Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not all about being a warrior is glamorous

He's probably a Lance Corporal. His bed--a dirt floor of some compound in Afghanistan. Pajamas? --What he's got on 24/7.

He's "available" for "work" 24/7. How much do you make an hour? He probably gets $1981.20 a month. Break that down by pay per hour.

He faces daily people who try to kill him. How much should he get paid for that? How do people in Government justify that? "Oh, but he gets free food, housing, and medical care."

Well, Guess What--those same people would cut that out-readily and willingly to "Cut the Budget."

What if he's terribly wounded and limited the rest of his life? Those Government people say. "Oh the VA will take care of him for the rest of his life."

Sometimes yes, sometimes the bureaucrats at the VA and Congress people try to cut those things too , claiming it is "Saving Money."

Why does he do it?

Because he is one of the remaining REAL Americans, who believes in taking risks and doing a hard job for the freedom he has at home.

Who are his enemies?

Religious fanatics that believe in killing is a way to further your"Religion."

Pandering politicians who would rather see him dead than offend a potential voting sub-culture.

Here' to our (REAL) heroes.

Dave Hollenbeck

Photo--From Jarrad Winter's Facebook page


  1. Of the two enemies --- the most dangerous are the pandering politicians at home!! Especially when they go abroad apologizing for the USA!!
    That's this ol' Texas granny's take on it!

    GOD BLESS AMERICA and those who protect her!

  2. People do not understand the sacrifices these true Americans face each and every day. Sure, they know that we who serve or have served were 'dooped' into that 24/7 call to duty; but isn't that what we signed up for?? Idiots! They haven't got a clue as to what committment and dedication are all about. They forget about the sacrifices our family's make! Oh! and then there is always all of those wonderful benefits we get. Benefits that are chisled away at every time Congress or the meat heads at the VA meets.