Sunday, December 14, 2014

Casualty Call

Casualty Call

The doorbell rang while she was baking bread.
She glimpsed them through the window by her door,
And slid down weeping to the foyer floor;
Until she let them in he was not dead.
Her husband came to answer it instead.
"Are you okay?" He knew. He'd been to war.
"Mother, are you okay?" he asked once more.
"I'll never be okay again," she said.

Their son was buried two weeks to the day.
The rifles fired, a bugle sounded taps.
She was clear-eyed, her husband wept. Perhaps
He knew the price that they had yet to pay.
They grieved their son for years, then cancer came,
And as he died, he called the dead boy's name.

Robert A. Hall
Former SSgt of Marines

Vietnam, 1967

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  1. This is so my sisters story. Only when she answered the door she had to ask, "Which one?" Four sons, 3 Marines. Let us all pray for those who serve at this time of happiness. May God watch over them and their families.