Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts for November
Robert A. Hall

Since I started offering free PDFs of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic, “sales” have picked up. Proving that free is still a popular price, I guess.
Hopefully the readers will be inspired to contribute to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

The Occupy Wall Street demands, short form: “More free milk from the nanny state teat!”

OWS will be really dangerous if Obama gives them a Green Loan and they use it to buy guns from ATF.

If Obama, not Columbus had discovered America, the ships would have been The Fast, The Furious and The Solyndra.

Bad economics is often good politics. Because the people are ignorant of how the iron laws of economics works they suffer--and demand more suffering in return for giving power and perks to politicians.

When an e-mail says “Don’t Delete” or “I’m not breaking this one,” or “WARNING—FORWARD TO EVERYONE I know I can safely delete it without opening it. Also any e-mail that starts out “Dearest One” “I saw your profile on Facebook,” or “I found you by praying.”

Some people are at the end of the e-mail food chain, and only forward you things you’ve already seen several times over the last few months or years. They get offended if you point that out.

OWS, the counter revolution is coming to drive you from the park: snOWS.

Motto for the Black Caucus: “Racism: Now Under New Management.” (Thanks for the thought to Dr. Thomas Sowell, who has pointed out that in roughly the same period when half a million black slaves were being brought to the United States or the colonies that predated them, a million white European slaves were carried off to Muslim lands in North Africa. Say, doesn’t that mean the Muslims owe me “reparations”?)

Whereas, Opposing Affirmative Action is defined as Racist by the left, and, Whereas, Affirmative Action uses skin color to judge if people are worthy of getting jobs or being admitted to college, and Whereas, Martin Luther King, Jr, opposed judging people by the color of their skin, therefore be it Resolved, That Martin Luther King, Jr. was ipso facto a Racist.

Herman Cain could use the slogan, “Don’t be a racist—vote for the black guy against the half-white guy.”

Greed is bad? Who is more greedy, a Steve Jobs who makes billions of dollars providing products people want that enrich millions of lives or an OWS protester who wants to be paid $20 an hour for not working or contributing to the economy at all? There’s an app for that: iGnorant.

Basic economic and behavior theory: If you reward folks for doing X and punish them for doing Y, they will do more of X and less of Y. So if you reward politicians for voting for more money for whatever you think is good by voting for them, they will spend more on all the groups who reward them with votes. And if you reward illegal colonizers for coming to this country by giving them welfare, healthcare and educations, more illegals will come. And if you give foreign aid to countries that hate us and support attacks on us… Duh.

You can tell when a black guy like Herman Cain escapes from the Old Democrat Plantation. They send the slave-catcher dogs after the uppity rascal.

I always run out of weekend before I run out of things that need doing. If OWS was for a 4-day weekend, I might join--if only they’d give me some of those drugs that turn off the critical thinking part of the brain.

I’d like to see this honest sign: “Will protest anything for sex, drugs or money!”

Occupy Wall Street wants money from business out of politics. After Obama raises his $1B reelection cash from banks and Wall Street, of course.

If Occupy Wall Street really wants to “eat the rich,” they should start with Michael Moore. He’s gotten very rich off his anti-America capitalist film making and would last them at least a week.

Autumn’s colors go so fast, and winter’s snows stay so long.

Bob’s Discrimination Guidelines:
Prejudice, bias, discrimination and animus against the following groups is non-PC and is not allowed. (These are ranked in the current perceived hierarchy.) Muslims, Gays, Hispanics, Blacks, Women., the self-handicapped (drug abusers, alcoholics), OWS anarchists/socialists.

Prejudice, bias, discrimination and animus against the following groups is PC and is allowed. White males, Residents of Rural Areas (known as rednecks), Successful People except entertainers, sports stars or Democrat bundlers (known as millionaires and billionaires), Fundamentalist Christians (clingers), Catholics, Jews (known as Zionists to liberals, Hymietown Residents to Black Leaders, Bankers to OWS), Hunters/Gun Owners (more clingers), Citizens who support Fiscal Responsibility and Limited Government (Tea-Baggers), Cops, and Military Veterans. This changes often, so you must pay attention.

Capitalism doesn’t work if you won’t.

We should deport Occupy Wall Street to Waziristan, where there is no Wall Street.

Any military force that routinely fires weapons in the air to celebrate or for entertainment can be defeated by a smaller, disciplined force.

Isn’t about time for the media to declare Obama the winner of all debates against the 2012 GOP candidate? Why wait until the last minute?

Have you noticed that Obama’s “jobs” bill pretend-to-ride-the-bus tours, though not “campaign trips,” are all in swing states?

Tee Shirt Idea: “My girl friend
Occupied Wall Street
and all I got was this lousy case of the crabs.”

When I started my blog, a friend told me there were 7M blogs and only 2M blog readers, so at 1,160 followers and anywhere from 6k to 10k page views a week, I’m doing okay. But the damn thing is worse than the cats for wanting to be fed.

So Obama is getting us out of Iraq on Bush’s timetable, not the 16-month one he campaigned on. Great. Let the slaughter begin.

We were talking about castles. I told my 11-year-old granddaughter, Britnye, that I wish I’d win the lottery so I could take her to Scotland to see real castles. “Well, she said,” Maybe if you stop buying lottery tickets and put a dollar or two in a piggy bank every week, someday you could.” At 11 she has a more mature view of probability and wealth creation than I do at 65. Humbling.

There is almost no limit to how much you can accomplish if you don’t care who you piss off.

If you work for a living in the private sector and pay taxes, you are in the minority. And those who live off the government are ripping you off in so many ways, you can’t possibly keep track.

There’s an “I am the 53%” movement, pointing out that only 53% pay taxes to support the rest. Unfortunately, a chunk of the 53% paying takes are government employees, who are in favor of more borrowing, more spending and more government. Which is why I say you are in the minority if you are a taxpayer in the private sector.

Libya: First, the revolution. Then paybacks and revenge on losers or other tribes. Then an Islamist dictatorship and terror attacks on the Great Satan. (That would be you and your family.) I wish I didn’t think that Libya was going to come back and bite us. Big time.

We should circulate a “ban carbon-based life forms” petition at OWS to see how many would sign.

Obama established a new slogan, “We Can’t Wait,” and a twitter account for his followers. To be helpful, I offered my suggestions:

  • #WeCantWait for winter, rats, lice, stench, STDs, comrades’ theft & violence to drive #OWS back to daddy’s basement.

  • #WeCantWait for the Obama administration to decide Americans should be as well armed as Mexican drug lords.

  • #WeCantWait to use Solyndra solar panels to power our new Finnish Fisker US-Taxpayer Funded Sports Car.

  • #WeCantWait to sneak past the Black Panther thugs to vote against Obama in 2012.

  • #WeCantWait until Obama admits he’s campaigning and we can stop paying for his bus tours.

  • #WeCantWait for the senate to be controlled by responsible adults who will pass a budget.

Bad news for protesters. Everyone works for The Man. Even The Man.

Obama doesn’t believe in “American Exceptionalism.” And by the time he’s done, no one else will either.

I admit the left is right and I’m on the payroll of the Rich, the Big Banks, Wall Street and Big Oil. They are damn slow paying though, as I’m still waiting for the first check.

The problem with the “Eat the Rich” slogan is that one socialist spending spree later, you’re hungry again.

The danger to the world in 1932 was not the Nazis. It was that so many Germans, and so many of Germany’s neighbors, acquiesced to the Nazis. The danger today is not illegal colonizers from Mexico and stealth Jihadists seeking to subvert American values, culture and strength. It is that so many multiculturalist American leftists or peace-at-any-price dreamers acquiesce to them.

In a just world, everyone in the “Fast and Furious” chain of command would be in prison awaiting trial.

The problem with wanting the stuff other people earned is that, once you get it, people with even less stuff want to take it from you.

If Muslims keep suing companies for special treatment, they are going to create more hiring discrimination against other Muslims. Aren’t the daily Allahmurders enough of a burden for the average Muslim to cope with?

Every year, the churches try to inject religion into Christmas. Spoils the commercialism of the season.

People should Cowboy Up and sign their Internet posts.

I don't understand why people make up lies about those they don't like (Obama, Bush) and forward them. Not only is it unethical, but when the lie is exposed, it helps your target by discrediting the opposition, so you get the worst of both worlds. I do get why people forward them. They are both gullible and too lazy to seek out the facts, plus eager to pass on bad stuff about the opposition. (I read it on the Internet, it must be true!) The "Jane Fonda being honored by Obama" (around since before anyone heard of him, started in the 1990s), the "Ollie North named bin Laden" lie and the "Congressmen get salary for life after one term" lie turn up in my in box almost weekly.

I finally joined Twitter as a source of political links for my blog, but don't have time to read 25% of the tweets I signed up to follow. I resisted for a long time, as I figured that folks would waste my time forwarding their impressions of sporting events in progress, what they were having for lunch, where they were or what they were watching on TV. Turns out I was right about that. I stopped following a couple because of such inanities, but discovered that even the top commentators tweet their self-absorption. Sigh.

If I was going to run for President, I’d spend a month before I announced in tough sessions with experts on foreign policy, economics, the debt and budget, and in mock interviews and debates with people throwing both substantive issue questions and hot-button non-substantive ones at me. When I announced I'd be ready to roll. But that's just me. (In 1972, I defeated an incumbent state senator by nine votes because I blew him away in a debate. He ended up screaming at me.)

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  1. A random question about the "Recall Gov. Walker" election in Wisconsin: Do the employees of the state work for the taxpayers, or do the taxpayers work for the state employees, obliged to provide them with ever larger salaries and more opulent benefit packages?