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Favors to foundation donors stretch back to Hillary Clinton’s Senate days. Earmarks, legislative action benefited husband’s benefactors. By Kelly Riddell
Excerpt: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s efforts to provide favors to major donors to her husband’s global charity or her own political career stretch back far earlier than her tenure as America’s top diplomat, dating to the time she served as a U.S. senator and had the power to earmark federal funds and influence legislation, records show. For instance, Mrs. Clinton introduced a bill when she was New York’s junior senator that allowed a donor to the Clinton Foundation to use tax-exempt bonds to build a shopping center in Syracuse, New York, public records show. She also went to bat for Freddie Mac, working to defeat legislation that would have subjected the mortgage giant to tougher regulations before the housing bubble burst and led to a major recession. That same year, Freddie Mac donated $50,000 to $100,000 to her husband’s charity, originally called the William J. Clinton Foundation records show.

Jim Webb Could Awaken a New Cultural Cycle in America. The pleasant-natured, well-mannered marine, former Secretary of the Navy and former Virginia senator, might just blossom. By Bernie Quigley
Excerpt: In such a contrast, as it followed later on C-Span, the pleasant-natured, well-mannered marine, former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan and former Virginia senator, Jim Webb—the only candidate in either party this time around to experience the actual pain and full thrust of military conflict—suddenly blossoms.

Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods
Excerpt: The Obama administration is moving forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods, drawing fire from critics who decry the proposal as executive overreach in search of an “unrealistic utopia.”

Political support quiz
Excerpt: As we enter the preliminaries for the 2016 presidential election, Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media... including such heretofore "fair-minded" journalists as Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday... are trotting out their favorite "gotcha" questions, reserved exclusively for Republican candidates. To date, their two favorites are: "Are you personally opposed to gay Americans or same-sex marriage? And, "If you knew then what you know now, would you have sent U.S. ground troops into Iraq in 2003?"

Worth Reading: Ignore Obama and vote for trade-promotion authority. By George F. Will
Excerpt: Before presidential politics — the game of getting to 270 electoral votes — completely eclipses governing, there is the urgent task of getting to 217 votes in the House of Representatives to pass trade-promotion authority (TPA). This would guarantee a vote without amendments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Without TPA, any trade agreement will be nibbled to death in Congress by those eager to do organized labor’s bidding. So, Republicans who oppose TPA are collaborating with those who oppose increasing the velocity and rationality of economic life.

White House knocks lawmakers for Benghazi State funding threat
Excerpt: The White House on Wednesday chided House appropriators for threatening to deny State Department funding in order to force cooperation with the congressional investigation into the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Memo to Jerry Seinfeld: Welcome to Our World. By Bernard Goldberg
Excerpt: Jerry Seinfeld has been in the news lately because of his supposedly controversial observations about how the PC culture has gotten “creepy.” Jerry apparently has just discovered that you can say something with absolutely no malicious intent, and still be tarred as a racist or a sexist. Really, Jerry? This is news to you?

Mandatory Voting. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Let’s try an experiment with this idea of maximizing participation among all Americans, and treating a non-vote as some sort of dire problem to be solved. Before we require everyone in the country to cast a ballot for the American president . . . let’s require everyone in the country to cast a ballot for the American Idol. “But Jim!” you can hear the American Idol fans cry. “Lots of people don’t care in the slightest! Lots of people don’t even watch the show! Making people who don’t know about the options or care will only dilute the votes of the people who do know and do care!” Indeed . . . so why would we want to do that for our governmental elections?

East Haven mom charged with killing 2 kids: ‘They were in pain, now they’re in heaven’
Excerpt: The bodies of two children police said were killed by their mother were discovered with a note at their feet suggesting their deaths were meant to ensure the children wouldn’t be left “to the system.” (article says the father is Michael Moore. THE Michael Moore? --GS)

Excerpt: The American tech workers Disney laid off in January after forcing them to train their foreign replacements were put on a “black list” that disqualified them from hire by any contractor that works with Disney, emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation between one of the laid off workers and a recruiting firm show. The worker, who asked to remain anonymous because he is waiting on legal advice, learned of the black list when he sent his resume and performance review to a local IT recruiting firm that wanted to place him with a company contracting with Disney. He had plenty of past experience doing similar work for Disney contractors, and had received the highest possible rating on his performance review, so he thought he would be a top candidate for the job.

WaPo Fact Checker: The Four-Pinocchio claim that ‘on average, girls first become victims of sex trafficking at 13 years old.’ By Glenn Kessler
Excerpt: Because sex trafficking is considered horrific, politicians appear willing to cite the flimsiest and most poorly researched statistics — and the media is content to treat the claims as solid facts. After Klobuchar made these remarks, publications across Minnesotaincluding the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, repeated them without any due diligence. ... The Fact Checker expects politicians to verify data before using it in public statements, and that certainly means taking an extra step to determine the source of the information. But The Washington Post and other news organizations also failed by allowing Klobuchar’s claim to be published as an actual fact. And Homeland Security should withdraw its inaccurate pamphlet. This is a Four-Pinocchio statistic and should no longer be cited.

You will pay: Administration’s Regulatory Agenda Imposes $110 Billion in Costs. By Sam Batkins
Excerpt: In what has become an unfortunate biannual tradition in failed transparency, the administration released its regulatory agenda on the eve of a holiday weekend, this time, the Thursday evening before Memorial Day. An American Action Forum (AAF) review of the agenda found more than $110 billion in potential costs, with billions more in unknown burdens.

Important: Is Another Financial Crisis On the Way?
Excerpt: Despite good intentions, however, politicians and regulators constructed an expansive and untested regulatory framework that will have unintended consequences for liquidity in our financial system. Taken together, these regulatory changes may well fuel the next financial crisis as well as slow U.S. economic growth. The Volcker Rule, for example, bans proprietary trading by banks. The prohibition, when combined with enhanced capital and liquidity requirements, has led banks to avoid some market-making functions in certain key equity and debt markets. This has reduced liquidity in the trading markets, especially for debt. A liquidity drought can exacerbate, or even trigger, the next financial crisis. Why should we care? Because new capital, liquidity and trading rules are interrelated, and locked-up markets and rapidly falling securities prices will force banks to reduce assets and hoard liquidity in order to satisfy applicable regulatory tests. Small business owners will be particularly vulnerable because the number of community banks declined by 41 percent between 2007 and 2013. Recent studies by economists at the Richmond Federal Reserve and Harvard University both concluded that the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial law contributed to this decline.

Excerpt: MSNBC’s graphics team really picked the wrong time to have two separate grammatical errors on its chyron: during an “Andrea Mitchell Reports” segment on education in the United States. The error was first caught by Democratic communications director Josh Zembik. “America School’s Improving For 3rd Year In A Row,” read the chyron. (Saw a typo on a Fox News headline the other day; also unintelligible close captions on various services; i.e., "tha" for "the." Don't expect noun/verb agreement any more, spoken or written. The subjunctive tense is long lost (i.e., "if I were" versus now "if I was" used in a National Ad Council campaign). And splitting infinitives has been in since "To Boldly Go." What language? Wonder if Spanish is having the same issues English is. --Barb)

Rising Dragon News

Obama to host China’s Xi Jinping despite cyberattacks. Says Beijing’s help is needed for Iran nuclear deal. By Dave Boyer
Excerpt: Despite China’s escalating cyberattacks that are stealing massive amounts of sensitive U.S. government personnel and military data, President Obama still plans to have China’s president as an honored guest in Washington this year, the White House said Wednesday. Mr. Obama will roll out the red carpet in September for the first official state visit by President Xi Jinping, who is presiding over what analysts say is an increasingly successful effort to raid U.S. government secrets and personal information about millions of current and former federal employees.

Zhou Yongkang, Ex-Security Chief in China, Gets Life Sentence for Graft
Excerpt: Zhou Yongkang, China’s former domestic security chief, was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for accepting bribes, abuse of power and revealing state secrets, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Mr. Zhou, 72, was tried in secret in the northeastern city of Tianjin. A member of the elite Politburo Standing Committee from 2007 until 2012, he is the most senior leader, sitting or retired, to be sentenced to prison for corruption in more than 65 years of Communist Party rule.

Ex-Chinese official, wanted for graft, applies for U.S. asylum
Excerpt: A former senior Chinese official, who went into hiding after being sought by anti-corruption investigators, has applied for asylum in the United States where she has been detained, state media said on Thursday. Yang Xiuzhu, a former deputy mayor of Wenzhou in the booming eastern province of Zhejiang, was taken into custody in the United States last month.

Gun News

FBI on Mass Shooting Report: Yeah, We Made It Up. By Nate Jackson
Excerpt: Last fall, we noted that the FBI used bogus stats in its pre-election mass shooting report. Researchers counted some mass shootings that weren’t “mass” at all, and entirely omitted actual mass shootings that occurred early in the carefully selected timeframe. All of it was an effort to show an increasing trend of “gun violence” since 2000, we suspect in concert with Democrat campaign talking points about the necessity of gun control. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley picked up on a quiet announcement that, indeed, the researchers pretty much made it up: “[L]ate last week, J. Pete Blair and M. Hunter Martaindale, two academics at Texas State University who co-authored the FBI report, acknowledged that ‘our data is imperfect.’ They said that the news media ‘got it wrong’ last year when they ‘mistakenly reported mass shootings were on the rise.’ 

Excerpt: The Wisconsin assembly passed a bill eliminating the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases, clearing the way for Governor Scott Walker to sign it.

Whistleblowers testify on gov’t backlash, DHS agent says bosses tried to strip her gun rights
Excerpt: A Department of Homeland Security whistleblower testified Thursday that the "retaliation" against her for probing a controversial visa program was so extensive she was told she couldn't "carry or own a personal weapon" -- a step she described as a constitutional rights violation, and just one of several ways she was punished for speaking out. Taylor Johnson, a senior special agent in the Homeland Security Investigations division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, testified at a Senate hearing alongside whistleblowers from several other agencies who claim to have faced similar harassment. 

Race Card News

He's toast: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says it's hard to hire black cops because too many have criminal histories
Excerpt: The NYPD has a hard time hiring black men to become police officers because too many have criminal records, the city’s top cop said in an interview. 
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said it’s a challenge to find hirable blacks because so many African-American men have been arrested. “We have a significant population gap among African-American males because so many of them have spent time in jail and, as such, we can’t hire them,” Bratton said in an interview published Tuesday by The Guardian, a British newspaper with a New York bureau. (Doesn't matter if it's true--the grievance industry will destroy him. ~Bob)

Hispanic Owner: Restaurant Gets Bomb Threats for 'White Appreciation Day'
Excerpt: A Colorado barbecue joint that drew national attention for its plans to host a "White Appreciation Day" was evacuated Friday after a bomb threat. Rubbin' Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken, Colorado, created buzz — and attracted criticism — after it announced it wanted to hold a day honoring white people. "Basically on that day, all white people would get 10 percent off," Edgar Antillon, owner of Rubbin' Buttz, told NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

The Obamacare Election. By Scott W. Atlas
Excerpt: America is facing its greatest health care challenges in history. Unprecedented demand is a certainty. According to the Department of Health and Humans Services’ Administration on Aging and US Census Bureau statistics, the number of Americans 65 and older has exploded by a full 6 million in the past decade to over 13% of the overall population, while the population of “oldest old”—those 85 and older—has increased by a factor of 10 from the 1950s to today’s six million. Older people harbor the most disabling diseases, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and dementia—the diseases that depend most on specialist care and complex technology for diagnosis, management, and treatment. Yet, the Obama administration has wrongheadedly focused on shifting Americans to government insurance. Of the 8.5 million individuals newly insured under Obamacare at the end of the first half of 2014, more than 6 million were enrolled into Medicaid based on analysis by Edmund Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski of The Heritage Foundation using Centers for Medicaid and Medicare data.

Undocumented Democrat News

Interesting: Immigration - Hey, Look! A Cop Yelling at a Black Girl in a Bikini! By Ann Coulter
Excerpt: I'm impressed by the coolness and steadiness of our media in suppressing any news about immigration. It's as if they've built a triple-layer fence with border guards around immigration topics. And guess what? Their fence is working! How many thousands of news stories have there been on Ferguson, ISIS, Chris Christie's "Bridgegate" or men becoming women? But the media will never tell you about Mexicans gang-raping a lesbian in Richmond, California, an Indian immigrant in San Francisco importing 12-year-old girls he bought from their parents for sex, or three children being beheaded by Mexicans in Baltimore

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Worth Reading: When climate change becomes personal. Attacks on skeptics do a disservice to scientists and their profession. By Anthony J. Sadar
Excerpt: Many knowledgeable skeptics of the man-made climate change hypothesis lament the incessant ad hominem attacks rather than fruitful debate of this important societal issue. Alan Carlin, a retired senior Environmental Protection Agency analyst who had challenged the Obama administration’s faulty climate science, in his new book “Environmentalism Gone Mad” (Stairway Press, 2015), noted that those pushing the “global warming doctrine” have almost always “refused to openly debate the scientific issues raised by skeptics but instead derided them or questioned their motives or sources of funding.” We witnessed this just recently with Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva’s attack on several prominent atmospheric scientists who dare to defy the authoritarian “consensus” on climate. These veteran scientists include MIT emeritus atmospheric-science professor Richard Lindzen and climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer.

Why Isn’t Desalination the Answer to All California’s Water Problems? By Daniel Potter
Excerpt: It came to desal because the area’s for-profit water supplier, California American Water Company, was told it had to find a new source. For decades Cal Am had relied on the Carmel River, but then came a cease-and-desist order intended to protect the river’s threatened steelhead trout. There were years of wrangling and competing designs. A deadline was set for the end of next year –- a deadline Cal Am’s proposed desal plant will not hit. All the same, a plan is moving forward. (But I noticed a strange phenomenon among California conservatives and Republicans. The state, indisputably, is now far around the bend, in a vicious cycle of instituting progressive ideas and then reacting with shock and horror to those ideas. There are unbelievable water restrictions in effect because of the perpetually ongoing drought*; the slogan “brown is the new green.” Despite the enormous problems with the drought, environmentalists are opposing reopening desalinzation plants because of the carbon footprint. One was built in the 1990s and has been just sitting there, unused, because it wasn’t cost-efficient enough and there hadn’t been enough need. There’s been another new round of tax hikes. Yet construction continues on a much-delayed high-speed rail project that will never have enough riders to make financial sense. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt

An Engineered Drought: Shortsighted coastal elites bear most of the blame for California’s water woes. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: We do know two things. First, Brown and other Democratic leaders will never concede that their own opposition in the 1970s (when California had about half its present population) to the completion of state and federal water projects, along with their more recent allowance of massive water diversions for fish and river enhancement, left no margin for error in a state now home to 40 million people. Second, the mandated restrictions will bring home another truth as lawns die, pools empty, and boutique gardens shrivel in the coastal corridor from La Jolla to Berkeley: the very idea of a 20-million-person corridor along the narrow, scenic Pacific Ocean and adjoining foothills is just as unnatural as “big” agriculture’s Westside farming. The weather, climate, lifestyle, views, and culture of coastal living may all be spectacular, but the arid Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay-area megalopolises must rely on massive water transfers from the Sierra Nevada, Northern California, or out-of-state sources to support their unnatural ecosystems.

Older, Worth Reading: How grim is L.A.'s future?
Excerpt: The report of the Los Angeles 2020 Commission should serve as a stark reality check for those Angelenos who believe that with the end of the financial downturn, L.A. is poised for a healthy, happy recovery. The city, according to the report, is afflicted with weak job growth; high poverty; bad traffic; underperforming schools; weak, inactive government; red tape that stifles economic development; crumbling infrastructure; unfunded pensions; budget gimmicks and a disaffected electorate. 

Obama Cracks Down On Airplane Emissions, Buys Massive New Air Force One
Excerpt: On Wednesday, according to The Hill, the White House Office of Management and Budget approved new plans to regulate airplane emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency will now hold hearings on the prospective findings, then write up regulation. According to the OMB, the EPA has shown that such emissions justify an “endangerment finding” because they affect climate change; the regulations will reportedly “align… with regulations that the International Civil Aviation Organization, an agency of the United Nations, is developing.” (Multiple flights in pairs overhead, night and day, spraying, spraying, spraying WHAT, why? Articles say aluminum, barium, Mycoplasma, bacteria....This is reported globally. Who pays for it? Who directs it? How many emissions would be avoided if this agenda were stopped and God's blue sky allowed to be seen versus an artificial, oily, iridescent haze of "upper-level clouds" (as now noted by weatherman), painted in X's, parallel lines and tic tac toe grids? --Barb)

Religion of Peace News

Worth Reading: The Pentagon’s ISIS Strategy, By Its Own Accounting, Is a Mess. By Bing West
Excerpt: Attrition is not a strategy. The general began by saying that bombing was “killing 1000 [ISIS] fighters a month.” These deaths, he asserted, have “a profound effect upon the enemy.” Stop right there. Bombing is not a strategy. It is weapon, like a rifle. If attrition were our strategy, then the measure is the number of enemy killed as compared to the total number of fighters plus replacements. For years in Vietnam the CIA and the military claimed that bombing was having a severe effect and that North Vietnamese morale under B-52 strikes was at rock bottom. Maybe so, but North Vietnam eventually conquered South Vietnam. — Bing West, a former combat Marine and assistant secretary of defense, has written three books about the war in Iraq, including No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah.. I also have significant experience with combat. Air support is great, but it must be directed from the ground and even then it is not as powerful as it looks. It is amazing to watch air strikes hit a target for a while and unless it has direct hits, the enemy survives. It may ring their bell or blow out an ear drum, but they still fight. Ground troops are needed. Bing’s comment about the leadership having no experience at the lower levels is significant. --Don Myers, Col, USMC (Ret.)

Worth reading: I Am Pissed And You Should Be Pissed, Too. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Two days ago the President of the United States made comment during a public appearance that he did not have a strategy for dealing with ISIS - an Islamic State enemy running amok (and they did not pop up over night) now in at least five countries murdering thousands and thousands (men, women, and children) - beheading; torching; heaving from atop buildings; etc., and destroying historical and cultural artifacts.

American advisers to Viet… Iraq… expanded to 3,550. By Moe Lane
Excerpt: I don’t know what’s more aggravating: that President Barack Obama thinks that a nickel-and-dime re-insertion of troops in Iraq is the smart play here, or that he’s had over a year to come out with a better idea and came up empty. I suppose that this can be one of those ‘embrace the healing power of and’ situations. It’s not like we have much choice:

Muslims Slaughter Innocents as Obama Declares That ISIS Terrorists be Given Good Treatment
Excerpt: So what does Obama do? The Obama administration, as it was just revealed, has sent Congress a report that harshly criticizes the Egyptian government. The report states: "An unknown number of individuals accused of various crimes have spent extended periods in pretrial detention without charge," the report said, according to AP, adding, "Conditions in prisons and detention centers are harsh due to overcrowding, physical abuse, inadequate medical care and poor ventilation."

Turkey's AKP Blames Election Result on 'the Jewish lobby' and 'Crusaders.' By Burak Bekdil
Excerpt: bout four months ago, Robert Ellis, a prominent commentator on Turkish affairs, opened his op-ed with a forceful reminder: The gripping drama Der Untergang (Downfall), Oliver Hirschbiegel's film from 2004, deals with the last days of the Third Reich in Adolf Hitler's Berlin bunker. Now there are indications of the same kind of drama in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's opulent new palace in Ankara, where he shows signs of increasing paranoia. On Sunday, the protagonist in that article was no doubt the unhappiest man in this grey city of 5 million souls. During someone else's election campaign, President Erdoğan toured the country from one rally to another and asked the Turks to grant him 400 deputies – who would then rewrite the constitution to pave the way for his elected sultanate. Instead, the Turks gave him 258, 142 fewer than what he asked for.

First US volunteer dies while fighting ISIS alongside Kurdish militia during artillery exchange in Syria
Excerpt: A volunteer fighter has become the first American to be killed while serving with the Kurdish YPG in Syria. Keith Broomfield, 36, originally from the town of Westminster near Boston, Massachusetts, joined the volunteer fighting group on February 24 and died on June 3 in a battle in the village of Qentere. He died near the border town of Kobani, said Nasser Haji, an official with the YPG. (Abut 60 miles from Boston, in my old senate district. ~Bob)

Americans will 'lose their life and existence' in fight against Iran, says Iranian official
Excerpt: According to Iran's semi-official FARS news agency, on Wednesday, during a speech addressing members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Basij security forces, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi emphasized the power of his country's coast-to-sea missile systems and fleet of high-powered speed boats, whose purpose is to counter American warships in the region, especially in the Persian Gulf. "The Americans have realized today that if they embark on war they will sustain defeat, given the Islamic Revolution's capabilities, Fadavi" said. 

First training center for professionals dealing with sexual assault in Arab sector opens
Excerpt: According to the Haruv Institute, victims of sexual assault in Bedouin and Arab society are often blamed for their situation and suffer humiliation and alienation from their communities. There is very little tolerance for women who are sexually assaulted, something the Haruv Institute believes may a factor in some of the honor killing cases that take place in those communities. "The traditional Bedouin society is known as attaching great weight to the concept of 'honor killing' and is often very intolerant towards victims of sexual assault who choose to make a complaint. We hope that training caregivers from the [Arab and Bedouin] sector will encourage more reporting by victims," said Taly Shlomi, coordinator of Arab sector at the Haruv Institute.

BDS – Turning America Against Israel. By Richard Baehr, Israel Hayom
Excerpt: This past weekend, more than 50 leaders of Jewish organizations and pro-Israel groups from several countries met to plan a more systematic response to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. Many journalists found the most interesting aspect of the meeting the fact that Sheldon Adelson, a supporter of Republicans, and Haim Saban, a supporter of Democrats, were joined at the hip in this new effort. A goal of $50 million was reported to have been set to support efforts on campuses to fight the BDS campaigns — generally led by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association.

Calls for aid to Syria's Druze after al Qaeda kills 20
Excerpt: Fighters from Syria's al Qaeda branch, the Nusra Front, have killed at least 20 Druze villagers, raising fear for one of Syria's minorities as insurgents including Sunni Islamists gain ground against President Bashar al-Assad. Druze in Lebanon and Israel have made separate appeals for their Syrian kin to be armed to defend themselves from groups such as Nusra and the more powerful Islamic State, which has persecuted both minorities and fellow Sunnis.

Interesting: The Rise and Fall of Al Jazeera America. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Al Jazeera America had been a disaster from the start. Its $500 million buy of Al Gore’s Current TV had been expensive but considered worth the price to get access to a huge number of cable households through Gore’s sweetheart deals with big cable companies. But the cable companies knew the difference between Al Gore and Al Jazeera and they wanted that oil money Qatar was throwing around. So did Al Gore. Gore had initially protected Al Jazeera by accusing cable companies who wanted to drop it of Islamophobia, but then turned around and sued Al Jazeera when it backstabbed him by using millions of dollars of his money in a slush fund to pay cable channels for airing its propaganda.

ISIS Achieves Terrifying Victory… Obama Does Nothing
Excerpt: The Islamic State group’s goal of attacking and invading Europe just took a major step toward reality, as Islamic State-affiliated militants in Libya just seized almost total control of Sirte, a major port located on Libya’s Mediterranean coast and suspected site of the gruesome beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. Although the Libyan affiliate of the Islamic State group has not yet taken control of large amounts of the oil-rich territory in Libya, it has been fiercely loyal to its adopted parent organization and was composed of a core of at least 3,000 hardened veterans of the Syrian civil war.

Pakistani publication worries Islam’s image tarnished by CAIR rep’s pedophilia arrest. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: It’s noteworthy that Aalia Suleman is more worried about Islam’s image than about the child victims of pedophilia that is sanctioned by Muhammad’s example, but that is par for the Islamic supremacist course. In reality, Islam’s image is and ought to be tarnished by this arrest, and it ought to become the starting-point for genuine reform — but it won’t. This is because Muhammad’s example sanctifies the abuse of children in this way. The Catholic Church was plagued by pedophile priests who were protected by venal bishops, but at no time did the Church teach that such behavior was acceptable. By contrast, Ahmad Saleem had every reason to believe, by his lights, that what he was doing was perfectly acceptable, since Muhammad did it. That is what needs to be addressed here, but it won’t be.

Important: UK teachers afraid of reporting on jihad activity for fear of “Islamophobia” charges. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: As Britain dies as a free society, all its enlightened multiculturalists can congratulate themselves that they were never remotely “Islamophobic.” “Safeguarding children from extremism is not Islamophobic,” says Sara Khan, but she is wrong. In reality, anyone and everyone who dares say or do anything effective against jihad terror is smeared with this label. The charge of “Islamophobia” is a tool that Islamic supremacists and Leftists use to intimidate people into thinking that opposing jihad terror is “bigotry.” The full sentence from Sara Khan was, “Safeguarding children from extremism is not Islamophobic, but you’ve got to make sure the way you do it is appropriate.” The ugly little secret of this whole business is that as far as Islamic supremacists and Leftists are concerned, there is no “appropriate” way. Everyone crosses the line into “inappropriate” and “Islamophobic” — everyone, that is, who doesn’t turn a blind eye to the whole problem.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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