standard deviation beyond my life expectancy."

Every once in a while the media gets riled up about banning high speed chases by the police. They never think about the pain, harm and deaths that will result when thugs and rapists know if they flee, the police won't follow, leaving them free to strike again.

They are not anchor babies--they are unviable masses of tissue.

Both Dylann Roof and Vester Lee Flanagan suffered from RDD (Racial Derangement Disorder). But the media, which was hot on the racist motive of Roof for the church shootings, have been tiptoeing around the racist motive of Flanagan. Because Roof was pictured with a Rebel Battle Flag, it had to be banned. Flanagan, who was gay, was pictured with an Obama button and reportedly owned a gay pride flag...

I understand the world has a lot of jerks. But is it too much to ask that some of them stay home when I'm driving?

Not only do I shop thrift shops, I often wait until they have a sale or senior day.

With all the migrants dying trying to get into Europe, I wonder if the EU has checked out the US market for body parts.

Old is when you go to put your CPAP mask on and discover you have forgotten to take out your hearing aids.

You know your marriage is in trouble when your contact information is on Ashley Madison--and your wife put it there.

There is a simple explanation for why Holder stonewalled the Fast and Furious documents, why Obama and Hillary stonewalled the Benghazi investigation, why Lois Learner's emails went missing, why Hillary's home server was wiped clean: "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." --John 3:20

Do you think the unions oppose free trade because they care about the country, the economy, the middleclass or any workers who don't pay dues to keep the union bosses in style?

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