Friday, May 17, 2013

Guest Post: Doesn't anyone LISTEN to this guy?

Doesn't anyone LISTEN to this guy?
Thomas J. Hall, JD.
(No relation to the Old Jarhead)
Remember when Obama promised "good" jobs under the stimulus?  Filling potholes and changing bulbs in traffic lights. Those are certainly the careers for which I spent seven years in higher education, and the robust, family supporting jobs I want available to my grandkids. 
The man is an economic ignoramus.
Remember the solution to high gas prices?  Check your tire pressure and get a tune up. Who still owns a car that requires an old fashioned tune-up, the kind in which one changes the spark plugs (remember to check the spark gap) and sets the points in the distributor?  Does Mr. O even know what a distributor is?
The man is clearly out of touch with daily life.
What is his oft-repeated solution to "partisanship"? Republicans need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.  The comment beggars the imagination. A radio personality is more influential than the president of the United States? Or are our legislators more afraid of their voters than they are of the president? That might not be a bad thing.
The man clearly has no grasp of leadership.
With the number of gravity of scandals surrounding his administration growing daily, he has apparently fallen back on the "Sgt. Schultz defense" - "I know nothing."
More than 100 years on, the Know Nothing party had finally put its man in the White House. So much for the self declared smartest man in government.
Perhaps the most sobering thought is the realization that, were our Dear Leader the CEO of a publicly trading company, the directors would be stampeding to remove him, to avoid a raft of shareholder suits aimed at them, the directors, personally. Of course, in this instance, Congress did not elect the man. We voters have no one to blame but ourselves.

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