Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friendship with Iran, 1930s version


  1. Yet Pat Buchanan argues that British involvement ended Britania's standing and put an end to Western Culture as many countries including the US embraced socialism and the war (FDR's New Deal). And how did the war work out for all the countries that fell behind the Wall of Russian terror? The revisionist historians posit a view that says that Germany was finished on the Russian steppes. Paul knows Akmadinnerjacket is a nut job but sees the longer history of meddling as being detrimental to the US. I would rather let Israel act in her own best interests and leave the hornet's nest of the ME alone and also stop importing Muslims from these countries we have helped to shatter.

  2. The above comment is the best I've read and I couldn't agree more! Amen to that!