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Just slammed for time. Have a 100 unread emails, but am posting what I have as I'm out of pocket until Sunday afternoon. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Must Read: War Clouds. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: The world is changing and becoming even more dangerous – in a way we’ve seen before. In the decade before World War I, the near-hundred-year European peace that had followed the fall of Napoleon was taken for granted. Yet it abruptly imploded in 1914. Prior little wars in the Balkans had seemed to predict a much larger one on the horizon – and were ignored.

White House stumbles explaining soap opera producer as ambassador. By Sara Fischer, CNN
Excerpt: It's not every day that White House has to defend its decision to nominate a soap opera producer to represent the country on one of the highest diplomatic levels. But it was that kind of Tuesday. Asked at the daily press briefing what makes "The Bold and The Beautiful" producer Colleen Bell qualified to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, White House spokesman Josh Earnest didn't exactly have an explanation. (It's surely not because Bell helped Barack Obama raise millions of dollars for his campaigns because she retained the confidence to suck money from political donors for Obama. Fortunately, Hungary should be a safe choice -- it's not like it's in Eastern Europe, right in the front yard of Russia or anything. --The Patriot Post)

Arizona Teacher Accuses State Of Common Core Retaliation
Excerpt: Brad McQueen, a fifth grade teacher in the Tanque Verde school district near Tucson who has been in the field for eleven years, has been a very vocal critic of the controversial education standards. In addition to writing newspaper columns and making appearances on talk radio, McQueen has also has self-published a book — titled “The Cult of Common Core” — attacking the standards in detail. McQueen has been especially critical of the PARCC standardized tests Arizona is scheduled to begin using this year, which are aligned with Common Core. McQueen argues that the tests create a major danger of student data being taken and exploited.

3D portraits of Obama go on display at Smithsonian
Excerpt: The first portraits created from 3D scans of a sitting president are going on display at the Smithsonian. Digital imaging specialists at the Smithsonian created a 3D printed bust and life mask of President Barack Obama this year. The portraits were first shown at the White House during a gathering of inventors, entrepreneurs and students. (Saw this overnight on a network show...showing Obama sitting in a light array, grinning ear to ear, all focused on him. All pictured for posterity in 3D--Me, Myself and I.....Barb)

Thirteen Ethnic Montagnards From Vietnam Seek Refugee Status in Cambodia
Excerpt: More than a dozen ethnic Montagnards are hiding in the jungles of northeastern Cambodia after fleeing alleged religious persecution across the border in Vietnam, a member of a hill tribe living in the area said Monday. The 13 Christian Montagnards, who crossed into Cambodia’s Ratanakiri province from Vietnam’s neighboring Gia Lai province, are seeking protection from the United Nations’ refugee agency to resettle in a third country, the ethnic Charai tribe member told RFA’s Khmer Service on condition of anonymity. (It seems our Montagnard friends are still getting the shaft. They deserve better. SF, --Jim. They mostly stood with us--and we abandoned them. ~Bob)

Excerpt: With 40,000 children in Connecticut attending “failing schools,” thousands of students, teachers and parents rallied on the Green Wednesday in favor of an excellent education “for every child.” Organizers claimed attendance of as many as 6,000 demonstrators from New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford and even Bronx, New York, mostly draped in neon green T-shirts printed with the “For Every Child” theme. Most speakers and participants in the rally appeared to come from charter schools. (Great way to celebrate education...stay home from school and work. And where are the parents? --George)

Feds Balk at Releasing Docs Showing IRS Sharing Tax Returns with White House. By Paul Bedard.
Excerpt: Less than a week after ’fessing up that it found some 2,500 documents potentially showing that the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the White House, the Obama administration has reversed course and won’t release the trove to a group suing for access. (The most transparent administration in history. Ha. ~Bob)

While You Were Sleeping - Another Rough American Man Died. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Please pass along today's commentary - Help make Staff Sergeant Matthew R. Ammerman, as representative of all who have died while in service to us, a household name. Thank you!

Gun News

It's up to you to have a plan. By Martha Salomaa, CNN Gun Project
Excerpt: Criminals will get guns regardless of the law. They plan their attacks just like Adam Lanza planned to kill those precious children. Unfortunately, it is often the law-abiding citizen who fails to plan. My attacker had a plan…His mistake was that he chose a family who had a plan as well. (The principle element of any plan by bad actors is surprise. Visualizing ahead of time how to respond can be the difference between survival and victimhood. --Steve)

Race Card News

Worth Reading: Ferguson: Inconvenient Facts About the Encounter. By Larry Elder
Excerpt: Is it relevant that St. Louis, near Ferguson, recently had the third-highest per capita murder rate of any large city (with 250,000 or more residents) in America, ranking behind New Orleans and Detroit? And, according to an analysis of 2011 FBI crime stats, St. Louis had the second-highest overall crime rate among large cities. Is it relevant that the state of Missouri ranks second among states in per capita black homicide victimization rate? (Black writer. ~Bob)

Charles Barkley: We never talk about race until something bad happens
Excerpt: The basketball analyst for Turner Sports and former NBA great isn't backing away from comments he made on the radio recently that people who torched buildings in Ferguson are "scumbags" and some blacks degrade successful African-Americans too often as not black enough.

Reputed Bloods member convicted of six drug-related murders in Brooklyn
Excerpt: Reputed Bloods gang member Christian John was convicted Wednesday of six drug-related murders in Brooklyn — including those involving three victims who were brutally tortured. ... The victim’s entire head was wrapped in duct tape and his corpse was set on fire in the basement of a Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone in 2006. ... U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered prosecutors not to seek the death penalty against them on the eve of their trial in Brooklyn Federal Court. (Eric Holder is just a softie. Yep, he decided that murdering six people, even torturing three of them horribly, just doesn't measure up to be worth the needle. Who'd a thunk it? Of course, there is the detail that since the killers were among "his people", maybe that influenced his thinking? But that can't be, it would be ..... racism? --Del)

Black People the Media Hate (And Rand Paul Isn't Wild About). By Ann Coulter
Excerpt: Now that the Ferguson grand jury documents have been made public, even MSNBC has had to quietly drop its fantasy of Michael Brown being gunned down like a dog in the street by Officer Darren Wilson. Instead, MSNBC is defending the looters. .. Instead of exquisite sensitivity to the feelings of black thugs, how about considering the feelings of black citizens who want to live in safe neighborhoods? There’s a reason so many black people supported Officer Wilson’s account and that a black woman walked into a burning convenience store in the middle of the riot to extinguish the fire with gallons of milk.

Charlie Rangel wants Whites to Pay Reparations for Slavery
Excerpt: I don’t owe anybody anything except what I’ve contracted to pay over time. I’ve never owned a slave. I’ve never denied a black person a job. Who is Charlie Rangel to demand reparations from me? Trillions of dollars have been paid out to poor people for more nearly 50 years. It’s only made many of them poorer and slaves to the State. (Dr. Thomas Sowell reports that during the period when 500,000 African slaves were brought to North America, 1,000,000 white Europeans were kidnapped into slavery in Muslim North Africa. When do they pay us reparations? ~Bob)

It Doesn't Mean What You Think
Excerpt: Barack Obama has interjected himself into several racially charged events- certain kinds of racially charged events: Henry Gates, Trayvon Martin, Donald Sterling and Michael Brown. Curiously, Obama has never inserted himself into the deaths of Steve UtashChristopher LaneZemir BegicJohn SandersonJames WhiteheadGilbert Collar (the mirror image of the Michael Brown shooting) or the particularly heinous murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. It doesn’t mean what you think. ....Or does it? (Not to mention Chris Cervini. ~Bob)

White Christmas Song Is ‘Racist': Black Singer Slammed by Liberal Xenophobes for Singing Christmas Song
Excerpt; I joked the other day via Facebook that White Christmas would soon be considered a racist song. Well … here it is. Check it out you creepy ass crackers! TPNN – These Christmas bashing progressives have taken their hate-filled paranoia to a new level with their attacks against country singer Darius Rucker, who happens to be black. What did Rucker do that drew the hate of the liberals? He sang White Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Harkin Regrets Making ObamaCare So Complicated
Excerpt: And regrets? He’s got a few. Namely that ObamaCare was probably too complicated because of efforts to placate various “centrist” Democrats (many of whom are gone now) and constituent groups. “We had the power to do it in a way that would have simplified health care, made it more efficient and made it less costly and we didn’t do it,” Harkin said. “So I look back and say we should have either done it the correct way or not done anything at all. What we did is we muddle through and we got a system that is complex, convoluted, needs probably some corrections and still rewards the insurance companies extensively.” That’s a pretty good summation, though he hasn’t exactly seen the light.

Is Obamacare Destroying the Democratic Party? Thomas B. Edsall
Excerpt: It’s not often that a politician provokes conflict within the ranks of his party’s core supporters. Schumer did just that in a National Press Club speech on Nov. 25, three weeks after devastating Democratic losses in Senate, House, gubernatorial and state legislative elections. According to Schumer, President Obama and his party suffered defeat last month in large part because of the strategic decision to press for enactment of the Affordable Care Act soon after Obama won the presidency.

Obama Sues Companies for Complying with Obamacare. By Michael Schaus
Excerpt: What’s the easiest way to avoid getting sued by the Obama Administration? Well… If you come up with an answer, let the rest of us know. A company that has supported the President and his Affordable Care Act, is currently being sued by Obama for following the law. ... Honeywell International Inc., and two smaller firms, are being sued for taking advantage of a specific provision in the ACA that allows them to lower their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Undocumented Democrat News

Quote from the founder of the Democrat Party. From The Patriot Post
"Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823. (The Patriot Post e-newsletter is worth subscribing to. ~Bob)

House rebukes Obama over immigration actions, spending fight looms
Excerpt: House Republicans voted Thursday to block President Obama's immigration executive actions, though it was unclear whether the largely symbolic step would be enough to prevent a risky budget stand-off next week. The House voted 219-197 for the bill, by Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., that declares Obama's actions "null and void and without legal effect." 

The Secret Behind Obama's 'Order.' President accused of 'sleight of hand' to protect self from impeachment
Excerpt: The White House appears to have engaged in administrative sleight of hand, changing U.S. immigration law not by executive order but by a memorandum “exercising prosecutorial discretion” Johnson signed the day of Obama’s Nov. 20 nationwide address that so far has not been filed in the Federal Register. Tom Fitton, president of Washington-based watchdog institution Judicial Watch, told WND in an interview the legal status of Johnson’s memo is a serious constitutional question that deserves to be adjudicated. “The entire implementing authority involves a memorandum published by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson that changes the immigration law, directing federal money to be spent that has not been appropriated by Congress,” he said.

Not All Kids Born in the US Should Be Made Citizens. By Genevieve Wood
Excerpt: I rarely suggest America follow international trends but this is one area where we could take a cue from others around the world. A recent study of 194 countries shows that only 30 grant a form of birthright citizenship. No European countries allow it – the United Kingdom ended the practice in 1983 and Ireland in 2004. Among advanced economies, the U.S. and Canada are the only two countries that still allow it.

Obama Administration Official Admits that He Lied to Congress about Deporting Illegals
Excerpt: Needless to say, Chaffetz has become quite good at making Democrat cronies of President Obama look foolish… though men like Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson don’t need much help looking foolish. On Tuesday Chaffetz and Johnson went head to head over a promise that Johnson had previously made to make sure that four men caught crossing our southern border illegally, and who belong to a terrorist organization, would be deported. Well, surprise, surprise… guess what? Not only have those four men NOT been deported… we have no idea where two of those men have gone.

Religion of Peace News

About Time: Fort Hood shooting victims will soon be eligible to receive Purple Heart
Excerpt: Victims of the Fort Hood shooting will soon be eligible to receive the Purple Heart, with Congress pushing ahead with a policy change that would officially recognize domestic terrorism as an issue, rather than the “workplace violence” designation the Obama administration had used. The issue has been contentious since the 2009 attack, with victims and their family members saying Army Maj. Nidal Hasan’s shooting spree was clearly linked to the broader war on terror that the U.S. is fighting overseas. For years, the families’ congressional allies had butted heads with the Obama administration, which balked at designating part of the U.S. the equivalent of a battlefield. (But is the creep still eligible for his former salary? --Barb. What Obama can't seem to understand is that home-grown Muslim terrorists, at Ft. Hood, NY, Boston and elsewhere, supported by Islamists overseas, have "designated part of the US as a battlefield." You are on it. Be prepared and be alert. ~Bob))

Death of an American 'Infidel' in Abu Dhabi. By Phyllis Chesler
Excerpt: On December 1st, a figure in a black burqa, armed with an eight-inch knife, entered the upscale Boutik shopping mall located in Reem Island, the neighborhood where most of Abu Dhabi's 40,000 expatriates live. The black burqa'ed figure waited for more than an hour in a woman's toilet—then stabbed the first white blonde infidel American woman who came in to use the facilities six times until she was dead. 

White House Statement Ignores Brotherhood's Continuing Hamas Support
Excerpt: The White House this week statement explaining why it does not view the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. It was in response to an online petition which attracted more than 213,000 signatures in support of designating the Egyptian-based group. The statement emphasizes a lack of "credible evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has renounced its decades-long commitment to non-violence." The Brotherhood has another decades-long commitment, however, one that clearly endorses and supports terrorist attacks against Israel.

Breaking News: Interpol Alert Seeks Arrest of MB's Qaradawi
Excerpt: Interpol issued a bulletin Friday seeking the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood's most influential cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The bulletin was sparse on details but said that Egypt wanted the 88-year-old Qaradawi "to serve a sentence" for crimes including "incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder."

Court tells France to pay damages to Somali pirates
Excerpt: The European Court of Human Rights says France violated the rights of Somali pirates who had attacked French ships and has ordered compensation for them over judicial delays. The nine Somali pirates should get thousands of euros because they were not immediately brought before a French judge, the court ruled. (I hope the judge is on a ship taken by pirates. ~Bob)


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