Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random Thoughts for July, 2015. By Robert A. Hall

The BDS movement is doing all it can to aid the Muslims in their efforts to exterminate the Jews in Israel and the Middle East. But "BDS" doesn't have a real ring to it for marketing purposes. How about changing it to something snappy like "Operation Auschwitz" or "The Real Final Solution." The Islamists will love it.

Obama blamed the murder of nine folks in a SC church on the lack of gun control laws because he couldn't figure out a way to blame it on Bush or global warming. Those are his three go-to excuses for anything bad that happens. There is little evidence that strict gun control in places like Chicago, NY or Baltimore make those cities safer than Charleston, SC.

The Confederate Battle Flag (as opposed to the Confederate States Flag) is again an issue after the racist murders in South Carolina. I have no brief for that flag. My Great Great Grandfather, Sgt. Oliver Vernal, fought through the war with the sixth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, and was badly wounded twice. Given that he had no children at the time, I almost lost my life putting down that flag. My suggestions is that blacks take the Confederate Flag, change the blue stripes to black, and put the legend "Rebel Against Racism" across it and claim it for their own in flags and jacket patches.

The whole issue of the Confederate Battle Flag is one of emotion and symbolism--the kind of issue beloved by politicians and the media, who find it too hard to try to explain the real issues of economics and international strategy to the people who are constantly being dumbed down.

Guns don't kill people--flags kill people.

The Grievance Industry is forever. As a Yankee whose great great grandfather fought and was wounded twice putting down the slave power, I have no interest in protecting the Rebel flag. But let's be clear that removing the Confederate Battle Flag from public grounds in SC and elsewhere will not end the debate, as race baiting agitators will find something else to be offended by, something else to demand. Just as banning dogs, including seeing-eye dogs in Muslim areas will not end Muslim agitators demands and offence-taking. They will find other demands, other things that give offence. You can never win by appeasing such people.

The Confederate Battle flag offends some--but not all--blacks, and must come down. The Cross on Churches offends some Muslims. The Gay Pride flag offends some Christians. Must they come down? The American Flag offends many militant Hispanics, and has already been banned in some schools. Where does it end?

We need to start a united movement to ban that offensive image of hate and murder, Che Guevara's picture. Tee shirts with pictures of the ruthless murdering Communist bastard Che offend me greatly--get them out of stores! "Some Quotes: “What we affirm is that we must proceed along the path of liberation even if this costs millions of atomic victims.” “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary … These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution!” “We must eliminate all newspapers; we cannot make a revolution with free press.” --Che Guevara

Boys used to want to grow up to be soldiers, sailors, Marines, airman, cops, firefighters or cowboys so they would be heroes. Apparently if a boy today wants to be a hero, he has to grow up wanting to be a girl.

I think the GOP needs to nominate a Lincoln for 2016, because the next president is going to inherit a mess compatible with the one Buchanan left in 1861.

From my friend George: I'm less concerned with the Obamacare ruling than I am with long term effects of lowering of standards by SCOTUS on what constitutes valid law.

Nothing will bring peace to the middle east. If the Muslims destroyed Israel and slaughtered all the Jews--an increasingly likely prospect--they would still fight each other over the correct interpretation of the "perfect and unchangeable Qur'an." Since it urges Muslims to fight infidels until they are destroyed or submit, and anyone--Shia, Sunni, Druze, Alawites, Ahmadis, etc.--who disagrees with them on points of doctrine is an infidel and apostate, they will fight and murder each other as long as Islam exists.

I suggest we rename the "War on Terror" the "War of Slow Learners."

With all the rain and flooding in Texas and Oklahoma this spring, I'm surprised the Obama EPA hasn't declared both states "protected wetlands," off limits to farming, ranching, oil wells and construction.

I go to Physical Therapy three times a week. The other morning I was too tired to go--but I went anyway. If I didn't go when I was too tired, I'd never go.

If you are thinking of a career in government at the perk-rich level, or looking for government support for some expensive program that benefits you, this might be a good time to make a large donation to the Clinton Slush Fund Foundation.

I think we might date the decline of the West to the moment when the "V for Victory" sign was changed to be the "Peace at any Price" sign by the surrender monkeys on the left.

The folks calling for the tax-exempt status to be pulled from churches that don't support gay marriage should consider that social conservatives could get the White House, the Congress and a SCOTUS majority and pull the tax exempt status of churches that do.

I find that lately I can get by with two hours sleep a day--as long as I get another nine at night.

Iran does whatever possible to undermine the West and Israel. Making a deal with Iran is exactly like making a deal with Hitler or Stalin or Ho Chi Minh. Iran will keep it until it decides that it doesn't want to.

From a retired Marine friend: My random thought that struck at 0100 (after mulling over yet another service call yesterday that, when answered, began in Spanish)... "If you do not speak nor understand English, Press 1 for the nearest immersion course near you."

"My husband and I are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can’t decide to ruin our carpet or ruin our lives." -- Rita Rudner

I think I'll try out for Army Ranger School. I mean, if they can't discriminate because of gender, they can't discriminate because of age and health, right?

The results that leftist politician seek through progressive policies and not a better environment, less racism, better policing or a more stable world. The results they seek are votes and money from the progressive faithful. If they get these, other outcomes don't signify at all. Just "collateral damage" to the country in pursuit of the coming progressive utopia.

I believe if Nixon had had the unwavering support of the media and the senators of his party, as Obama does, he would have survived Watergate.

You want voter ID or the Keystone Pipeline? Get serious--a $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation should do it.

Some days I think the Obama Administration is just a sheltered workshop for people who have lost all touch with reality.

Thanks to Caitlin Jenner, leftists now say that gender is an artificial construct and you are what you claim to be. Doesn't that undermine Hillary's "I may be corrupt but I have a vagina" campaign for president? I'm thinking of running as a black, gay, woman.

I don't want to say Hillary is crooked, but when she dies, they will have to screw her into the ground. (Old political joke.)

They are now saying that Rachel Dolezal was one of many people born #WrongSkin, that is white people who identify as black. I feel their pain. I was born Wrong Economic Class. I was clearly intended to be the wealthy playboy son of a rich Wall Street hedge fund manager. This idea may solve the problem of racism. If you can be whatever gender or race you want, we should all be black. Since liberals say blacks can't be racists, problem gone.

We won't officially be at war with ISIS until Jane Fonda goes over to lend them support.

If the Obamacare or other government databases ever crash, they can always recover the data by buying it from the Chinese.

Between us, Donald Trump and I know everything there is to know in the world. He knows everything except that he's an asshole--and I know that he's an asshole.

If you are contemplating a crime involving teens--statuary rape, selling them booze, etc.--you are going to get caught because they are going to talk. I can promise you that.

Say, if liberals are right and gender is "an artificial construct," there is no such thing as sexism....

I wonder what would happen if every general and admiral submitted their resignations at once saying we cannot be responsible for defending the country under these PC conditions.

The left doesn't like GMOs--Genetically Modified Organisms. But they think SMP are the wave of the future. That's Surgically Modified People.

On my way to the VA for rehab recently, I was behind a progressive's car. He had a peace sign and "Recall Walker" and "Bernie Sanders 2016" bumper stickers. I passed him so he could read some of my bumper stickers: "Pacifism is a luxury paid for by warriors," "Scott Walker for President," and "Except for Nazism, Fascism, Communism and Slavery, War has Never Settled Anything." You have to have some fun.

First they came for the trans-fats, and I didn't eat trans-fats, so...

Note to political pundits on both sides of the red-blue divide: The use of abusive slurs, intemperate language and ad hominem attacks doesn't strengthen your case. It weakens it by making the other side look civilized and reasonable.

If we get a GOP President in 2016, I wish I had the money to be a crony or a henchman. Certainly cheaper than filling the same role for Billery. Alas, I don't even have the energy to be a minion anymore.

Apparently, some folks believe that the most important qualification to be elected president in 2016 is to be the wife of a former president. In that case, I prefer Laura Bush.

The old racist canard supporting colonialism was that the black, brown and yellow people of the third world were not fit for self-government. Looking at the kleptocracies that have replaced most colonial governments, there may have been some truth to it. But looking around our country at how knowledgeable the people are about pop culture like reality shows, and how ignorant they are of government, policy and politics, there is little reason to believe that our people are any more fit for self government. And I think they are losing it.

The media prefers small, flashy, easy-to-understand stories (Cat saves elderly woman from burglar!) to large, hard-to-understand issue that require in-depth reporting (China works to balance economic growth with military strength.)

I've been trying to imagine telling my senior DI, Sgt. William H. Harris, at Parris Island back in 1964 that he needed to issue trigger warnings because he was committing microaggressions on the recruits that made us feel uncomfortable. There would have been a very ugly macro-aggression! On me.

If Obama hates colonialism, why does he support maintaining Iraq, a country created by Britain after WWI out of three Ottoman colonial fifes, as one country?

Not wanting to be murdered by Muslims is apparently proof of Islamophobia.

Prediction: Transsexual athletes will soon dominate some women's sports.

My wife and I were having lunch in a local restaurant recently. In the both behind us were four elderly ladies (that is, older than us!) having lunch and gossip. Responding to what was said about a woman not present, one replied, "Well, if you're not a little weird after 25, you don't have a personality!"

The liberal idea of political discourse seems to be to call anyone who disagrees with them on an issue a nasty name: racist, sexist, hater, Uncle Tom, Islamophobe, etc.

Recently I read in an otherwise-excellent history that a defending force was "decimated to the last man." Sigh. Decimated means ten percent were killed, it is not the same as annihilated or slaughtered. I believe it comes from the Roman practice of executing every tenth man in a legion that performed badly in combat.

White on black violence is racist. Mentioning the more common black on white or the much more common black on black violence is racist, so is ignored.

We may often have common interests with communist or Muslim controlled states. We should never delude ourselves that this makes them our friends.

The American Muslims who go to fight against us in Iraq and Syria are traitors in every sense of the word. Are we revoking their citizenships, or is it Islamophobic to do that to someone who wants to kill you?

Pro Tip: If you are eating wasabi peanuts and your eye itches, don't scratch it.

A book I was recently reading reminded me that when the Apollo 8 astronauts circled the moon in December, 1968, they read a Christmas greeting to the country, including reading from the Book of Genesis. Imagine the outrage from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, CAIR and other atheist and liberal groups if that happened today. They'd be court-martialed.

Islamist leaders like those in Iran say the Holocaust is a hoax. So how come Muslims in Europe chant, "Jews to the Gas"?

Racism hurts. So does being falsely accused of racism to make political points.

The proof that for progressives the state is their god is that they think they can, like Jesus, feed a multitude with five loaves and two fishes. The harsh laws of economics may not apply to God, but as we always find to our cost, they apply ruthlessly to all humans, including the progressive elites.

We have raised generations who demand and expect ever more in largess from the federal and state governments. We are now importing millions of illegal immigrants with the same expectations. But the iron laws of economics will not be denied. When "more" runs out in the fairly near future, it will get very ugly.

When a Muslim sociopath whose heart is full of hate for non-Muslims murders infidels in the name of Allah, citing many suras of the Qur'an as his justification, the media and government officials are quick to call it a "lone wolf" attack, nothing to do with Islam, and we cannot blame all Muslims for the murders. When a white sociopath whose heart is full of hate for non-whites murders blacks and is found to have been immersed in racist propaganda, the media, government officials and the SPLC-Al Sharpton axis are quick to say all whites are racist and must be punished in some way--reparations, harsher restrictions on their Second Amendment rights, etc.

From the number of stories I carry on my blog about robbers, burglars or home invaders shot dead by armed citizens, armed robbery is becoming a very risky career.

Obama says Obamacare is "here to stay." Not so. It's only here until the money runs out and the fiscal and economic collapse happens. Buy ammo and canned goods.

The leftist zeitgeist: "I'm offended, therefore I am."

Too many politicians on both sides are happy to accept the tradeoff of long term damage to the country for short term gain in votes. That's why we are where we are.

I support gay marriage, though I think it should have been done by the legislatures elected by the people--it was trending that way. Now I expect to see lawsuits by Muslims and Mormon fundamentalists to legalize polygamy.

From my friend George: As much as I distaste our history of slavery and racism, how much difference is there between tearing down our monuments and statues, and, say, ISIS and Taliban doing the same in their lands?

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