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The FEV numbers have been yo-yoing. Up Saturday, down Sunday, up Monday, down Tuesday, back up higher Wednesday morning. I think it depends on where the phlegm is in my lung, blocking a tube or not.

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General News and Comment

The language of our constitution is already undergoing interpretations unknown to the founders. --James Madison, letter to Charles Lee, 1824.

Poll Finds Widespread Economic Anxiety: Respondents in WSJ/NBC Poll Fear Their Children's Generation Will Have Fewer Opportunities—And They Blame Washington Politicians
Excerpt: A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that despite the steady pace of hiring in recent months, 76% of adults lack confidence that their children's generation will have a better life than they do—an all-time high. Some 71% of adults think the country is on the wrong track, a leap of 8 points from a June survey, and 60% believe the U.S. is in a state of decline. What's more, seven in 10 adults blamed the malaise more on Washington leaders than on any deeper economic trends, and 79% expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the American political system. ... The president's approval rating dropped to 40% in this latest poll from 41% in a June survey, and he notched a disapproval rating of 54%, matching a previous high. Meanwhile, 36% approve of Mr. Obama's handling of foreign policy, compared with the 60% who disapprove—his worst-ever marks.

Obama making fools of the media. By Joseph Curl
Excerpt: Back on July 10, Germany expelled the CIA station chief in Berlin, charging espionage. The move was extraordinary: Germany, one of America’s closest allies, went public with a private gripe. More, the move was the kind expected by a rival country like Russia, signaling a complete breakdown of diplomacy between the U.S. president and the German chancellor. (Yes, President Obama is making fools of the media and the American people! --Don. I dunno, Sir They elected him. Maybe the majority had already been made fools by the media and the educational system. ~Bob)

UK Cabinet Minister Resigns 3 Days After Breitbart London Says ‘She Has to Go’
Excerpt: British Minister of State Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has resigned this morning, telling her Twitter followers that she was unable to support the British government’s policy in the Middle East, with specific relation to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Mad Magazine Mocks Obama's Birthday E-Card, Political Isolation
Excerpt: Enter the Usual Gang of Idiots. Mad Magazine whipped up the following graphic today to honor Obama's birthday. (About 8th grade, I thought Mad Magazine was the greatest publication in the world. Maybe why i have my weird sense of humor today. ~Bob)

Voters Oppose Obama Acting Alone But Don’t Think House Can Stop Him
Excerpt: Most voters agree with Republicans in Congress that the president does not have the right to change laws without Congress’ approval, but they doubt a House lawsuit will stop him from acting on his own. ... A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 22% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the president should be able to change a law passed by Congress if he thinks the change will make the law work better.

Worth Reading: Fmr Secret Service Officer Dan Bongino Explains Differences Between DC and America – and He Nails It. By Michael Hausam 
Excerpt: Former Secret Service agent and conservative congressional candidate Dan Bongino posted on his Facebook page the differences between politicians and actual Americans. And it’s spot on. (Another black conservative. ~Bob)

$7,060,259,674,497.51--Federal Debt Up $7 Trillion Under Obama
Excerpt: The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion during the slightly more than five and a half years Barack Obama has been president. That is more than the debt increased under all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined, and it is more debt than was accumulated in the first 227 years of this nation's existence--from 1776 through 2003. (Barack Obama, the man who chastised George W. Bush's "unpatriotic" spending binge, has now added more than $7 trillion in debt to the federal deficit. --The Patriot Post)

Why the economy’s performance may be overrated. By Rick Newman
Excerpt: Second-quarter growth numbers were strong largely because of an unusual expansion in inventories. But that doesn’t reflect actual growth in the economy, because inventory growth means companies are just replenishing stockpiles. Another component of GDP that more closely reflects actual spending is "real final sales" of things like cars, computers and services, which grew by just 2.3%. “What that’s telling you is, we’re not growing at 4% but probably closer to 2%,” Rosenberg said in an interview.

World War I: The Air War. (Slideshow)
Great pictures. ~Bob

Excerpt: Cecil Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers of America, and other board members of the UMWA were arrested Thursday in Pittsburgh. They’re there to protest the EPA ruling regarding new carbon emission regulations for coal fired power plants.

Abolishing the Corporate Income Tax Could Be Good for Everyone
Excerpt: In a new paper for the National Center for Policy Analysis, Senior Fellow and Tax Analysis Center Director Larry Kotlikoff explains how abolishing the corporate income tax would benefit all American workers. Many people may not realize that relatively little revenue is derived from the corporate income tax. In 2013, the tax took in $288 billion -- just 1.8 percent of gross domestic product. At the same time, the tax is a burdensome one, encouraging American corporations to operate overseas and keep their profits abroad, rather than reinvesting them back into the United States, where they face high taxes. Companies would quit avoiding American taxes by moving abroad, explains Kotlikoff, if the United States (which boasts the highest corporate tax rate of all developed countries) reformed its tax code. Using a dynamic economic model, Kotlikoff was able to analyze the short and long-term economic impact of changing the corporate tax burden. First, he analyzed the effect of abolishing the corporate income tax entirely: Capital stock would increase 23 percent to 37 percent. Real wages would increase 12 percent to 13 percent. The United States' gross domestic product would increase 8 percent to 10 percent. The United States would still see positive effects from reducing the corporate tax from 35 percent to 9 percent and eliminating loopholes while imposing a small wage tax: (It is worth subscribing to their free Daily Policy Digest at ~Bob)

Obama woos African leaders to counter growing Chinese influence: President denies he is playing catch-up with China amid accusations he is neglecting continent where his father was born
Excerpt: Obama has visited Africa just twice during his presidency and his administration has been accused of lecturing rather than listening to the leaders of nations being rapidly changed by democratisation, trade and technology. Some African delegations are disgruntled before the meetings have even started because Obama has ruled out one-on-one talks with heads of state who wish to press interests not necessarily of concern to the wider continent. Washington has invited all but five African leaders.

Army to force out 550 majors; some in Afghanistan
Excerpt: About 550 Army majors, including some serving in Afghanistan, will soon be told they have to leave the service by next spring as part of a budget-driven downsizing of the service.
Gen. John Campbell, the vice chief of the Army, acknowledged Friday that telling troops in a war zone that they're out of a job is a difficult task.... The decision to cut Army majors comes on the heels of a move to slash nearly 1,200 captains from the ranks.

John Kerry Intimidates Putin by Riding Pink Bicycle Around Nantucket. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: I don’t think I can add anything to this photo of John Kerry riding a pink bicycle with a step through frame while Putin steps up the pressure in Ukraine, Hamas does its terrorist thing in Israel and ISIS overruns Iraq.

Excerpt: Do you ever get the feeling that the world you live in is somehow vastly different that the world our government tells you you're living in? Well, I'm not an economics expert but here's some of the observations I've made.

Excerpt: 80-year-old NJ Logan was home healing from hip replacement surgery when one or more burglars broke into her home while her husband was away. Mrs. Logan armed herself with her revolver and then made her way downstairs on her new hip, yelling a warning to the intruders. Fortunately, the criminals beat a hasty retreat once they realized the home was occupied instead of ambushing her when she came downstairs. Once she got downstairs and found that the burglars had fled, Mrs. Logan then dialed 911… and was repeatedly told to put down her gun.

Cavuto: 'I feel ashamed' of Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Excerpt: See video

Atheist Conservative: The Best Conservatives Are Atheists. Ace of Spades
Excerpt: I think 88% of all persuasion actually just takes place on this subconscious,
emotional level of affinity. The arguments put forward don't usually convince the other person; rather, simple human affinity convinces the other person. If you've convinced him, he may repeat your words when he makes the argument himself; but the actual words you said to him will be have been a very minor contribution to his being convinced.

Report: Race-Hustler Al Sharpton and His Business Owe $4.7 Million in Tax Debt.
Excerpt: Taxes are racist.

The Lancet: What moral narcissism looks like in the medical world. By Theodore Dalrymple
Excerpt: In the week before a Malaysian Airlines plane, taking many AIDS doctors and activists from Amsterdam to Melbourne for an international conference on AIDS, was shot down over eastern Ukraine, the Lancet published a statement called the Declaration of Melbourne, a typically sickly and nauseatingly unctuous statement of ethical principles. It began by saying something that, if not a lie exactly, was certainly not a truth:

Long Shadows. By Mark Steyn
Excerpt: The ruling classes of the Great Powers believed they had lost their moral authority in the slaughter of the Somme, and, although they rallied sufficiently to defeat Nazism and Fascism and eventually Communism, they never truly recovered that civilizational confidence. These days an institutional counter-tribalism is so deeply ingrained throughout the west we barely notice it. As I wrote a decade ago: "There's always been a market for self-loathing in free societies: after all, the most effectively anti-western idea of all was itself an invention of the West, cooked up by Karl Marx while sitting in the Reading Room of the British Library."

VIDEO:STALKING: "This can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time (8.58). By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: Shame on Dartmouth for putting anti-gun political ideology above the safety and well being of their female students who have evidence of men wanting to do severe harm.

As disability awards grow, so do concerns with veracity of PTSD claims By Alan Zarembo
Excerpt: The 49-year-old veteran explained that he suffered from paranoia in crowds, nightmares and unrelenting flashbacks from the Iraq war. He said he needed his handgun to feel secure and worried that he would shoot somebody. The symptoms were textbook post-traumatic stress disorder.But Robert Moering, the psychologist conducting the disability examination at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Tampa, Fla., suspected the veteran was exaggerating. (The sad truth is that this article is, as far as I can see, really on target. I know too many vets who have played the game to get PTSD ratings, and have been offered more than once the advice of how to get myself a nice monthly payment. There certainly is real PTSD, but the guys who make it up are disgusting, and the guys who exaggerate their condition to bounce the size of their disability check lose my respect. --Del)

Joint Chiefs of Staff Admitted Bergdahl was a Deserter. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Bowe Bergdahl’s status is a no-brainer. It was Rolling Stone, of all places,a leftier than left outlet, that reported on it. There’s a small mountain of quotes from members of his unit.
And now from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Obama is an unreliable ally. By Senator Bob Corker, R-TN
Excerpt: Those around the world who are looking to the United States for support against intimidation, oppression or outright massacres have learned a tough lesson in the past few years: This U.S. president, despite his bold pronouncements and moral posturing, cannot be counted on.

Ebola News

US government, military research program helped identify experimental Ebola treatment
Excerpt: The experimental drug used to treat two American aid workers who have been infected with the Ebola virus has never been tested on humans before and was only identified earlier this year as part of an ongoing research program backed by the U.S. government and military. Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol have each received doses of the drug, known as ZMapp, aimed at boosting the immune system's efforts to fight off Ebola and is made from antibodies produced by lab animals exposed to parts of the virus.

Just sayin' - In the movies, the smart-asses who joke about the deadly pathogen are the first ones to bite the dust.

Ebola Scare Hits NYC. By Christine Rousselle 
Excerpt: Americans have little to be concerned about a mass outbreak in the United States. Ebola is only spread through contact between infected bodily fluids, such as blood or urine–not by water or air, like other ailments. More people have died from malaria in the past two days than have ever succumbed to Ebola. As the Ebola kills quickly, patients typically die before they get the chance to spread it. (Some claims that this strain is different. ~Bob)

Controversy Over Bringing Ebola Patients to US
Clip ends with statement which may/not be true. --Barb

Should We Bring Ebola Patients Back to the States? Dr. Ben Carson Responds. By Kara Jones
Excerpt: Carson began by explaining that with proper treatment, the mortality rate of Ebola is actually lower than many may think. "Ebola is a terrifying disease. If you don't treat it, close to 90 percent of people will die. A lot of people think that's just the case in general, but in fact, with adequate treatment, you get closer to 50-60 percent. I'm sure with more experience with [the virus], we'll get better than that.” Although the CDC may be equipped to handle Ebola patients, Carson warned against bringing the disease back to the states. "I'm a little concerned that we're bringing it back here. I think we have the ability to treat it in other places." (We can let in tens of thousands of illegal colonizers, but bar the door to two sick Americans? No, we should treat them, taking every possible precaution. ~Bob)

Report: 6 Tested In NYC Tested For Ebola; News Withheld From Public
Excerpt: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke about six patients in New York City that were tested for Ebola and one who had recently traveled to Africa that is undergoing tests for the Ebola virus on Monday’s broadcast of “Wolf.” ...He also pointed out that even though the patient isn’t in isolation, “This isn't the kind of thing that they worry about spreading to other patients in the hospital, spreading to people who are walking around the hospital. This is not an airborne virus. (Bolding mine.The assumption by regime is not airborne. They are leaning towards other thoughts in Africa, seems like, and Canada... with the pig/monkey trial. News withheld. Don't tell them the Martians have landed....Might get alarmed. Not vote for you. Real important.--Barb)

Deputy National Security Advisor: We Are Monitoring Ebola Situation Closely
Excerpt: Monday on CNN's "The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer," Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken, after being interrupted by a press conference on the patient in New York who recently returned from a West African country is being tested for Ebola, said the White House is closely monitoring the Ebola situation. Blinken said, "We're doing more than watching. ..... Here at home we're taking every precaution with the protections, protocols you've heard about, to make sure there's no problem here. (MY COMMENT: What if their "protocols" are based on a false conception of the attributes of the virus they are dealing with, especially, as reported in one source, this was an experiment for a vaccine which mutated to air transmission (i.e., weaponized)? --Barb)

Ebola: Are We Being Told Everything? Brian Joondeph, MD, Retina Surgeon
Excerpt: Last week the president signed an executive order allowing, “The apprehension, detention, or conditional release” of certain individuals with acute respiratory disease. Seems a bit extreme if we are safe from Ebola. Unless the administration is hoping to catch Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity sneezing or coughing on air. (Mentions other reassurances from regime like Benghazi caused by a video, no corruption in IRS, and we could all keep our insurance and save money with Obamacare.....Barb)

Many US hospitals not prepared for Ebola
Excerpt:....Frieden argues it’s unlikely people sick with Ebola with board planes, because the symptoms are so debilitating. Despite what Frieden is saying, the agency sent bulletins to U.S. hospitals on diagnosing Ebola, providing protective gear for healthcare workers, and preventing the spread to other patients.... In the last three months, three incidents of the CDC mishandling pathogens -- anthrax, avian flu, and smallpox – have come to light.

Obamacare News Excerpt: Obamacare plans have shrunk payments to physicians so much that some doctors say they won’t be able to afford to accept Obamacare coverage, NPR reports.

More ObamaCare Chaos. By Arnold Ahlert 
Excerpt: The Affordable Healthcare Act is apparently the gift that keeps on giving. A series of new revelations are highlighted by the idea that if you like your current ObamaCare plan you can keep it—but it will likely cost you more, and you may have trouble finding a doctor who will treat you.

Undocumented Democrat News

We need to stop calling our visitors from South of the Border "illegals." That gives them cachet in the eyes of the Progro-Fascists. Let us call them "unregulated immigrants," and force the PFs to explain why they have suddenly found ONE thing in all the world they are unwilling to regulate. --Tom H.

Liberal Newspaper Warns Obama: Don’t ‘Tear Up the Constitution’ With Executive Action on Immigration
Excerpt: The Washington Post editorial board, a generally reliably liberal voice, strongly warned President Barack Obama against taking executive action on immigration, saying congressional paralysis doesn’t mean he can “tear up the Constitution.” The Post’s editorial said it’s up to the legislative branch to fix the matter of thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S. southern border, as reports have surfaced that Obama is prepared to take executive action regarding the border while Congress is on recess.

Border Patrol Confesses: Citizenship 'No Longer Matters': Shock video reveals frustration of agents
Excerpt: “U.S. citizen?” asks the agent. “Yeah, but does it really matter?” Pope then asks. “Not anymore, unfortunately.

Feds Placed Honduran Girl In Care Of Illegal Immigrant Sponsor Who Sexually Abused Her, Allegedly
Excerpt: A 42-year-old illegal immigrant from Honduras who was awarded custody of an unrelated 16-year-old Honduran girl has been accused of sexual abuse and of smuggling her into the U.S. Pedro Lara Portillo is charged with alien smuggling and encouraging an alien to illegally enter the country, according to the Baltimore Sun. Lara, who told authorities he has been in the U.S. illegally for seven years, also lied to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement when he said that he and the girl would have separate rooms while she lived with him, according to federal court documents. (Article notes Lara not arrested immediately but finally found in Tennessee. --Barb)

Worth reading (short): Immigration Puzzle
Excerpt: How many days would it take for a 6 year old to walk 1220 miles without help, directions, food, sun protection, etc.? That dog just don't hunt. I don't think the truth is being given to us, folks. Someone created and assisted this, and the media should be figuring out who it is.

Jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi back in Mexican court
Excerpt: On Day No. 127 of imprisonment, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi entered a federal court in Tijuana and faced four border officials who were involved in his March 31 arrest on weapons charges. Following the approximately five-hour hearing, Defense Attorney Fernando Benitez told Greta Van Susteren on Fox News' "On the Record" that he felt his client was "a little more upbeat" and that he was "growing more optimistic as evidence is entered into his case." (POW. Greta expressed concern with his attorney's statements/representation. --Barb)

Family Units crossing the border up 438% in 2014. By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: In 2013, 9,350 family units crossed the Southwest Border. In 2014, 55,520 family units have crossed. Family units are typically defined as at least one parent traveling with at least one child. The vast majority of family units are coming from Central America, with the most coming from Honduras.013, 9,350 family units crossed the Southwest Border. In 2014, 55,520 family units have crossed. Family units are typically defined as at least one parent traveling with at least one child. The vast majority of family units are coming from Central America, with the most coming from Honduras.

Murder in the Rio Grande Valley: "This is coming to a town near you." By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: The36-year-old agent, Javier Vega Jr., was shot execution-style in front of his wife, his parents, two of his sons and another child in the Rio Grande Valley. Vega's father was also shot but survived. They were on an idyllic family fishing trip before being robbed and ambushed. The two suspects are Mexican nationals from Matamoros. "They're here illegally," my source said with a weary sigh. And not just that. They had been previously deported after committing other serious crimes, he says. "But we just drop the thugs off at the border, and they come right back."

"You're Greener Than Gore" News

VIDEO: Sarah Palin on The Delta Smelt: "Where I come from we call that bait."

The Delta Smelt and the Man-Made California Drought.
Excerpt: May 2007, a Federal District Court Judge ruled that increased amounts of water had to be re-allocated towards protecting the Delta smelt – a three-inch fish on the Endangered Species List. Because of this ruling, in 2009 and 2010 more than 300 billion gallons (or 1 million acre-feet) of water were diverted away from farmers in the Central Valley and into the San Francisco Bay – eventually going out into the Pacific Ocean.This man-made drought cost thousands of farm workers their jobs, inflicted up to 40 percent unemployment in certain communities, and fallowed hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile farmland. (This is the truth. We had a film about the Delta Smelt in our Commie Geography class at Los Angeles City College a few years ago. The Commie teacher proudly showed this film, which included footage of desperate farmers and their parched lands. I don ' t know if it is only me, but I don't feel like we are hearing a whole lot about the Delta Smelt these days. They did this on purpose. --Kate)

California’s Drought: Genetic engineering can produce drought-resistant plants. But activists still don’t like it. By Henry I. Miller
Excerpt: It seems logical, then, that conservation measures should be focused on agriculture, but not everyone has figured that out. From their perch in a parallel universe, the New York Times’s editorial board saw fit to weigh in last week: “California is in the third year of its worst drought in decades. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at how much water the state’s residents and businesses are using.” You wouldn’t know it, either, by looking at the years of rants that the Times has published in opposition to a proven technology that could go a long way toward reducing the usage of water and the impact of the drought.

John Kerry: Climate Change Will Make Combatting World Hunger More Difficult. By Caroline May
Excerpt: John Kerry: All you have to do is look at the extreme conditions that farmers are dealing with around the word. Hotter temperatures, longer draughts —like in California for our instance and other parts of the world — unpredictable rainfall patterns,” Kerry continued highlighting Delhi, India’s torrential rains. “Intense wildfires and you can run the list, I’m not going to run it today.” (If it's global cooling, there will be starvation. Warming increases agriculture output. ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

U.S. general killed in attack at Afghan military academy
Excerpt: A man believed to be an Afghan soldier opened fire at an Afghan military academy in Kabul on Tuesday, killing a U.S. general and wounding up to 15 other personnel, including a German general and eight Americans, U.S. and coalition officials said. Army Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, deputy commanding general of Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan in Kabul, is the highest-ranking U.S. service member killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. U.S. officials said five of the eight wounded Americans are in serious condition; a number of British soldiers and three Afghan troops were also wounded.
Cease-Fire in Gaza Begins, and Israel Says Its Troops Are Gone
Excerpt: As a 72-hour cease-fire mediated by Egypt took hold Tuesday morning, Israel announced that it had withdrawn its forces from Gaza and Hamas said it would engage in talks on a lasting arrangement to keep the peace.

Excerpt: An uprising during the ceasefire. Clearly Hamas sees that there is nothing it can do to lose the support of the UN, the EU and Barack Obama. So it’s full-speed ahead with the jihad, even during a “ceasefire.”

Excerpt: Only, the cease-fire didn't really hold. That's because the deal Clinton brokered required Israel to ease its blockade of building materials and other dual-use goods bound for Gaza, which is ruled by the terrorist group Hamas. Israel had banned construction goods because Hamas used them to build an underground network of weapons depots, bunkers and rocket-launching pads. But Clinton naively believed Hamas leaders' pledge that such supplies would go to bridges, hospitals and schools.

Worth Reading: Is Thinking Obsolete? By Thomas Sowell 
Excerpt: Some have said that we are living in a post-industrial era, while others have said that we are living in a post-racial era. But growing evidence suggests that we are living in a post-thinking era. ... One of the talking points against Israel is that far more Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli military attacks than the number of Israeli civilians killed by the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel that started this latest military conflict. Are these protesters aware that vastly more German civilians were killed by American bombers attacking Nazi Germany during World War II than American civilians killed in the United States by Hitler’s forces?

Daniel Pomerantz from Kfar Azar, Rest in Peace. By Dr. Anat Berko
Excerpt: Standing at Daniel's open grave July 24, I realized how strong the fabric of Israeli society is. Born in this country, the children and grandchildren of 19th century pioneers, Holocaust survivors and refugees expelled from the Arab countries generations ago, we are motivated by the justice of our path and will fight to build our country despite economic difficulties and bloodthirsty enemies whose only goal is to destroy us.

Worth reading: A Stronger Israel? Elite opinion believes Israel will lose “long-term” whatever happens in the next weeks. Not necessarily. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: In postmodern wars, we are told, there is no victory, no defeat, no aggressors, no defenders, just a tragedy of conflicting agendas. But in such a mindless and amoral landscape, Israel in fact is on its way to emerging in a far better position after the Gaza war than before.

Displaced Gazans Attack Hamas Spokesman Outside Hospital. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Maybe it was his extremely punchable face. Maybe it’s frustration over being dragged into a Hamas war, which it started just to sabotage its own unity agreement, which most Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza seem to want, while Hamas doesn’t

At Pro-Palestinian Protest, Cornel West Calls Obama a ‘War Criminal.’ By Natalie Johnson

Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal - Telegraph
Excerpt: Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel, according to Western security sources. Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.

Photos and Video: Motorcycles Found Inside Attack Tunnel
Excerpt: In the course of the subsequent neutralization of the tunnel, many weapons were found inside it, including RPGs, mortar shells, explosives, and Kalachnikov rifles. In addition, three motorcycles were found. They were facing Israel and were meant for carrying out a sophisticated attack on Israeli communities. 

As long as Muslims kill Muslims, the world is only 'concerned. 'But Israel defending itself sparks outrage. By Thomas Lifson
Excerpt: The world seems rather indifferent to the airstrikes, the casualties, and the refugees in Pakistan. And the parallels to Gaza are striking, up to and including the discovery of tunnels. Yet nobody beyond a few journalists utters a peep, and the world’s protest groups are silent. Stephens notes the contrast when Jews are involved:

Interesting: Democratic Congressman Calls Out Qatar's Hamas Support on Al-Jazeera America. By John Rossomando
Excerpt: A congressman's recent criticism of Al-Jazeera America's Qatari owners for funding of Hamas has renewed questions about the network's journalistic integrity.

VIDEO: Hamas fires rocket from densely populated civilian neighborhood. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: Yes, there are mentions of rockets being fired into Israel, but that element of the battle (which is responsible for touching off this terrible bout of hostilities) is almost treated as if it's a naturally-occurring phenomenon, with intense scrutiny paid to Israeli missteps. Precious little attention is focused on who Hamas is, the civilian-endangering tactics they employ, or the insane, genocidal ideology to which they subscribe. Which brings us to [India's] NDTV's exceedingly rare -- and certainly unauthorized -- footage of how Hamas' rocket teams operate:

VIDEO: Allen West: Dear Mr. Netanyahu, Don't listen to Obama, Kerry and the other Islamist apologists.
Excerpt: If you want to understand the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist mentality, it’s best to simply allow them to express themselves in their own words. Hat tip to Itamar Marcus over at the Palestine Media Watch for bringing us the infamous leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, Tareq Al-Suwaidan. This video aired on Al Aqsa TV (Hamas) this past Friday, August 1st.

Even Saudi Arabia sides With cicilization against Hamas and Obama.
Excerpt: Hopey changey fundamental transformation hasn’t just turned America upside down, but the whole world. For moral clarity, we can now look not to our own Hamas-funding government but to the Islamofascist Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia:

The UNRWA is Hamas. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: The [United Nations Relief and Works Agency] is on the front lines of the Hamas War in Gaza. In the headlines, its schools are forever being fired on or found to be stockpiling rockets. If individual Gazans are being used as human shields, the UNRWA often seems as if it is one big organizational human shield. But the UNRWA isn't Hamas' human shield. The UNRWA is Hamas.

A Tale of Two Shelters: Israelis and Palestinians United in Fear.
Excerpt:Some 12 km (seven miles) to the north, across the border, three Israeli families have been living in a public shelter for the past month. They reside in Ashkelon, a town that has been a frequent target of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. Their older neighbourhood does not have the reinforced "safe rooms" that by law must be built into new apartments, so they sought the refuge of an underground public shelter.

See Why This Quick & Amazingly Simple Explanation Of What’s Going On In Gaza Is Making Big Waves
Excerpt: Radio talk show host Dennis Prager recently released a YouTube video in which he attempts to explain the Israeli-Arab conflict. In under six minutes. The conservative Prager, who did graduate work at the Middle East Institute at Columbia University, says that while many believe “the Middle East conflict is the most complex conflict in the world,” it is also “the easiest conflict in the world to explain.”

Fighting Without Silver Bullets. By Caroline Glick
Excerpt: Israel’s operations in Gaza so far have been based on the hope that Hamas can be convinced to stand down. Israel has destroyed its tunnels. The IDF killed hundreds of Hamas terrorists. The IDF destroyed Hamas’s bases.

Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields
Excerpt: IDF forces in the Gaza Strip found a Hamas manual on “Urban Warfare,” which belonged to the Shuja’iya Brigade of Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades. The manual explains how the civilian population can be used against IDF forces and reveals that Hamas knows the IDF is committed to minimizing harm to civilians.

‘Hitler Was Right!’ With Europe’s Muslim immigrants come ancient hatreds and a revival of anti-Semitism. By Rich Lowry
Excerpt: The Bergische Synagogue in the German town of Wuppertal has a history with arson. The nearly 120-year-old synagogue was burned down during Kristallnacht in 1938. Rebuilt after World War II, it was targeted again about a week ago by arsonists who threw Molotov cocktails at the house of worship (although, thankfully, they failed to set it aflame). Welcome to the New Europe, where the street thugs have learned a lot from the Old Europe.

ISIS militant announces his marriage to terrified 7-year old in occupied city in Syria
Excerpt: A kafir has no human value in Islam. They can be exploited for their skills, for sex, for slavery, for anything – or just be killed off. Muslims believe they have great rewards in heaven for killing kafirs. The photo is from twitter (@Fadel_alHadidi) taken as a screenshot from a youtube clip and profess to be an ISIS militant (devout Muslim) marrying a 7-year old kafir in occupied minority district of Syria (source is unconfirmed). She’d first be forced to recite the Quran to convert to make the pedo-marriage halal according to Sharia law.

The Lancet, prominent British medical journal, will no longer publish letters from 'Israeli academics.' By Thomas Lifson
Excerpt: The Lancet was once one of the world’s premier medical journals, but it has been captured by anti-Israel extremists, who are now banning letters of rejoinder from Israeli academics. This is part of an effort to isolate and ultimate strangle Israel through capture of world institutions of information, science, culture, finance, and trade. The general model used is the effort to topple the apartheid regime in South Africa. But this time around, instead of support for the values of democracy, human equality, human rights, and tolerance, the activists are supporting a murderous, intolerant, woman- and homosexual-hating regime that seeks to enact genocide on the Jews of Israel first, and then the world.

Excerpt: In a Friday sermon in northern Italy, Sheik Abd Al-Barr Al-Rawdhi prayed to Allah to “count [the Jews] one by one and kill them to the very last one.” Al-Rawdhi, leading the prayers at Al-Rahma Mosque in San DonĂ  di Piave, the Province of Venice, called upon Allah to “turn their food to poison and make the air they breathe blazing hot.” The sermon was posted on the Internet on July 29, 2014.

Behind the Scenes: Muslim Anti-Semitism in Holland: Interview with a Muslim young woman who monitors Jew-hatred in Muslim circles.
Excerpt: “I have personally heard a number of imams in the Netherlands use verses from the Koran and other Islamic texts to preach hatred against Israel and the Jews. Thus theological propaganda has become political hate-mongering. The same hatred enters Dutch Muslim society via Arab television. One hears more of the same from family members, Muslim neighbors and classmates.”

Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood leader: Every Muslim mother "must nurse her children on hatred of the sons of Zion... so a new generation...will erase them from the face of the earth"
Excerpt: A Muslim Brotherhood leader in Kuwait, Tareq Al-Suwaidan, said Muslims "hate" the sons of Zion. He called for Muslim mothers to nurse their infants on this hatred and to plant it in Muslim children's "souls," so that the new generation "will erase the (sons of Zion) from the face of the earth." 

France becoming "weak link" in European migration control as police warn of "alarming" rise in illegal migrants. By Henry Samuel
Excerpt: France is becoming the “weak link” in Europe’s fight against illegal immigration, it was claimed today, after a leaked police report revealed a steep rise in the numbers crossing from Italy. Many of the migrants – mainly Eritreans, as well as Ethiopians, Sudanese, Afghans and Syrians – were heading for Calais in the hope of boarding lorries bound for Britain.

To fight the Islamic State, Kurdish and Iraqi forces need expedited aid. By Zalmay Khalilzad 
Excerpt: During the past few days, the extremist group known as the Islamic Statehas made significant advances. After consolidating its gains since the fall of Mosul and other Sunni areas, the group sought to move toward Baghdad. For now, that advance has been blocked by Shiite militias, what remains of the Iraqi forces and assistance from Iran and the United States. It is evident, however, that the Islamic State has amassed enough manpower and resources to move against the Kurdish region. ... The writer was the U.S. ambassador to Iraq from 2005 to 2007 and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 2007 to 2009.

French police break up violent clashes at African migrant camp in Calais: Hundreds of migrants trying to reach Britain renew earlier fight over an evening meal as riot police step up port patrols

Excerpt: The French newspaper Le Figaro, citing a confidential border police report, said on Tuesday that 65,591 illegal immigrants had landed in Italy between 1 January and 30 June, compared with 7,913 in the first half of 2013. Eritreans making up a third of the migrants, followed by Syrians, many trying to escape the civil war.

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