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Random Thoughts for December, 2014. By Robert A. Hall
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Here's wishing you and your a safe, happy and free 2015.

Contrary to what Generalissimo Barack Lead-From-Behind Obama bragged about during his 2012 Magical Fool-the-People Tour, we appear to be losing to the Jihadists in Iraq, in Syria, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and at home. Maybe CAIR wasn't the best advisor on Islamic terrorism he could find.

I see things from conservatives trashing this or that potential GOP candidate as a RINO. I have a few GOP candidates I'm not crazy about but all are preferable to President Hillary or President Big Chief Warren or President Biden. Those "conservatives" who said they stayed home because there was no difference between Obama and Romney are Obama's best supporters. They knew what he was and helped him win anyway.

When I was an association executive, my policy was to help staff members along. But not to carry them.

Any money my wife spends on herself in the two months before Christmas, she says is, "Part of my Christmas." Any she spends on kids and grandkids is, "Part of their Christmas." I thought about giving everyone a nicely wrapped box on Christmas, with a list inside of all the "Parts of their Christmas," but I was afraid it might get ugly.

I'll believe that Islam is a "Religion of Peace" when it is as safe to wear a large cross on the street in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya or Iraq as it is in an American city. (Dearborn doesn't count.)

The biggest problem with the War of Terror is that our "allies" are too often as bad as our enemies.

If black "leaders" really cared about blacks, the protests would be over the tens of thousands of black babies aborted by Planned Parenthood, fulfilling Margaret Sanger's dream of keeping more of what she called "the unfit" from being born. On the 93% of black murder victims who are black.

Put me down as one who thinks the Obama kids should be off limits for political hits. Just as the left placed Bristol and Trig Palin off limits. Same rule for everyone.

I hear they asked Bill Clinton if IS was a threat. He said it depended on, "What the meaning of IS is." As to the question, Is IS Islamic?" I say, "Islamic is as IS does."

When conservatives complain to me about RINOs, I remind them that not one Republican, RINO or not, voted for Obamacare. If we had elected five more RINOs to the US Senate in 2010, instead of losing with the inept Tea Party conservatives nominated in some states, we would have stopped Obamacare, saved our healthcare system, and at least delayed the on-rushing fiscal collapse. And we might have blocked a lot of the federal judges Obama has appointed since 2010, saving the country and the Constitution years of grief. An electable RINO is preferable to an unelectable but more conservative candidate who loses to a far left liberal. The key vote is the vote to organize. Suppose you have 45 Conservative Republicans and 45 Liberal Democrats. If six of the remaining ten are RINOs, Conservatives control the senate, the committees and the flow of business. If six of the ten are "moderate" Democrats, Liberals control the senate, the committees and the flow of business. But some folks prefer to lose to the liberal agenda rather than be less than pure.

As I've said before, a RINO is a fellow Republican who doesn't agree with you on 100% of the issues or even on tactics. I was called a RINO by a blog reader because I pointed out that a failed effort to impeach Obama, which would be the case absent 14 Democrat votes in the Senate, would help him and I didn't want to help Obama. Before the GOP launched their impeachment effort, Bill Clinton was despised by a majority of voters. After it failed, the media made him into a hero, a victim of evil Republicans. Now he's a wealthy elder statesman and the most respected former president since Reagan. Call me a RINO, but damn me if I want that for Obama.

Multitasking has its place, but you just can't floss and eat breakfast at the same time.

An old vet told me, "In my day, we didn't need sexual harassment training in the military. We already knew how..."

From a brother Marine: "We live on a planet full of cruelty. Americans continue to fail in their understanding of how blessed we are. And within that failure, they continue to lose sight of the principles that have provided us that blessing."

Tell me why it would be a good thing for the world (not for you) if you were to live another ten years. I fear if God put everyone to that test, we'd have a large population decrease.

Obama's position is simple. If Congress doesn't give him everything he wants in the budget, he will veto it, thus shutting down the government and the media will convince the public to blame the GOP for it. I'm not sure this was how the Founders intended the checks and balances in the constitution to work.

Only in Madison: We were looking at the UW continuing education booklet. They have these history courses: "Bicycling: Past, Present & Future" and "Daily Life of the Cuban Revolution."

The Founding Fathers put in impeachment as a legislative check on the president overriding the constitution and laws. What they didn't envision was that the President's party would have enough committed senators to block conviction regardless of the facts, that the President would welcome an impeachment effort as a way to raise funds and increase his popularity, and that the media would be able to convince the low-info voters that the president was a victim of politics and racism. Or that a successful impeachment effort would put someone who could be worse in his place and lead to riots, destruction and murder from the members of his ethnic group. Obama is praying for an impeachment effort to make him rich and respected as it did Bill Clinton. The country is in a bad spot--all future presidents will know they can pretty much do what they want if the media will give them a pass.

I went up to the EVP Coffee bar in the VA one day after PT rehab. The 40-something, slim, well-coiffed and dressed gentleman in front of me ordered a, "Caramel latte with skim and a shot of espresso." He was waiting for his drink when I stepped up, slapped my mug on the counter and ordered in my NCO voice, "Coffee, black!" He snapped around, took in the Third Marine Division Vietnam patch on my leather jacket, snapped front and said not a word.

#BlackLivesMatter! Well, except at Planned Parenthood. 40% of the aborted babies come from the 13% of the population that is black. And except for the thousands of blacks murdered every year by other blacks with nary a note from the race baiters. #BlackLivesMatter only if they were killed by white cops. But #WhiteLivesDon'tMatter when a white guy is killed by a black cop, or a 5-year-old white girl is shot dead on her grandfather's lap in Milwaukee by black thugs, with no word from the Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharptons. Or from Barack Obama. We need a society where all lives matter. (But recently a university official had to apologize for saying #AllLivesMatter. Sad.)

Once ISIS, al Qaeda and other jihadists have succeeded in shredding civilization, they may find that releasing the uncivilized brute in us, bent on the survival of family and tribe at any cost, but armed with civilized technology, is a fearsome thing.

So, is the situation in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Ukraine better or worse since Obama took office in 2009?

Government is a necessary evil, but the basis of government is coercion. The bigger and more powerful the government....

It will be a shame if the drop in oil prices produces less US home grown energy. Being an energy exporter is good for our economy, and cheaper energy costs are especially good for poor and working class people, if not investors. Plus it produces less wealth for Muslim countries to fund terror and terror-teaching schools around the world. Looking at you Saudi allies...

The list of people in this world whom I would kill if I could is distressingly long, and suggests that I won't need to take harp lessons for the next life.

Increasingly the left is trying to use the courts and federal regulatory agencies to implement its agenda. Conservatives must fight back the same way or see our freedoms destroyed. (Such as hunting.)

I kind of think if folks here want to go join the Islamic State, we should let them. Fair chance we can kill them there, and of course, they should not be let back in the country. They are likely to engage in Allah-inspired workplace violence if they stay here.

If you want to be liked, admired and respected, I can tell you the secret. Complain less than other people. Be more cheerful than other people. And always do more than your share of what needs to be done. Easy, huh?

The good Muslim says, "I will exterminate the infidels, the Jews, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Ahmadis, the Alawites/Shia/Sunni, the Druze, and all other apostates. All in the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate."

From a fellow vet at the VA: "There's a big difference between hearing and listening." True.

Some people form opinions. But most people's political opinions--left or right--are received opinion. Some leader or pundit states an opinion and it is accepted uncritically and repeated endlessly by the loyal drones.

Many churches are built for the Glory of God. But I suspect many more are built for the glory of men.

You may, on principle, refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. But you should get a thank you note from the great of two evils, whom you helped elect, and who will now govern you.

Universities talk about "White Privilege," with, as Dr. Thomas Sowell says, "privilege" replacing "achievement." But there is also "Black Privilege" where folks who like Rep. Charlie Rangel engage in tax evasion, or like Barack Obama take the law into their own hands are given a pass by the media, academia and progressives because of their race.

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