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Random Thoughts for May, 2013

Random Thoughts for May, 2013
Robert A. Hall

The Boston Marathon Bombings are pretty much an average day in Israel. And a below average day in Iraq, where Muslims slaughter Muslims daily in the name of Allah.

We are now told that the Boston Marathon Bombers were “alienated.” Didn’t you know that the Left would make it society’s fault? No personal responsibility for anything. Except, of course, George Bush for everything bad that’s happened under Obama.

This year is the 10th birthday of the Income Tax. I hope you did something nice for it to celebrate.

Because a group puts “conservative” or “progressive” in it’s name and asks you for money does not mean they are doing much for the things you support. Let the donor beware.

Importing guns: Bad. Importing magazines: Bad. Importing ammo: Bad. Importing terrorists: Good multiculturalism.

Since they didn’t initially read Miranda Rights to the second Boston Bomber, I hope he doesn’t join Obama pal Bill Ayers as a terrorist who go away with it.

I wonder if any of the babies who had their spines severed or who wound up in the toilet at Gosnell’s Abortion Shop of Horrors would have looked like Barack Obama’s son, if allowed to live?

Do you think it’s racist that the media is a thousand times more interested in the white kids murdered in Newtown by Adam Lanza than the black babies murdered in Philadelphia by Kermit Gosnell?

Can’t we launch a cyber attack on the jihadist Inspire website to take down their pressure cooker bomb making instructions? How many others wanting to slaughter the innocent for Allah have looked it up since Boston?

When we still have money to give $500M to the Palestinians, fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood to kill Jews with and send the First Daughters on two back-to-back Spring Break trips with all their guards and attendants, it’s hard for me to believe that the sequester is a problem.

I recommend that you don’t buy a pressure cooker as a wedding gift in the near future. Too many questions might be asked.

Is it just me, or was Obama a lot more angry about the defeat of a symbolic gun control bill everyone admits wouldn’t stop the next Newtown than he was over the murder of four Americans in Benghazi? Or the murder of an American agent and several hundred Mexicans with guns his administration gave the drug cartels?

I fear the country is dying, and I think I’ve gone through Kubler-Ross’s five stages of dying. The first was Denial: The United States is to strong, it will weather the storm. Then Anger: Can’t the progressives see what debt and huge government always does to prosperity and freedom? Then Bargaining: If we can elect Mitt Romney and a Republican Senate, we can postpone the Collapse of the Republic. Then Depression: November 7. And, finally, I seem to be at Acceptance: I watch with interest and enjoy life as I can, aware that there is little more I can do. Nothing lasts forever, not me, not you and not the American Republic.

If I understand the liberal position on guns, we can prevent tragedies like the one in Newtown, Connecticut by passing a national ban on assault rifles like the state ban already in effect in Connecticut.

We complain that far too many liberals and progressives assume they are so right that anyone who disagrees with them is stupid, evil or both, just because we have a different world view based on different education and experiences. There are lots of examples. But conservatives need to avoid the same behavior. Personal attacks and use of inflammatory terms like “Libtard,” don’t help the debate, and turn off those in the middle or in rational left who we want to persuade.

There’s a car ad that claims their vehicles are “intelligently priced.” If you are intelligent, and you are selling something, isn’t the intelligent price “every penny the market will bear.” Don’t we all try to maximize the return we get, whether selling goods, services or our labor?

There’s another car ad when the guy says the dealer “triaged” his car. You mean, they decide not to work on some cars because they will survive without it, and not to work on some because they are going to die anyway? Or are they just stupid and don’t know what triage means?

I heard there’s a new “Rent a Mourner” service in Britain that will send mourners to your funeral who will cry for two hours for $68 each, in case you don’t have enough grieving family and friends. I was thinking of stipulating this in my will, but I decided my estate wouldn’t cover enough rent-a-mourners to drown out the cheering anyway.

G-Mail has changed their compose and response features to make them much harder to use and more confusing, so my e-mail will be screwed up while I try to cope with the latest “improvement.” How can I describe what they did? “Sucks” seems too tame. Heaven save me from computer folks improving programs I use regularly which work just fine as they are.

Conservatives believe that human rights come from God. Liberals believe that they come from the State, thus the State can change them at will, or invent new ones such as that folks who support the party that controls the state have a right to a livelihood from the work of those who do not.

The delusion with the Great Leader by the sycophants never takes place until it's too late to avoid the disaster they enabled. Sometimes not them. See Operation Valkyrie

If I get to heaven, I expect to see almost all of the dogs I've known, but not all people I've known.

I think backseat drivers are just frustrated middle managers denied the chance to micromanage at work.

They say time heals all wounds. But eventually, it kills all things. The years are seldom kind.

I told my wife I wouldn't mind all the time if she spends in the bathroom, if she looked better when she came out...But since she couldn't possibly look any better, it was a waste….

I don’t care what you think, Bubba. Your drug dealer is NOT your friend.

Many people in this world think they are so special the low of averages doesn’t apply to them, so they smoke, drink too much, do drugs and engage in risky sex and other behaviors. They are fun to play poker with, however.

I have discovered that worrying about things I can’t change doesn’t change anything. But I still do it.

The claim is that deporting illegal aliens hurts their innocent kids. Well, so does putting parents who break other laws in jail. Do all parents thus get a free pass on crime?

If there’s anything worse than Spam, it’s Spam from a “no reply” e-mail address, so you cannot tell them your thoughts.

People must choose their candidate based on which ones put up the most yard signs, or at least so the candidates seem to think. I used a few in my first campaign, none thereafter, preferring car signs, bumper stickers and especially ads telling people where I stood on issues.

When I retire, I’m going to set my alarm for 6:00 am every morning, just like now, so I can turn it off, say “the hell with it,” and go back to sleep.

I think if you compiled the statistics, they would show that ten times as many black folks have been murdered in recent years by black thugs than were murdered by white racists in an equivalent number of years of the terrible Jim Crow era. But since they are killed by other black people, there is no political advantage to race baiters and Democrat politicians to talk about it. Except, of course, to blame loose gun laws in area with much lower murder rates.

I read that Houston has about the same population as Chicago, same income level, a larger minority population (though more Hispanics and fewer blacks) but only half the gun murders of Chicago. One other difference. Houston has concealed carry, while Chicago has restrictive gun laws that disarm honest, decent people.

Bitter poster going around the net: “America takes better care of illegal immigrants than veterans.”

If I understand Progressive thought, if North Korea or Iran nukes us, it would be racist to nuke them back.

Bling is a modern way to say "vulgar."

I tend to think the high pressure car salesmen, stock brokers and preachers don't really believe in their product.

Many a man has been led into hell by the smile of an angel.

Women who wear spike heels, but don't know how to walk in them, look silly, not sexy.

Detroit reminds me of Easter. A huge chocolate bunny, completely hollow inside.

Saving the world is like eating Chinese food. An hour later, it needs saving again.

Progressive (n): Slow learner

In the phonetic alphabet used by the military, my initials are “Romeo Hotel.” You may think this is a coincidence.

A Progressive is always willing to make the poor suffer a lot if he can make the rich suffer a little as part of the deal. He calls it “fairness.”

Democrats, I read, have changed from wanting to ban “assault weapons” to wanting to ban “combat style” weapons. I assume this includes the Austrian Jager musket over my fireplace, since it was made for combat as a flintlock probably about 1780, converted to cap and ball I’d guess around 1830. While I’ve never had powder and ball for it, it would made a hell of a club. And since more folks are murdered with hammers than assault (or combat style) rifles, that is not to be sneered at.

Since “colored people” are now called, with perfect PC, “people of color,” maybe we start calling “illegal immigrants” “immigrants who are here illegally.”

If “illegal aliens” are now “undocumented workers” (or is it “free range Democrats”?), are “tax cheats” now “non-complying citizens”?

There was a time when Democrats, like President Grover Cleveland, were for free trade because tariffs hurt the poor and working classes with higher prices. But no more. The unions took control. They want higher prices and to keep the poor out of their jobs. Democrats get their votes by being anti-free trade, and the votes of the poor through welfare, food stamps and Obama Phones. But it’s coming to an end, as the money is running out, and there aren’t enough “rich” folks to gouge to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat for much longer.

Never mind the Chinese Zodiac. In Washington, it’s always “The Year of the Pig.”

Through history, the barbarians at the gates always thought it wasn’t fair that you had wealth, women and food they didn’t, and thus they were entitled to take them if they could.

Jane Fonda has told veterans boycotting her latest movie to “get a life.” I’ve got one, thank you. Her NVA friends missed.

Letter to the editor: “I’ve been asking around, and I hear at least a third of the homes in our town are protected by guns. Worse, they won’t say which ones, meaning criminals who break in have to take a huge risk.”

If gun bans pass, I won’t own an “illegal gun.” I’ll have an “undocumented self-defense device.”

Once all those Republican Senators and Representatives who didn’t vote the way I wanted 100% of the time, known as RINOs, get defeated by liberal Democrats, things will be much better in America. I’m going to help that happen by ripping them every chance I get, to prove I stand for conservative principles.

With all the hype over Bitcoins, I’ve decided to sell Bobcoins. You send me $5 and I’ll e-mail you a certificate for, say, 100. Or for more if you beg.

When I was a child, I did childish things. This week, I’ll do better…

Chicago no longer has murders. It has post-birth abortions.

How to tell if you are feeble minded: you text while driving.

If God doesn’t have a sense of humor, I’m in serious trouble. But looking at the world, he must.

Most political campaigns slogans should be: “I’m not as bad as the other guy.”

Most Democrats and too many Republicans take the view of why reform Social Security and Medicare, and piss off the geezers? The programs won’t collapse until after we are retired, when they will be someone else’s problem, and we won’t need them—we’re in the political one percent!

Before you criticize someone as a RINO, look at the district. When I was a state senator, I represented a 4-1 democrat district, which before me was last won by a Republican in 1938—in a disputed close election. If I had been seen as an uncompromising Republican, always voting the party line, I’d have been replaced by an uncompromising Democrat who always voted the leftist party line and thus always cruised to reelection (that I think is how the seat is held today.) In many cases, given the make up of the state or the district, you aren’t going to replace that “RINO” with a more conservative Republican. If you get a conservative in the primary, you get a liberal in the election, to the benefit of Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi and the detriment of conservative causes. The RINOs vote Republican to organize, so if the GOP with RINOs has a majority, conservatives are in control of most committees.

Just turned 67 and I'm still as good looking as I ever was. Which is, not very...

Living in the past is much nicer than living in the present, because we can chose those good parts of the past and ignore the others.

My first real job at 16 was as a stock and delivery boy in a small food and butcher shop, Moffett’s in Collingswood, NJ. I used to deliver groceries on a bike with a large front basket. I made $1 an hour for 20 hours, plus tips that came to maybe $5 extra a week. Most folks gave me a quarter, a few fifty cents and a few nothing. But the people I still remember were the well-to-do folks who gave me an empty carton of coke bottles as my tip, to return to the store for twelve cents. I think they were Republicans, too. If you are generous, it may be forgotten. But if you are cheap, your memory will live forever.

I try not to complain about my pulmonary fibrosis. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. And in the Marines, I learned that if you want sympathy, it’s in the dictionary between “shit” and “syphilis.”

From everything that’s been going on, it’s now clear we need a law making it illegal for anyone who illegally owns a gun to use it. That should do it.

One of my favorite 50s songs, beloved by my grandmother, is Que Sera, Sera. My version goes, “When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be handsome, will I be rich? She told me tenderly, not a chance in hell, kid.”

The argument they make is that "if we can save just one innocent life" we must restrict the rights of millions of gun owners who don't break the law. So, if "we could save just one innocent life" shouldn’t we restrict millions of innocent Muslims from immigrating or visiting the US?

In 1940, Britain prepared posters in case of a Nazi invasion that read, "Keep Calm and Carry On." They have become quite popular recently. But I suggest that America develop posters for our age that read, "Keep Calm and Triage the Survivors." (just read that a website is selling tee shirts that say, "Keep Calm and Carry.")

You can’t compromise with Progressives. Say you have baked a pie. They demand part of it in "fairness," so in a spirit of compromise and bipartisanship, you give them half. Tomorrow morning, they will be back demanding another slice. This is why the NRA makes no concessions on even the most reasonable restriction on guns. They know it won't end—they will always be back for another slice.

They keep saying “If you see something, say something.” Of course, you will likely be vilified by the media as a racist (what race are Muslims?) Islamophobe, lose your job and be shunned by all right thinking people if you do. Which is why those who heard Maj. Nidal Hasan’s inflammatory remarks kept quiet. A charge of Islamophobia from a Muslim in the military is a career ender. So tough, but those 13 people had to die.

In addition to the Boston Islamic Terrorist Bombing and the Texas Fertilizer Plant Disaster, I learned that evil week that it was not good to turn on the weather channel and find them broadcasting a few blocks from where you live.

The War on Terror, the Long War, the War against Islamic Jihadism or whatever you want to call it will end only when the millions of Muslims who believe in a fundamental Wahhabist interpretation of the Qur’an are dead, and the millions of “moderate Muslims” left reject the Qur’an's call to impose Islam and strict Sharia law on everyone. Even if they killed or forced the conversion to Islam every infidel, they would go on killing fellow Muslims who didn’t believe exactly as they did. Shorter version: This war will never end.

There is no clearer expression of Progressive philosophy than this: Punish success, reward failure, buy votes, live well off the government interventions.

I notice that when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, I’m always sleeping fine when the alarm goes off at five or six am.

PACs sure have changed politics. When I was a state senator in the 1970s, I only recall getting campaign contributions from two PACs: The Gun Owners Action League and the GE PAC. GE had a large plant in my district. I always told them how I saved their plant by using a coffee cup to put out a small fire in a thermal office machine when I was a security guard there while in college, the year before I was first elected. I think the contributions were $100 or less, if memory serves.

My wife thinks if one of my handkerchiefs or undershirts has a hole, she should discard it. Constant struggle to keep her from disposing of items still serviceable.

My “bucket list” is pretty much down to some writing I’d like to get done and a huge pile of history, political and economic books I’d like to get read. And I’d like to see the granddaughter, now 12, into college. But that may be out of reach.

Getting a tattoo is like putting on your favorite piece of clothing and wearing it for the rest of your life, 24/7.

I’m old enough to still think of Velcro as cheating.

There are “get it done now” people and “I’ll do it later” people. Guess which group is more successful in life?


Robert A. Hall is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.
For a free PDF of the book, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)

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