Monday, May 13, 2013

Why high gas prices in Chicago?

Marni Pyke
The Daily Herald

Dear Mrs. Pyke,

Your excellent article on the reasons behind high Chicago gas costs nevertheless missed one of the important reasons why I paid $3.59 a gallon in South Beloit, IL Sunday, about 70 cents a gallon less then I'm paying in this area.

It may not be politically correct to say so, and might get you in trouble at the newspaper, so I don't blame you for not mentioning it, but every transaction in Cook County is subject to a hidden political corruption and crime tax. Every time a citizen buys gas or food or anything else, the cost is higher because of higher taxes which go into the pockets of politically favored groups who deliver the votes, into the pockets of political cronies and relatives, into politically padded payrolls and into outright corruption. There is also a surcharge to fund programs for people who do not pull their own weight economically. And there is a crime tax, as crime not only increases public budgets, but increases the cost of doing business here which has to be passed on to consumers. Every robbery, mugging and murder in Chicago has a direct cost to your wallet.

My only tip for saving money is for productive people to vote with their feet and flee the area. I have just announced my retirement as of November 30, 2013 due to declining health from pulmonary fibrosis, which, as you doubtless know, kills more people than breast cancer every year. After December 1, I expect that I will never spend another penny in Crook County.

Robert A. Hall
Des Plaines IL 60016
Massachusetts Senate 1973-83
USMC 1964-68

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