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Random Thoughts for September
If you missed my monthly collection. Comments from blog readers: "Again, one of the reasons I love your posts. Your thoughts and attitudes so closely resemble mine, yet you put them into words much more clearly and eloquently than I do. Thank you! Good health and God Bless (while I can still say that)." --Paige. I love reading your random thoughts and still marvel at how you come up with so many so often. Some made me laugh out loud and I only had a slightly different take on a few. I'll have to get your book and I'm glad you put your random thoughts into print form from the past. On your point about research money for breast cancer versus pulmonary fibrosis, it isn't a numbers game, but a squeaky wheel syndrome. Women organized and shouted and still do about breast cancer. The same thing happened with AIDS by the gays. In fact gays are doing the same thing with marriage and school curriculum. But there, even the gov't misrepresented the data when they promoted the idea that AIDS was spreading rapidly among heterosexuals. The AMA/doctors promoted yearly PAP smears and yearly mammograms, at least partly for business rather than from actual case numbers. PAP smears are not very reliable and cervical cancer cases are relatively quite small compared to other diseases. Shouting is also the reason community activism works. Unfortunately there isn't enough of it to get the Republican vote out! I especially liked your paragraph on happiness and how much we have but do not appreciate it in the U.S. Too bad the paragraph on the "fantasy of socialism" isn't read by every liberal. I spoke about that very subject yesterday with a friend. And finally, your mention of short term thinking versus long term is so key. If folks would think about that in most things they do, the world would be a better place. This morning someone on the news (didn't catch who...I was in the kitchen) said we do not want to get in a war with Russia over the Ukraine. What about Crimea? Sounds like a familiar scenario from Hitler's day. So glad you seem to be creeping upward slowly with your health. All your hard work is paying off. --M.E.

Worth Reading: War in Europe is not a hysterical idea. By Anne Applebaum 
Excerpt: I realize that this question sounds hysterical, and foolishly apocalyptic, to U.S. or Western European readers. But hear me out, if only because this is a conversation many people in the eastern half of Europe are having right now. In the past few days, Russian troops bearing the flag of a previously unknown country, Novorossiya, have marched across the border of southeastern Ukraine. The Russian Academy of Sciences recently announced it will publish a history of Novorossiya this autumn, presumably tracing its origins back to Catherine the Great. 

Worth Reading from a liberal: Obama's 'Post Foley' Golf Game Less About The Optics Of Leadership And More About A Failure To Grasp Our Collective Pain. By Rick Unger
Excerpt: As readers of this column know, I tend to favor the political and policy positions put forth by President Barack Obama and his administration. ...I find myself compelled to write about the President’s decision to keep his scheduled golf date with a couple of friends immediately following his televised comments—a decision that revealed a complete lack of class on Mr. Obama’s part. ... It was, instead, about revealing a side of yourself that Americans, of all political stripes, cannot help but be troubled by—a coldness that revealed a complete lack of understanding of the classy thing to do at a difficult moment.

How New York’s New Gun Control Law Is Working Out (Hint: Not Great). By Genevieve Wood
Excerpt: Which state has the largest National Rifle Association chapter in the nation? No, it’s not Texas. As a matter of fact, it’s not located anywhere near the Wild West or the south. The answer is New York. In just one year, the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association saw its membership almost double – from 22,000 to 41,000. The National Rifle Association credits the increase to the “Safe Act” (Safe Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act), one of the strictest gun control laws in the country, hurriedly pushed through by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature in 2013 following the Newtown, Conn., school shootings.

Harry Reid’s Alma Matter Removes His Name From Building After Citizens And Alumni Complain
Excerpt: Cedar City Councilman Paul Cozzens told The Specter he received $40,000 in pledges to remove the Nevada senator’s name in just five days. “These people in Nevada do not espouse to Reid’s political philosophies,” he said, “and they told me they would not support the university or send any more of their children there … so long as Harry Reid’s name remained.”

Much Needed: Government publishes detailed instructions on how to safely roast marshmallows. By Pete Kasperowicz
Excerpt: The U.S. Forest Service on Friday published a nearly 700-word article on how to safely roast marshmallows, all in preparation for Saturday, which is National Roasted Marshmallow Day. As one might expect, the article is riddled with safety tips that might make you think twice about even carrying matches into the forest at all, let alone actually igniting a marshmallow and putting your family’s life at risk. (Makes you wonder how we survived as kids, without tax-funded bureaucrats to guide us. ~Bob)

Memphis VA Retaliating Against Daily Caller Whistle-Blowers
Excerpt: Memphis VA Medical Center management has retaliated against two whistle-blowers responsible for a series of exposés in The Daily Caller — despite assurances from the new VA secretary that whistle-blowers are protected against reprisal....Higgins told TheDC that in April 2014, he made a complaint first to the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation (JCOHA) and then anonymously to local media that a number of dialysis machines weren’t being cleaned properly. The employee responsible for cleaning the machines was using 20 cubic centimeters of cleaning fluid when they were supposed to be using 20 gallons. (End-stage renal disease patients are very susceptible to line infections, sepsis and are frequent "revolving door" patients because of their frail immune function. Just like in years past the VA did not think it needed to sterilize colonoscopes after sticking them up, well, you know, between patients and spread HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, among other diseases. There is 1) No respect for life. 2) No respect for the military who voluntarily risk their lives to "protect the American way of life." 3)No care about doing a job and doing it properly...all essential to anyone working in a healthcare setting, from a receptionist to a file clerk to a nurse a tech or an MD. Bolding mine. Do you think the employee got a bonus for "saving money" on cleaner? Incidentally, 20 cubic centimeters or "cc" equals 20 ml. Ever seen a small syringe? It holds between 12-15 cc or ml. Figure not quite 2 of these for "cleaning" versus 20 gallons. The Regime has attacked whistleblowers in the DOJ, VA...any who break the rule of the silence of the Community. --Barb)

Interesting: 4 Charts Every Mom With Kids Going Back to School Should See
Excerpt: You have entrusted the government to give your child a good curriculum and a teaching staff you can count on. But what happens when the school staff is equipped with a big list of employees, but not necessarily a big crop of teachers focused on your child? Tax dollars in places you don’t know about.

At-risk students need more help from us, not Washington. By Colin L. Powell, Alma J. Powell and Laysha Ward
Excerpt: These pages often carry arguments for education reform, but despite the importance of issues such as Common Core and teacher tenure, bad policy isn’t what drove Rodriguez from school, nor is it the biggest problem facing most of the nation’s non-graduates. According to the most recent America’s Promise Alliance report, “Don’t Call Them Dropouts,” which surveyed 2,000 such young people from across the country, the reasons students leave school early are primarily environmental — including chronic absenteeism, homelessness, unsafe neighborhoods, negative role models and the need to be caregivers for parents and siblings. What young people like Rodriguez need most is not necessarily more action in Washington but more action from us: caring adults willing to engage in a developmental relationship and the ability to help them imagine — and work toward — a better future.

U.S. Colleges See Little Risk From Ebola, but Depend on Students to Speak Up
Knew this would happen. Let's put them in food service to ensure the worst possible outcome, but that no feelings get hurt. --George

Convicted killer gets probation for stalking ex-girlfriend
Excerpt: A man who murdered his wife with a hammer in 1990 was given three years of probation Friday for stalking an ex-girlfriend who broke up with him after a four-year relationship when she found out how his wife had actually died. (Gee, I'm sure she feels comforted. Why was he on the street at all? Should have been executed in 1991, keeping the world safer. ~Bob)

Rob Maness Files Last-Minute Request For Legal Challenges To Mary Landrieu Candidacy
Excerpt: Just hours before Friday's 4:30 pm deadline, Republican candidate Rob Maness filed complaints with four Louisiana parish District Attorneys asking them to file legal challenges in state court to Senator Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) candidacy in the November general election. Both Maness and Landrieu's other Republican challenger, Representative Bill Cassidy (R-LA), have criticized Landrieu after recent press reports were published indicating she may not live in Louisiana.

Important: Corporate America rooting for (or betting on?) a Democratic Senate. By Timothy P. Carney 
Excerpt: With Democrats supporting a massive importation of cheap labor and increased subsidies for U.S. exporters, it's no surprise that the political action committees of U.S. corporations and their trade associations are trying to keep the Democrats in control of the Senate. Paul Blumenthal, the industrious money-in-politics reporter at the Huffington Post, crunched the numbers on the most competitive Senate races and found Democrats dominating 3-to-1 on corporate PAC cash: (The Dems get votes from the poor and working class through class warfare, by bashing the evil corporations. And they get money from the rich corporations by supporting corporate crony welfare and the importation of cheap illegal labor to put the poor and working class out of jobs. What a racket. ~Bob)

Progressives, for a change, take lead in opposing corporate welfare (for Tesla). By Timothy P. Carney 
Excerpt: Democratic elected officials support corporate welfare so much that they exceed even Republican elected officials on that score. One reason: Democrats are fonder of big government, and big government is a necessary ingredient in corporate welfare. Another reason is an asymmetry in the political landscape. Currently, the grassroots Right (the Tea Party, you could say) applies serious pressure to the GOP to oppose corporate welfare. 

On the Capitol: Nate Silver's website gives Walker the edge
Excerpt: But the website founded by the national statistical guru who correctly predicted President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election victory is splashing cold water (and not the ice bucket challenge kind) on the latest Marquette poll showing Walker effectively tied with Madison School Board member Mary Burke., the website founded by political wunderkind Nate Silver, posted an article Thursday predicting “Walker is a slight favorite.”

Massachusetts GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Has Slim Lead in Polls. By Christine Rousselle
Excerpt: Things just got interesting in Massachusetts: A new poll of 605 likely voters has Republican candidate Charlie Baker taking a slim lead over Democrat Martha Coakley for the first time since polling began.

Every caution has been taken to not provoke Herr Putin, and what is the result? Annexation, terror, MH17, invasion. Appeasement has failed.

Race Card News

Worth Reading (video): Another Perspective on Racial Violence in America: Facts and Statistics That Don’t Fit the Narrative. By Michael Hausam 
Excerpt: Whittle believes that the narrative of a violent “war” on blacks being carried out by whites and police officers is not borne out by statistics. A spreadsheet from the FBI backs this up: ... As far as homicide data from the FBI, in 2011 there were 3,172 whites killed, 83% by other whites and 14% by blacks. On the other hand, there were 2,695 blacks killed and 91% of these were killed at the hands of other black Americans. Per the U.S. Census Bureau, whites make up 77.7% of the population, whereas African-Americans make up 13.2%. 

Eric Holder, Racial Profiler: The investigation of Darren Wilson is solely based on his race. By Andrew C. McCarthy
Excerpt: Why has a federal civil-rights murder investigation arisen out of the tumult in a St. Louis exurb? There is only one plausible reason: Eric Holder is guilty of racial profiling. To be clear, we are not talking here about whether there was justification for the shooting of a young black man, 18-year-old Michael Brown, by a young white police officer, 28-year-old Darren Wilson. 

True Stripes: Racist Democrats & Colorblind Republicans
Excerpt: Before the American Civil War, there were the Democrats, who supported the right of states to choose slavery, and the Whigs, who were divided on the issue. The Whigs divided could not stand, and the Republican Party replaced them. Before Lincoln Republicans took over in Washington, however, many horrible occurrences took place.

Ferguson shooting spurs curriculum advocates to craft lesson on race
Excerpt: Teaching for Change says its “Teaching about Ferguson” guide can help students think critically about the shooting of Michael Brown in an Aug. 9 confrontation with police and ways they can be proactive in their own communities. “The Black Panther Party’s 1966 platform, known as the 10-point program, included the demand: ‘We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of Black people, other people of color, and all oppressed people inside the United States,’” the group’s Julian Hipkins III wrote. “The issue of police brutality in communities of color has a long history and the Panther platform gives an example of how to turn grievances into a clear set of goals for meaningful change,” he said. (Noted per EAG News. The final plank--The New Black Panther agenda, now in schools? "They have to be carefully taught." Given Regime reaction, hard not to believe they continue to never let a crisis that may distract from VA, IRS, ISIS, illegals pouring over border and into schools around US, go to waste. --Barb)

What a Bunch of Tea Partiers Did for People of Ferguson is Something Most News Media Won’t Report
Excerpt: According to the group’s Facebook page and BizPacReview, the group is organizing a “BUYcott” to help Ferguson businesses that were devastated by the riots. ... A gentlman (my age) in the salon (husband?) asked who we were with. I told him “St. Louis Tea Party.” “Tea party?” he said. “You bad boys,” and chuckled. Then he looked at me, very serious. He said, “The tea party came up here to do this?” “Oh, yeah,” I said. “we don’t want to see Ferguson go south.” He laughed. And he looked at me. Then he was quiet, lost in thought for a minute. When he came out of it, he was like our best friend. 

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Worth Reading: Obamacare is Affecting Everyone. By John C. Goodman
Excerpt: Millions of people are out of work and can’t find a job. Many of those who have jobs are being forced to work part-time instead of full-time. And those who have full-time jobs are in for a nasty surprise. Next year’s take home pay is like likely to be smaller than what they earn right now. In all cases the reason is the same: Obamacare.

Florida Obamacare Enrollment Total Plummets By A Quarter
Excerpt: Florida’s Obamacare enrollment is now over 220,000 lower than the Obama administration’s most recent tally, according to a report from the state insurance department.

Another ObamaCare website suffers delays, glitches ahead of launch date
Excerpt: Another federal government-run website created under ObamaCare is suffering the same symptoms as the troubled federal health care exchange -- grappling with delays, data problems and other hiccups as the deadline to take it public nears. At issue is a database known as the Open Payments website. It was created under the Affordable Care Act to shed light on the financial ties between doctors and pharmaceutical companies as well as device manufacturers. (Don't worry though. The government is totally competent to run healthcare, manage the economy, keep the country secure and can be trusted to hold and safeguard all your personal information. ~Bob)

Undocumented Democrat News

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces City Jobs, Internships Will Go To Illegal Aliens
Excerpt: In the announcement, Emanuel proudly stated that "for the first time" Chicago is "opening up nearly 23,000 City-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities for undocumented students, or 'DREAMers.'"

Obama Employment Commission Extends Worker Protection to Illegal Aliens
Excerpt: The EEOC and the Mexican foreign affairs ministry signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” promising education programs and outreach to aid immigrant workers. The memorandum states that its intended purpose is to “establish a collaborative relationship to provide Mexican nationals in the United States with information, guidance, and access to education and training resources to help them understand and exercise their workplace rights, particularly with regards to reducing violence against them under the law and regulations that are administered and enforced by the EEOC.” (See Cloward/Piven and Alinsky. --JB)

Excerpt: American-bound refugees are selected by the U.N. Then the State Department and the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement, are tasked to operate with nine major federal contractors who monopolize the program and contract work to 300 subcontractors to place refugees throughout the nation. .... Ever vigilant, HHS sends another contractor, “Welcoming America,” to set communities’ “minds right.”

"You're Greener Than Gore" News

Religion of Peace News

Excerpt: The US military and humanitarian mission in Iraq continues to suffer from what is known as "mission creep," which is defined as "a gradual shift in objectives during the course of a military campaign, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment." When the Obama administration ordered limited military intervention against the Islamic State beginning on Aug. 7, the objectives were twofold: to halt the Islamic State's advance on Irbil to protect US personnel based there, and provide humanitarian relief to the Yazidi minority who fled Sinjar and other towns and were trapped on Mount Sinjar. (Instead of "mission creep," Obama should go to Congress and ask it to declare war on the Islamic State. I think they would agree. Then you hammer them until they don't have a vehicle or group of fighters worthy of being targeted, however long it takes. No "proportional response" like idiots demand of Israel and our police. [What is the "proportional response" if the thug coming at you is unarmed. but young, big, angry and muscular? How about if he's armed with a knife? A hand gun? An Uzi? How long to you have to wait to determine if it's a fake gun--until he fires at you?] There are three problems with this strategy: 1. Obama doesn't want to piss off the pro-jihadist base. 2. He doesn't want to set a precedent of going to Congress as though the legislative was a co-equal branch of government with him. Three, he doesn't have the "sand" to do what is needed in cases like this. ~Bob)

Iraqi Kurds Expand Autonomy as ISIS Reorders the Landscape
Excerpt: But now Obama administration officials are quietly acknowledging another important consequence: a far more autonomous Kurdistan. The United States still officially opposes Kurdish independence, a decades-old policy that seeks to avoid further inflaming the region and provoking Turkey, Iraq and Iran, three countries with large and restive Kurdish minorities.

Rape Jihad: Inside ISIS’ Harem for Captured Non-Muslim Women. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Hundreds of Yazidi women taken by ISIS and held in a secret prison where they have been raped and sold off like property are facing an equally dire fate. Badush prison, where the women are enslaved, has become a literal house of horrors since the Islamic State seized control of the area.

'Barney Fife is in charge': Obama under fire for 'we don't have a strategy' gaffe on ISIS as he's accused of having 'head buried in hole on first green'
Excerpt: And as House and Senate members piled on with sharp criticism, a former senior aide to a retired defense secretary told MailOnline that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are 'seeing red' and 'spitting nails' following Obama's candid admission. (Obama can't commit on ISIS because that would put him on the wrong side of Hamas. --George)

Worth Reading: Islamic State holds Yazidi women as sex slaves, sells them for $25. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). ... Around the same time, on May 25, 2011, a female Kuwaiti politician, Salwa al-Mutairi, also spoke out in favor of the Islamic practice of sexual slavery of non-Muslim women, emphasizing that the practice accorded with Islamic law and the parameters of Islamic morality.... The Islamic State acts on these beliefs, which are Qur’an-based. The rape of captive women is also sanctioned in Islamic tradition:

Josh Earnest: Obama has ability to juggle golf and ISIS. By Jon Fitzpatrick
Excerpt: On Thursday, President Obama stunned the world, including his geopolitical enemies, by saying, “We have no strategy yet” to deal with ISIS. The next day, his press secretary, Josh Earnest, said that Obama has the unique ability to juggle both golf and foreign policy strategies. Yes. He said that. (And fundraising. And parties with celebs. ~Boib)

Breitbart Texas Verifies ISIS Border Threat With Leaked Doc
Excerpt: Breitbart Texas has exclusively obtained a leaked document warning federal agents about an ISIS-related terrorism threat across the entire US-Mexico border. Though the document focuses on the Texas-Mexico border, Breitbart Texas has confirmed that federal agents across the entire US-Mexico border have received the ISIS terror warning.

What President Obama is Doing This Weekend Instead of Forming a Strategy to Defeat ISIS
Excerpt: The president has been taking a lot of heat in the press for announcing that “we don’t have a strategy yet” for defeating ISIS, but instead of addressing questions that his behavior is lacking in leadership, he attended fundraisers in New York and Rhode Island.

Interesting history: ISIS beheading children and women (after stripping naked) -parallels Hindu Story
Excerpt: From the advent of Islam, it is the brutality that was used to conquer. Well known US historian Will Durant and other authors have translated Arabs own memoirs on how the Islamic invaders have destroyed cultures and swathes of land with utmost brutality and inhumanity with mountains of Kafir’s heads and rivers of blood.

Worth Reading: Slaughter of Middle East Christians Children and women
Excerpt: “There is a park in Mosul,” Mark Arabo told CNN during a Skype interview from San Diego, “where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick and have them in the park.” Arabo, who is a prominent Chaldean-American businessman and met with other leaders of his community in the White House last week, has called upon American political leaders to grant asylum to about 300,000 Christians fleeing the ISIS invasion.

Love it: Fox News host called to apologize for saying Muslim zealots need ‘a bullet to the head’
Excerpt: The organization was upset at comments made by “The Five” co-host Andrea Tantaros during a discussion of the bestial behavior of ISIS militants. Following previous comments that Muslim zealots had historically engaged in beheadings, and that James Foley’s murder was nothing uncommon, she said, “You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. It’s the only thing these people understand.” (Shoot ISIS? Every decent multiculturalist knows that you have to understand and reason with people who gang rape women, sell them into sex slavery and behead children. ~Bob)

ISIS makes more than $2 million daily in oil sales
Well, better that we fund terror and murder than build the Keystone Pipeline, or drill in ANWR or off the coasts and annoy Obama's green base. ~Bob)

Excerpt: If you want to get a sense of how pathetic it is to be an ISIS terrorist, consider this fact: a burger flipper at McDonald’s makes WAY more per month than the average ISIS pig-dog.

Excerpt: In a statement released on its official Twitter feed on Aug. 30, the Al Nusrah Front announced its responsibility for the detention of 45 members of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF). The peacekeepers were captured during recent fighting at the Quneitra border crossing, which connects Syria to the Israeli-controlled portion of the Golan Heights. The key crossing was captured by a coalition of rebel forces, including the Al Nusrah Front, earlier this week. (Boy, did the ANF screw up. They are likely to all get PTSD from reading the sharply worded note that is coming their way. ~Bob)

Philippine troops pull 'greatest escape' in Golan
Excerpt: Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers escaped their besieged outpost in the Golan Heights after a seven-hour gunbattle with Syrian rebels, Philippine officials said Sunday. ... A day later, insurgents from the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front seized the Fijian peacekeepers and surrounded their Filipino colleagues, demanding they surrender.
The Filipinos, occupying two U.N. encampments, refused and fought the rebels Saturday. 

Beheadings in Saudi Arabia, at least 19 die: Authorities are coming down hard on drug smugglers and ‘sorcery,’ says Human Rights Watch.
Excerpt: Four hashish smugglers were beheaded on Aug. 18, the latest in a string of executions across the country since the beginning of the month, Saudi Press Agency reported. (Our friends, the good Muslims. Good thing Obama didn't bow to low to the Saudi king--that exposes the neck. ~Bob)

FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism. By Bill Gertz 
Excerpt: The FBI’s most recent national threat assessment for domestic terrorism makes no reference to Islamist terror threats, despite last year’s Boston Marathon bombing and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting—both carried out by radical Muslim Americans. (Better that Americans should die than FBI bureaucrats be accused of racism, Ism\lam being the only "race" you can convert to. ~Bob)

Excerpt: The avoidance of analysis of Islam contrasts sharply with the excoriation accorded Christianity, Israel, and Western Civilization. ... Western Civilization is depicted as imperialist, racist, and Orientalist. This politically-correct selective outrage that lambastes the Judeo-Christian tradition and Western Civilization while emphasizing positive images of Muslims only serves further to inoculate Islam from critique. 
Woman in Yemen Burned to Death for Her Faith
Excerpt: About two weeks later, Nazeera, 33, died as a result of her burns. When Saeed returned to his home in a village (undisclosed for security reasons) after her death, a relative told him the unthinkable – members of both his family and hers had taken the vegetable oil out of the bottle and replaced it with gasoline. Saeed knew the reason – many years ago, the two had become Christians and refused to return to Islam.

Off to see the virgins
Jihadist blows himself up. Fun video. ~Bob

Another fun video. ~Bob

Six (only six?) examples Obama is purposefully enabling the Islamist cause. By Allen West
Excerpt: The only plausible explanation for many actions taken by President Obama and his administration is that they are working counter to the security of theUnited States of America. ... In an operation that was again unilateral with no Congressional approval, U.S. military support and resources were given to Islamist groups fighting against Moammar Qaddafy — and we know the results of that action.... But I guess it’s all hunky-dory there now, because according to the Washington Free Beacon, “The Obama administration has lifted longtime restrictions on Libyans attending flight schools in the United States and training here in nuclear science, according to a final amendment of the ban recently approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).” (Radical Islam well-funded with US taxpayer $$ and well-trained, now with OMB, DHS and ilk approval, to flight train and study nuclear facilities in US on US soil. --Barb)

New Warning About Muslim Brotherhood’s Influence on White House From…Liberal Marxist Muslim

Excerpt: During his fascinating talk, Fatah said that “the religion of Islam is being used as a tool by a fascist force.” ... He said: “Instead of bringing victory over the fascist forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can’t say that.”.... Fatah went on to challenge Canadians to stand up against Islamists, warning that the “sponge-like spine” people are showcasing when it comes to confronting the issue of radicalisation could lead to the end of “civilization as we know it.” (Note, multiple videos included in this article have been expunged, 1 notes by "US Director of Intelligence." Check the bottom of the article for POTUS commitment to radical Islam on his initial inauguration. Article dated 08/17/11. Media knows; does not care US allied with radical Islam from the inside. Now you know why our DHS, TSA, DOJ, etc are being told to ignore radical Islam....and why there is no intervention; hey, it will just be work place violence when our world explodes. --Barb)

Americans Furious: Obama Invited Muslim Brotherhood Leader to the White House
Excerpt: Anas Altikriti, a senior lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s father directs Iraq’s Muslim Brotherhood party, recently visited the White House. Altikriti met with both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss ongoing political problems in Iraq. According to White House officials, Altikriti traveled to Washington as part of an Iraqi delegation, and served as the translator for the Iraq Parliament members.... Anti-Islamists groups across the nation are criticizing the president for this meeting, as Altikriti’s work has been tied to Hamas—a radical Islamic extremist group labeled as a “terrorist organization” by the U.S. State Department.

Excerpt: Three Mandan brothers are in custody at Burleigh County Detention Center after they allegedly chased and threatened three other men following a soccer game Friday night. Ali Mutleq, 25; Omar Mutleq, 20; and Abedalfattah Mutleq, 18, appeared in South Central District Court Monday on one charge each of Class C felony terrorizing.

Excerpt: Where did he get this idea? Was any effort made by the Muslims in Canada who converted him to Islam to explain to him that Islam was a Religion of Peace and Tolerance? Or did they themselves give him this understanding of Islam? 

Excerpt: Kathy Shaidle’s comment on this appalling piece is excellent: “I would die before I would repeat those words under any circumstances. And yes, there is a ‘peaceful verse for every violent one.’ However, Muslims use abrogation to decide which verses are more authoritative. The later violent (‘sword’) verses cancel out the earlier, peaceful ones. 


  1. On the "Memphis VA Retaliating Against Daily Caller Whistle-Blowers" post. As a former Dialysis Chief Tech., this is not an act of saving money, it's a criminal act. Dialyzers are a major potential source for infection and disease, such that if you work as I did, you have blood tests every two weeks. It's that high a potential risk.