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Robert R. Hall, 1925-2004. Happy Father's Day dad. ~Bob

And Happy Father's Day to Grandpop, H. Frank Hall

General News and Comment

Must Read: Why Voters Vote. By John C. Goodman 
Excerpt: The two parties are obviously different. What accounts for that difference?
The Republican Party has four factions, Matthew Dowd announced on This Week with George Stephanopoulos a few weeks ago. They are: the libertarians, the evangelicals, the Tea Party and the establishment. Notice that all four factions are defined by ideas. They are defined by how they think the world should be organized. Can you name the four idea factions that make up the Democratic Party? The problem is that the Democratic Party is not a party of ideas. It is a party of special interests and groups who respond to identity politics. When Clinton announced her candidacy, she carefully went down the list of groups she intended to target: 

Punish the Whistleblowers: Ex-charity exec who helped expose $500G Clinton Foundation donation faces legal threats. By Adam Shaw
Excerpt: A former charity executive who helped expose a questionable $500,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation is now being threatened by her old bosses with a lawsuit seeking tens of thousands of dollars, has learned. Sue Veres Royal, former executive director at the Happy Hearts Fund, was initially quoted in a May 29 New York Times article that said the charity lured Bill Clinton to a 2014 gala only after offering a $500,000 donation to The Clinton Foundation. (The crime is Lèse-majesté. ~Bob) 

Ghost From Clintons’ Past Surfaces In Explosive, Newly-Discovered Audio Sure To Haunt Hillary. By James Beattie
Excerpt: Former Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Donna Shalala, interviewed in 1994 by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Haynes Johnson, shed light on the early attitudes of the Clinton White House. “They’ve become paranoid. Paranoia. They think people are out to get them – this right-wing conspiracy stuff,” Shalala said at the time. The audio, which you can listen to below, was first acquired by The Washington Free Beacon from the Wisconsin Historical Society at the University of Wisconsin.

Probe of Hillary Clinton pal Huma Abedin ordered by federal judge. By Jim Kouri
Excerpt: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's close associate at the Department of State and wife of disgraced Internet sex-troll Congressman Anthony Weiner, may discover she's not through her ordeal with a number of investigations into the affairs of her former boss, according to a federal judge's decision on Friday. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan's review of allegations that Hillary Clinton used a private email server during her time as President Barack Obama's secretary of state led Judge Sullivan to reopen a conservative group's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking details about the employment arrangements of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Judge Sullivan stated: "In view of revelations that then-Secretary of State Clinton and members of her staff used personal email accounts to conduct State Department business, and that emails from those accounts may not have been covered by State Department searches for documents responsive to the FOIA request at issue in this case, the plaintiff seeks to reopen this case for further proceedings. The newly discovered information is a changed circumstance regarding the prior judgment in this case--i.e. the stipulated dismissal in 2014."

Justice After Government Official Stole From Kids’ Program to Pay for Lavish Obama Party. By Chris Enlow
Excerpt: Former Washington, D.C., official Neil Rodgers was sentenced on Tuesday for his role in misappropriating $110,000 from a D.C child drug prevention fund to help cover a deficit to pay for President Obama’s inauguration ball in 2009.

Worth Reading: When We Say ‘Conservative,’ We Mean . . .By Jonah Goldberg, The Goldberg File
Excerpt: I am writing this from the back parking lot of a random Ramada in Williamsburg, Va. I’m sitting in my car in a Tommy Bahama shirt and pinstripe suit pants smoking a cigar. It’s a pretty sketchy look, even before I take off my shirt to finish getting properly dressed. A passing cop would probably assume that I’m waiting for a hooker, a drug dealer, or maybe someone from the development office at the Clinton Foundation looking for a donation. Oddly, I’m here for none of those reasons. I’m here because I’m a conservative. Or, to put it more clearly, I’m here to give a talk about what it means to be a conservative.

Valerie Jarrett’s $160 MILLION Real Estate & Tax Scandal…
Excerpt: She is regarded by many as the primary power broker within the Obama White House, a woman who instills both fear and respect among even the top-tier D.C. political players. This past week it was discovered Valerie Jarrett is also one who took a particularly keen interest in avoiding paying more taxes on a cash-cow, $160 million dollar Chicago real estate deal that reportedly closed in 2013 – a deal the Mainstream Media has dutifully neglected to inform the general public about. (Don't know if the source, DCWhispers is credible. ~Bob)

Weekend of Fear in Greece as Monday Brings Salvation or Ruin
Excerpt: Dorothea Lambros stood outside an HSBC branch in central Athens on Friday afternoon, an envelope stuffed with cash in one hand and a 38,000 euro ($43,000) cashier’s check in the other. She was a few minutes too late to make her deposit at the London-based bank. She was too scared to take her life-savings back to her Greek bank. She worried it wouldn’t survive the weekend. "I don’t know what happens on Monday,” said Lambros, a 58-year-old government employee.

Burned man sues mini-mart, butane suppliers for $11 million over do-it-yourself hash oil explosion
Excerpt: In a lawsuit that appears to be the first of its kind in the nation, a man who was burned over half of his body when he tried to make a batch of hash oil in his Gresham garage -- with guidance from YouTube videos -- has filed an $11 million lawsuit faulting the store that sold him the butane necessary for his do-it-yourself project. Kevin Tveisme's lawsuit blames the importers, the distributors and the Shell mini-mart on Southeast Foster Road that sold him the butane, alleging that they failed to warn that butane vapors are highly explosive, especially in enclosed spaces such as a garage, and that other people who have tried to make hash oil with butane have been badly burned or killed.

To Stop Mass Killers, Stop Drugging Our Young Boys. By Milo Yiannopoulos
Excerpt: These young men were all on prescribed medication. Feminism helped to get them there. In particular, female teachers who either dislike men or are completely ignorant of healthy behaviour norms for boys are creating a generation of emotionally stunted, drugged up young men. Millions of young American men are prescribed powerful drugs after being diagnosed with the phantom condition “ADHD,” better known as a mixture of natural boisterousness and poor parental discipline. The mere fact of being male has become pathologised.

The Anti-Politician: Donald Trump by Pat Buchanan
Excerpt: Though he has been a hugely successful builder-businessman, far more successful than, say, Carly Fiorina, who has been received respectfully, our resident elites resolutely refuse to take Trump seriously. They should. Not because he will be nominated, but because the Trump constituency will represent a vote of no confidence in the Beltway ruling class of politicians and press. Votes for Trump will be votes to repudiate that class, whole and entire, and dump it onto the ash heap of history.

$100,000 a day for Michelle O's ItalyEngland trip
Excerpt: The bill for the summer-work vacation of first lady Michelle Obama, accompanied to England and Italy by her daughters, mom, and staff, should easily top her entourage's 2010 trip to Spain that cost an eye-popping $467,000. While the White House didn't provide cost estimates for the week-long visit to London, Milan, Venice, and Vincenza, Italy, the State Department put lodging costs for just a couple nights in Venice at $128,781, according to Free Beacon, and Air Force charges based on a 2012 document for flying her group on past overseas trips indicate that this one will hit $243,000.

Per Savage, LA Times canceled this cartoonist. --Barb

Most dangerous drug in the world can block free will, wipe memory - Was it involved in Batman shooting?
Excerpt: Back in May, the U.K.'s Daily Mail ran a report on the borrachero tree, also known as the "drunken binge" tree, explaining how a substance derived from it, scopolamine, blocks a person's ability to form memories, and temporarily inhibits his ability to make free will choices. ..."The drug ... turns people into complete zombies and blocks memories from forming," wrote the U.K.'s Daily Mail about scopolamine, which is technically a refined, chemically-altered version of the natural, mind-altering substances found in the borrachero tree. ... Incongruous evidence and conflicting eyewitness reports have led many to wonder whether James Holmes, the man being blamed for the crimes, was under the influence of mind-control drugs during the incident that caused him to become the convenient scapegoat for a much more sinister agenda instigated by outside forces. ( (The lack of genuine emotion and instantly jumping on the bandwagon (POTUS, HC) to utilize any good tragedy to further Regime/global agenda does lend itself to consideration of conspiracy theories; granted, Evil does exist and currently does think it is winning the Battle of Good versus Evil, because the powers that used to represent Good in the US are standing silent; qui tacet consentire. Silence gives consent. Article from 08/2012. One look at the perpetrator in SC and he looks totally drugged, as with James Holmes from Batman theatre. And now this "mission" in SC? The Civil War started in Charleston Harbor in SC.....Poignant, eh? --Barb. A stretch, I think. ~Bob)

Cuba: Ricky Ricardo Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Excerpt: "Like the U.S., Cuba is a divided country. Here we are divided along a political continuum with conservative and progressive poles. In Cuba, the divide is between those who are committed to and those that are fed-up with the current regime. Age, it appears, impacts this perspective. According to one young person, "our parents gave it all for the revolution. But, it's a failed experiment. We have to do something else. They keep telling us to wait but we are sick of waiting. We want to go to The Gap."

Rapping for freedom and the end of communism in Vietnam. The Communist Party in Vietnam has been throwing activists in jail and brainwashing youth. By Son Nguyen (Nah)
Excerpt: MANY Vietnamese people know me as the rapper behind the controversial rap song “DMCS.” The lyrics are explicit because, for the first time, I am practicing my free speech rights to the fullest extent. “DMCS” is a verbal attack against the ruling Communist Party in Vietnam, a criticism of its war crimes and poor management of the country. The song has surpassed more than 600,000 views on YouTube, and inspired more Vietnamese youths to do their own research and demand a better political system. (Hopefully he will be able to stay in this country, because sending him back to Viet Nam would be sending him to at least long imprisonment, but probably worse. I wonder how many in Viet Nam have secretly tuned into his video. --Del)

How can a Government Run by the Smartest People in the World be So Destructively Incompetent? By V the K at
Excerpt: We are told by credentialed historians that Barack Obama is the smartest man to ever hold the office of president. We are told that ivy-league educated progressive leftists from the east and west coasts are the smartest people of all, far intellectually superior to those teabagger conservative dirt-kickers in flyover country. We are also told that not only has the president chosen the smartest people around, but they are also selflessly dedicated to working hard on behalf of others. We are also told the Democrats are the “party of science,” not swayed by partisanship, but only an objective commitment to doing things right. How then has all this happened in such a “smart” administration?

Woman Refuses to Lie to the IRS - Goes to Jail for Contempt!
Excerpt: The late Andrew Russo is famous for his documentary Freedom to Fascism, which you can view here. In the documentary, he exposes the Internal Revenues tactics to force people to pay income tax, even getting an interview with the former head of the IRS, who was unable to cite the law that requires US citizens to fill out a tax return. Now, a citizen video and book are looking to set the record straight and inform the public for the sake of making real change in the tax system. Keep in mind as you read the article that this is not just about the IRS and tax returns. It's also about the First Amendment.

"It's time to put the cash under the mattress."
Excerpt: The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress. Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

A Sea Change in Treating Heart Attacks
Excerpt: And care has improved not just in elite medical centers, but in local hospitals like Our Lady of Lourdes, here in a city littered with abandoned buildings and boarded-up homes that is among the poorest in America, according to the Census Bureau. Disparities that used to exist, with African-Americans, Hispanics and older people facing the slowest treatment times, have disappeared, Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a cardiologist at Yale, and his colleagues said in a paper in Archives of Internal Medicine. (My Grandfather Hall and Great Grandmother died in Lady of Lourdes, Granddaughter was born there. ~Bob)

Rising Dragon News

Company that got millions from U.S. taxpayers now profits Chinese owners. By Rob Nikolewski
Excerpt: The good news is electric car battery maker A123 Systems is finally on track to turn a profit. The bad news is taxpayers don’t figure to see any of the $133 million the federal government spent and the estimated $141 million in tax credits and subsidies secured from Michigan to help the company take off in 2009, only to see A123 Systems crash, declare bankruptcy in 2012 and then get purchased by a privately held Chinese conglomerate.
“In the case of A123, they created some jobs and a year or two later those jobs were gone, so taxpayers weren’t getting that money back,” said Jarret Skorup, a policy analyst at Michigan’s Mackinac Center, a free-market think tank .

Excerpt: I got my promised email the other day notifying me that my PII was part of the data that the Office of Personnel Management lost to Chinese “hackers”. The solution was an email to the same address that the Chinese now has and it included a link that I was supposed to click and then enter my PII on another website, you know, so that someone else would have the opportunity to lose my information, you know someone that hasn’t had an opportunity to lose it yet, after the Department of Defense, the Veterans’ Affairs Department and now OPM had all lost control of it. This last time it might be worse, though – if they lost control of my application for my security clearance, they also got a hold of all my friends and family information, as well.

Whoa. China Won't Let Muslims Fast for Ramadan. By Onan Coco.
Excerpt: China is giving the Islamic world a taste of its own medicine by refusing to allow the Muslim minority to practice their religion as they see fit. I will never, ever advocate that freedom of religion should be infringed upon… but I will admit to feeling a bit of a pleasure to see some in the Muslim community being forced to suffer the same sleights that Islamic governments commit against Christians and other religious minorities in the Islamic world.

Gun News

Worth Reading: A National Tragedy and a Partisan Response: The Demonization of Firearms Takes Place in Societies That Let Go of Personal Responsibility. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: The world’s worst mass shootings have happened in other advanced societies – not America as Obama claims. They happen in countries like Norway, a social democracy, France, a country ruled by anti-gun socialists and South Korea. Making guns hard to get does not stop a determined killer. It prevents his victims from stopping the rampage. Dylaan Roof stopped to reload his gun 5 times in the Charleston AME Church. If only one of the bible study members had possessed a firearm, most of the victims would still be alive. The demonization of firearms takes place in societies that let go of personal responsibility. It leaves even law enforcement helpless down to the disarmed Paris police officer cringing before the heavily armed Charlie Hebdo Jihadists and the fumbling Norwegian police who let Breivik kill 69 people in one shooting before he was stopped.

Excerpt: In the aftermath of the CharlestonSouth Carolina terrorism against churchgoers at a historical black church, many African Americans have decided that the they cannot rely on the police for protection. (I have read that "gun Control" started in the solid Democrat south to keep blacks disarmed. White Democrats in the KKK were armed, but that was ignored--often included cops and the sheriff. ~Bob)

Homeowner Shoots Alleged Robber In Hope Mills
Excerpt: Deputies said three men approached a resident as he was trying to get into his vehicle and pointed handguns at him demanding money. The man pulled a revolver from his vehicle and started shooting. The robbers returned fire, hitting the man in the abdomen. The three robbers then fled on foot. Deputies found one of them lying along Lubbock Drive wearing latex gloves on his hands and a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene. He has been identified as Douglas Raeford.

2 shot in attempted home burglary
Excerpt: Two people were shot Thursday afternoon in Fort Walton Beach during an attempted home burglary, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The resident, 28-year-old Timothy Acoff, at 406 Carmel Ave. said one man tried to force his way into the home, while another waited in a car, around 12:40 p.m. Thursday in what appeared to be an armed burglary attempt, said OCSO spokesperson Michele Nicholson. Acoff was able to arm himself and fired multiple shots, hitting both suspects. He was not injured.

Victim shoots at intruder in Miami Beach, police say
Excerpt: Police said the 72-year-old victim told Varela to leave, but Varela grabbed the victim by the neck and knocked him down on the floor. Varela then hid in a bedroom, at which point the victim grabbed his .22-caliber gun and fired one shot in Varela's direction, police said. Police said Varela wasn't hit by the bullet but fell to the ground and hid under a mattress.

Milwaukee Police investigate 3 overnight shootings
Excerpt: A 30 year old man from Milwaukee had broken into an auto and was attempting to steal a car stereo when he was observed by the owner of the vehicle. The subject then produced a weapon and pointed it at the owner who also produced a weapon and shot the subject who then fled the area on foot. He would later show up at a local hospital suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound and was subsequently arrested by Milwaukee Police. 

What Liberals Refuse to Acknowledge About Gun Violence. By Gary DeMar
Excerpt: Mexico has a lot of mass gun violence even though its gun laws are very restrictive. "Mexican citizens and legal residents may purchase new non-military firearms for self-protection or hunting only after receiving approval of a petition to the Defense Ministry, which performs extensive background checks. The allowed weapons are restricted to relatively small calibers and may only be purchased legally from the Defense Ministry."

Blog Readers Know Differently: Soros Group: Americans Don't Really Use Guns For Self-Defense. But NRA responds: 'This so-called study is rubbish'
A George Soros-financed anti-gun advocacy group is implying Americans don’t need weapons, citing its own statistics purportedly showing gun owners rarely actually use their firearms for self-defense. Instead, the Violence Policy Center contends, guns are used far more in criminal gun homicides. “In 2012, for every justifiable homicide in the United States involving a gun, guns were used in 32 criminal homicides,” states the study, released on Wednesday.

Obama rallies Hollywood elites for Gun Control Day after church shooting
Excerpt: According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the fundraisers cost “$16,700 per person” for attendees like Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry, Conan O’Brien, and director James Burrows. Speaking at this fundraiser, Obama lamented that “someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.” (Tell them all they can't have armed guards, see what they say. ~Bob)

Excerpt: 'By God’s Grace I managed to return fire at the terrorist attackers and they fled the scene. 11 Parishioners were killed and over 50 injured in the attack with automatic rifles and hand grenades.' Van Wyk then talked about the dangers faced by Christians in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo: 'Congo is a gun free zone and colleagues of my pastor friends have been buried alive by rebel soldiers. This is highly unlikely to have occurred if the Congolese Christians were armed and ready when the rebel soldiers confronted their pastors. 'Boko Haram fighters have shot and burned to death about 90 civilians and wounded 500 in attacks in Cameroon earlier this year. Private gun ownership in Cameroon is extremely low and thus again the bad guys can go about their business with impunity. The only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.' 

Race Card News

Black Woman Calls For Race War: At The Scene of the Charleston Church Massacre.
Excerpt: During an interview Breitbart News conducted with people gathered outside the Mother Emmanuel American Methodist Church in Charleston, where Wednesday’s deadly shooting left nine black churchgoers dead, a woman called for a “race war” and discussed black anger.

No #WhiteLivesMatter riots? "We lost a brother': Ominous warnings, then a gunfight
Excerpt: When it was over, Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim – a decorated and well-liked cop of 27 years – was dead. The father of three wasn't supposed to be on duty Friday, but he'd been tapped to work overtime in a city that's combating an uptick in crime. Also killed was 21-year-old suspect Trepierre Hummons, who police said made those 911 calls on himself while pretending to be a simple bystander. He wanted to die at an officer's hand, Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said, and had even texted friends about his plan.

Common Sense: California African Methodist Episcopal Churches Express Grief--and Add Security
Excerpt: Calvary Christian Center has security personnel who attend its services, some of whom are armed. Groups such as the National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management work with churches to help them recognize threats, repel attackers and create security policies. Their website states, “It is important that we focus on preventative solutions by having appointed armed Gatekeepers as they did in biblical times. Our Gatekeepers program has been implemented by dozens of churches that trains and places qualified volunteers at the ready to respond to these deadly situations.’

Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio sending armed posse into 60 black churches this weekend
Excerpt: A sheriff on trial, accused of harassing some members of a minority community, will send armed volunteer posse members into 60churches Sunday in response to the racially motivated attack in South Carolina earlier this week. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who already is under federal supervision because of a ruling two years ago that his office racially profiled Hispanics in its traffic and immigration patrols, is scheduled to go to trial in August in a separate lawsuit alleging additional discrimination against Latinos. He said the Rev. Jarrett Maupin, who describes himself as a Progressive Baptist preacher and civil-rights campaigner on his Facebook page, asked him to provide the protection because he was worried about problems with white supremacists in the area.

But didn't call police? Man accused in church killings spoke of attacking college
Excerpt: A black drinking buddy of the white man accused of killing nine people at a Charleston church says the suspect told him a week earlier that he planned to shoot up a college campus in the city. The friend, Christon Scriven, told The Associated Press on Friday that he thought Dylann Roof's statements were just drunken bluster. Still, Scriven said he was concerned enough that he and another friend, Joey Meek, went out to Roof's car and retrieved his .45-caliber handgun, hiding it in an air-conditioning vent of a mobile home until they all sobered up.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

King v. Burwell in Perspective: Only 1 Out of 5 Whose Insurance Costs Grew Because of Obamacare Got Subsidies. By Edmund Haislmaier 
Excerpt: The Supreme Court will soon hand down its decision in King v. Burwell. That case asks the court to decide if the statutory text of the Affordable Care Act authorizes the Treasury to pay subsidies to individuals who purchased coverage through—the federally operated health insurance exchange for states that did not establish their own exchanges. Yet behind the legal dispute over who is eligible to receive subsidies lurks the larger policy issue of the subsidies’ function. While their stated purpose was to help more low-income individuals purchase health insurance, the subsidies also served to mask the significant health insurance premium increases that would inevitably result from the law’s new insurance benefit requirements and regulations. (The short form of this information is this- the government requirements for the plans and their administration means that the real cost of insurance HAS to go up for many people. (This should be no surprise, the idea that there would be more coverage for more people at lower overall cost through a federal pan was always ludicrous.) But it's supposed to help people who otherwise could not have insurance get coverage, and it does that. It does that through the subsidies for the lowest income people. But the lowest income people are somewhere in the 20% range of the population, which means the rest of the people who don't qualify as "poor" (or poor enough) get to face those increased costs without any help. Again, no surprise, somebody has to pay in to keep the whole new plan working, even though its regulations automatically must increase overall cost. The reason insurance companies didn't want to insure people with pre-existing conditions is simply because they are statistically certain as a group to have more health care costs in the future. Now they can get coverage, which means either the insurance companies lose money or there has to be an increase in insurance cost to everyone. This kind of economics is not rocket science. But all the smoke, doubletalk, and phony promises have been masking it all until now. And it will only get worse as the final sections of the program get implemented in the next two years. Oh boy, I can hardly wait. --Del)

Repealing ObamaCare would add $353 billion to deficits, CBO says
Excerpt: Repealing ObamaCare would increase budget deficits by $353 billion over the next 10 years, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said in a 28-page report released Friday. That’s a steep increase over the CBO’s last estimate of an ObamaCare repeal in July 2012, when the budget scorekeeper said abolishing the law would raise deficits by $109 billion over the 2013–2022 period.

Undocumented Democrat News

Americans Need Not Apply At One Texas Farm Company. By Evan Gahr
Excerpt: Folks beating the drum for open borders and amnesty insist that immigrants take jobs native-born Americans won’t touch. But a Texas farm company that hired Mexicans instead of Americans was just zapped by the Obama Justice Department, of all things. The DOJ quietly announced this week its lawsuit victory over Estopy Farms for denying employment to an American named Enrique Romero in 2010. An administrative law judge ruled that the company illegally passed over Romero in favor of Mexican nationals it recruited under the H-2A visa program for temporary or seasonal agricultural employees.

Ann Coulter, Reid, Gutierez Spar on Immigration
Excerpt: Coulter said that, “We used to have an immigration policy where we would choose the best in the world, and that was changed,” Maher rebutted, “Well, we would choose the whitest in the world.” Coulter continued, “Look, the pre-1970 immigrants were more educated, made more money, were more likely to buy houses, and 30% of them went home. Now, no one goes home, they go on welfare, and they are far more likely to be on welfare than the native population, I think a nation’s policies should be concerned with the people already here, and that includes the immigrants who came last year and the year before. It should be people who live here benefit, not to become the battered woman’s shelter of the world, where we’re bringing in the hardest cases, and the wife beaters, and single mother with eight kids.” Maher responded that he didn’t think those assertions were born out by statistics, because Coulter said there were 30 million illegal immigrants, while government stats say there are 12 million. 

Obama Nailed For Illegals Murdering Americans. Senators demand answers on criminal-alien releases after 121 killed
Excerpt: President Obama is catching heat from two U.S. senators for releasing violent criminals onto the streets who then went on to murder 121 Americans between 2010 and 2014. And there are new concerns about the possibility of violent crimes being committed by the nearly 30,000 illegal Cuban immigrants who are walking U.S. streets with criminal records. Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a letter June 12 to Secretary of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Spring Break 1989: Mexican druglord kills University of Texas college student in sicko human sacrifice voodoo ritual
Excerpt: “It was our religion, our voodoo,” Serafin told police. “We did it for success. We did it for protection.”

Religion of Peace News

Cameron Warns Of 'Quietly Condoning' Islamic State
Excerpt: The Prime Minister has told Muslim communities to "play their part" in helping tackle "one of the biggest threats our world has faced". In language described by some Muslim leaders as "unhelpful", David Cameron suggested that some Muslims have been "quietly condoning" anti-Western ideology. Mr Cameron said there has been "finger-pointing" at the security services – while it is families of Islamic State recruits and their communities who need to be more proactive in combating the extremist narrative. ... However, Yousif Al-Khoei from the Centre for Academic Shia Studies described the Prime Minister's comments as "unhelpful". He told Sky News: "If the Government is serious about tackling ISIS they really need to take serious steps to tackle rampant Islamophobia – and we are actually recruiting more youths by targeting religion and targeting the people.

If Iran Still Backs Terror, Why is the U.S. About to Lift Sanctions?. By Jonathan S. Tobin
Excerpt: Yesterday, the State Department issued its annual report on international terrorism and the results are both alarming and unsurprising. Of particular interest is the section on state sponsors of terrorism. On the list as the worst offenders are Sudan, Syria and Iran. The details about Iranian state sponsored terrorism are particularly sobering. It backs terrorists who are aiding the Assad regime’s brutal crackdown in Syria as well as providing funding and arms for Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups. Just as damning is the fact that State says Iran continues to refuse to bring senior al Qaeda figures to justice or to identify those in their custody.

Ohio Muslim arrested on terror charges: “We are all Islamic State citizens.” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: “We are all Islamic state citizens. This isn’t some gang in the desert you’re fighting. This is WW3 the beginning has just begun,” said Amir Said Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazi.
Where did this convert to Islam get this idea? I suppose he was “radicalized on the Internet”? No one would dream of checking into who encouraged him to convert, or what they’re teaching at the local mosque — that would be “Islamophobic.”

Former Tajik OMON commander threatens to cut off his own brother's head
A former Tajik OMON unit commander who joined the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in late May has posted online a new video to deny his alleged mental disorder and to threaten his brother who urged him to go home and stand trial. A number of state-owned Tajik media outlets branded Col. Gulmurod Khalimov mad after the Prosecutor General's Office had charged him in absentia with high treason and membership of an illegal armed unit fighting in foreign territory. "I am absolutely healthy. And I am surprised. How could you send a crazy man to the United States for training, how could you give me the colonel's rank and thrice decorate me with medals? If I am mad so are other colonels of the Interior Ministry," Khalimov said in the video which depicted him against the background of the ISIL flag, black with a white sun and words in Arabic on it.

Did you know that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was the first American envoy to al-Qaeda?
Excerpt: Barack Hussein Obama together with Hillary Clinton decided to aid and abet al-Qaeda terrorists and Libyan Muslim Brotherhood jihadists to overthrow U.S. ally Muammar Ghaddafi and replace all the secular leaders in the Middle East with sharia-compliant Muslim Brotherhood governments.

Imported Muslims Arriving Now In These U.S. Cities
Excerpt: Of the 130,000 Syrians the U.N wants to permanently resettle, the U.S. is being asked to take half, or about 65,000, by the end of Obama’s term in office.... The chart below logs the numbers who have arrived just in the past five months.... Many of the agencies and their myriad subcontractors also accept donations from leftist foundations tied to George Soros, Bill Gates, the Tides Foundation, Walmart, Target, the Komen Foundation, the United Way and many others.

Turkey's Continuing Press Crackdown. By Burak Bekdil
Excerpt: In 2008, when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then prime minister, expressed his dislike of an assortment of international headlines (from the Associated Press, Reuters, the Washington Post, New York Timesand Le Monde) on the front page of the Turkish daily Hurriyet, this author suggested that the paper should have quoted more serious publications such as The Ulama Times, The Wahhabi Daily News or The Observant. I later wrote, hoping it would remain a joke: "This columnist's humble advice to Hurriyet's publishers: Be wise, just do as I do and escape the corporate consequences." It turned out to be more serious than a simple joke. In 2009, tax authorities levied a fine of $2.5 billion on Dogan Yayin, Hurriyet's publisher, for alleged failure to pay taxes properly for share transfers between Dogan companies. That was the largest tax fine ever for a Turkish company: the equivalent to the combined value of Dogan Yayin and its parent, Dogan Holding.

Fences Work! Work begins on 100 mile-long wall as migrant tide continues to flood the EU/ By Donna Rachel Edmonds
Excerpt: Construction is underway on a new European ‘Iron Curtain’ designed to keep migrants from crossing into EU territory. The barrier is taking the form of a 109 mile long fence along Hungary’s southern border. Hungary is the most south easterly country to be connected by border to the wider Schengen zone, an area of free movement across the majority of Europe. Although Greece, a popular destination with migrants crossing the Mediterranean, is further to the south, she shares no borders with other Schengen-enlisted countries. (Now that the EU is subject to the same problem as Israel was, they don’t like it one bit. In contrast Israel received 10,000 migrants per million where as Hungary and Germany received only 3200 and 900 per million respectively. Europe is going to struggle with this problem for years. --T. Belman)

Excerpt: The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Prisons failed to conduct a thorough background check of an imam hired to teach Islamic classes to federal prisoners who had previously said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should be put to death, the agency has admitted. y Iowa U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, inquired about the hiring of the imam, Fouad ElBayly, and asked the Bureau of Prisons about how it vets contractors hired to conduct religious classes at federal prisons. In March, The Daily Caller reported that ElBayly, the imam at the Islamic Center of Johnstown in Pennsylvania, received $12,900 in 2014 to teach Muslim inmates at the federal prison in CumberlandMaryland

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