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Political Digest for November 26, 2011

Away for the Holiday, but a few items. ~Bob.

Worth Hearing: Newt on the economy, the culture, terrorism, religious liberty and the judicial branch
A lot I don’t like about Newt, but what do you disagree with here? “We need to crush the secular socialists.” Older piece. ~Bob

Gingrich May Have Inside Track on Palin’s Endorsement
Excerpt: While Palin has characteristically kept her cards close to her chest, advisers suggest that the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee is likely to endorse before someone emerges as the inevitable nominee — and that Newt Gingrich appears to be best-positioned to secure her support. “They speak very favorably of Newt and what they see as his credentials as compared to Perry and Romney,” one member of Palin’s inner circle said of the former Alaska governor and her husband, Todd, who has long served as her unofficial chief adviser. (Well, Palin is, I assume, a RINO. At least, I and everyone else are RINOs if all the e-mail I get from various people who are the authority of GOP orthodoxy are true. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: The chutes and ladders of The
Chicago Way
: While Obama climbs high, his onetime pal Rezko is slip-slidin' away by John Kass
Excerpt: The federal sentencing hearing for convicted influence peddler Antoin "Tony" Rezko — once a friend and personal real estate fairy to President Barack Obama— had just begun in Chicago. (If the media had any courage, someone would ask Obama at his next press conference, “Will you promise if re-elected in 2012 that you will not, under any circumstances, pardon Tony Rezko?” But they don’t. ~Bob.

South African lawmakers adopt state secrets bill that critics say will suppress freedoms
Another progressive victory sliding into tyranny, like SE Asia, Zimbabwe and Iran. Reports are that crime has driven 20% of whites and thousands of high skilled blacks from the country since black rule, and it is spiraling towards chaos. Watch for mass executions as the government tries to keep the lid on. ~Bob. Excerpt: The governing African National Congress pushed a bill through South Africa's parliament Tuesday to protect state secrets, despite strong objections from opposition politicians who included white conservatives and black nationalists who were enemies under apartheid. Opponents, who include church and business leaders and Nobel laureates, say the measure will keep government corruption under wraps, stifle whistle-blowing and undermine the hard-won democracy created with apartheid's end 17 years ago.

World Bank, Global Warming, Journals, and CRU
Excerpt: Oh, BOY ~ I think I may have struck GOLD! (...) At [the trove of new Climategate emails—RGP] I searched for and found 32 e-mails going back as far as 1998. I have only looked at three so far. Looks like the good old World Bank may be something of a puppet master. (Quick, somebody tell the OWS guys! It looks like the World Bank, through various officers, is “suggesting”—or telling?—the IPCC and editors of professional journals how they should handle or present findings and criticisms. I can only think of a few reasons for the World Bank to be involved in climate change research at this depth; none of them are pretty, and most are likely illegal. Also, if you read the comment section, look for one posted by the author at 8:44PM on 24 Nov 2011. She has posted links to the 32 emails involving the World Bank. Ron P. OWS is busy, Ron. They just found out that crab and lice killing shampoos are made by evil capitalist corporations, and they don’t know what to do. ~Bob.)

Google abandons renewable energy projects
Excerpt: “Google said on Tuesday that it was pulling the plug on seven projects, including Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal…” [...] “To recap, we’re in the process of shutting down a number of products which haven’t had the impact we’d hoped for…” wrote Google Senior Vice President of Operations Urs Holzle [...] In 2009, the company’s so-called Green Energy Czar, Bill Weihl, told Reuters that he expected to demonstrate within a few years working technology that could produce renewable energy at a cheaper price than coal. [...] A Google spokesman said that Weihl had left Google earlier this month. (Google didn’t get to be worth zillions of dollars by wasting their money or by being stupid. And, if they really believed there was a viable future for this, they had plenty of resources to throw at it. When the smartest guy on the block suddenly sells his house and moves for no discernible reason, his neighbors ought to wonder why he did it. Maybe they should move, too. Ron P. Green energy is very profitable, as long as you contribute to Democrats and get taxpayer handouts to fund it. ~Bob.)

Calif. renewable energy goals come at a price
Excerpt: California's increasing use of renewable power will come at a price, pushing up electricity bills across the state. And while it's impossible to tell how big the cost to consumers will be, some experts fear the total cost of renewable energy in California will be in the billions of dollars. More businesses will flee the state, more low income people will suffer from their Green Dreams. ~Bob.)

Officer Shown the Door after Investigation of Ganjgal Travesty!
Excerpt: It has taken two years and two months for an investigation to determine that the dereliction of duty on the part of at least one Officer led to the deaths of four Service members at Ganjgal. For those not familiar with the story, this is the same engagement that yielded a Congressional Medal of Honor for Corporal Dakota Meyers and is likely to see another member of the ill-fated mission honored with yet another.

What if the Constitution no longer applied?
Excerpt: What if the whole purpose of the Constitution was to limit the government? What if Congress' enumerated powers in the Constitution no longer limited Congress, but were actually used as justification to extend Congress' authority over every realm of human life? What if the president, meant to be an equal to Congress, has become a democratically elected, term-limited monarch? What if the president assumed everything he did was legal, just because he's the president? (Like the answers in Jeopardy, almost this entire essay is questions. You need not answer them aloud or in print, but every one of them deserves thought and a personal decision. Those thoughts and decisions will tell you a lot about who you are and who you want to be. --Ron P.)

The Castor-Oil Candidate
Excerpt: Nominating Mitt Romney is sort of like taking grandma's castor oil. Republicans are dreading the thought of downing their unpleasant-tasting medicine but worry that sooner or later they will have to. By any logical political calculus, the former Massachusetts governor is an ideal presidential candidate. Ramrod straight, fit and well-educated, he knows all sorts of facts and figures and comes across like a cinematic chief executive. At any other time, an informed technocrat like Romney would seem a dream candidate.

The entire Occupy movement summarized in one sign
Excerpt: I hereby present the photo I have titled “JFK’s Greatest Nightmare“:… To clarify matters for those few folks who think the question mark at the end of the “Ask not…” sign means the guy holding it is being sarcastic and is secretly a Tea Party counter-protester, or something along those lines: Sorry, no dice. (This single brilliant image sums it up in such a way the truth can’t be avoided. There’s no way the MSM will ever show this as it is so contrary to their message. The funny thing to me is I always thought JFK got it wrong; I think it should’ve ended “do it yourself.” Ron P.)

Indian 'Shadow Wolves' stalk smugglers on Arizona reservation
Excerpt: Kevin Carlos hates how the drug runners tramp through the ancient cemeteries and holy places he holds dear. That peak up there, he says, speeding toward the reservation's border with Mexico. That's where the creator lives.

Male nurse sues after firing for treating Muslim women
No different than if they fired a black nurse because white patients complained. ~Bob. Excerpt: A male nurse filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the city of Dearborn on Wednesday, claiming he was fired for treating conservative Muslim women wearing head scarves.

Hey, Occupy Wall Street: Wealth Isn't a Civil Right
Excerpt: There is no bad guy. It's not the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist or the Maltese Falcon. There is no evil entity, snorting steam from his nose, standing in an office full of Nazi memorabilia, staring out the window with the cityscape view, laughing: "Ha! Ha! Ha! Pretty soon, all this will be mine. Mine, I say!" (Children always have so much fun pretending to conquer the iconic monsters of their imagination. The simplest way to explain why the world doesn’t work the way would-be free-loaders want it to is that no one can have as a right ANYTHING that someone else has to provide unless that someone else is a slave. Begging for charity is undignified but legal; taking by guile or force—whether by individuals, groups, or governments—is theft, pure and simple. In communist/socialist countries, most people learn very quickly to have nothing worth stealing. In such a society, wealth is an automatic indicator of political power and corruption. [Remember most people judge others by the standard of themselves, so it is obvious what most of the occupiers would do if they had the power to get away with doing it.] And, that’s why their economies seldom work. Ron P.)

Central America, Cyber-Security and Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Identified As Overlooked National Security Threats
Excerpt: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich listed "three great threats," including a weapon of mass destruction going off in an American city. "The second is an electromagnetic pulse attack which would literally destroy the country’s capacity to function," Gingrich said. "And the third, as Herman just said, is a cyber attack. All three of those are outside the current capacity of our system to deal with."

GOP Smackdown: Gingrich v. Romney
Excerpt: It’s quite a matchup. Romney has been brutalized for having too little personality, Gingrich for having way, way too much. Romney looks like the picture that comes with the frame. Gingrich looks like he should be ensconced in royal velvet as he gestures at you with a half-eaten turkey leg in one hand and a sloshing goblet of wine in the other. Romney seems terrified of fully committing to any idea. Gingrich speaks as if he just text-messaged with God.

America Does Not Pivot: As China rises, things will go badly indeed if America weakens.
Excerpt: With a considerable amount of fanfare, the Obama administration has spent most of the past two weeks “pivoting” our foreign policy toward Asia. This “pivot” is being broadcast as if the current administration was the first to notice Asia’s importance. … With Iran about to go nuclear, the Arab Spring turning into the Arab Winter, and Europe melting down, the administration has apparently decided to write off these unsatisfactory places and “pivot” its attention to Asia.

Budget Cuts Video
How to do it. Funny, but would work. Except for the army of lobbyists, government employees and statist politicians. ~Bob

Pepper-Spraying Taxpayers
Excerpt: As protesters festively (oops! I mean “heroically”) rally on college quads across California in the wake of the gratuitous macing of a dozen Occupy Wall Street wannabes at University of California–Davis last Friday, UC Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion declared that the rising tuition at California’s public universities is giving him “heartburn.” It should, since Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Gibor Basri and his fellow diversity bureaucrats are a large cause of those skyrocketing college fees, not just in California but nationally.

Stealing as Policy, from the Iron Curtain to Robert Byrd
Excerpt: People everywhere love free lunches, and American politicians also began using the redistribution of wealth to promote themselves. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” built with America’s tax money, had the secret purpose of stitching together a pro-Democratic voting coalition needed to keep him in power. It accomplished its goal, but it shifted the U.S. budget into the red. Lyndon Johnson opened a new American era, in which stealing tax money to build monuments to yourself has become a legal policy. (There can’t possibly be many who can speak to issues of communist rule v. democratic rule with the same authority as this author, Lt. Gen. Pacepa, formerly of the Romanian Army, who defected to the USA in the 1980s. However, I would date the American slide into socialism to FDR’s first term, 30-odd years before Johnson’s. --Ron P.)

Occupy Movement’s Price Tag Tops $20 Million …Much Higher Than the $13 Million That Was Previously Reported
Excerpt: Earlier this week the liberal media reported that the Occupy protests cost taxpayers over$13,000,000.

Germany may bring back Deutsche Mark and ditch Euro
Excerpt: Germany may in fact be preparing to abandon the Euro and re-introduce the Deutsche Mark as the country's currency, the newest buzz on the web indicates. Dr Pippa Malgren, President of Principalis Asset Management, predicts on her website that in the coming weeks, the Germans will announce they are re-introducing the Deutschmark. (If true, this will create a flood of unforeseen and unintended consequences, many of them very painful. They will find it was a lot easier to get into a common currency than out, I think. ~Bob.)

A Time For Choosing Substance Over Demagoguery
Excerpt: Consider the context: A little over four years ago we were just over $8 trillion in debt. We are now $15 trillion in debt…. Now we’re talking about adding… another $11 trillion in debt…. All that [the members of the Super-committee] were asked to do was cut back on $1.2 trillion of that increase in debt. We aren’t even talking about the central issue, which is balancing the budget. (Michele was by far the most brilliant. But what do we do with winners in the Brave New US? --Don Hank)

Occupy DC Scumbags Become Violent Towards Elderly and Children
Well, remember when the Tea Party behaved like this? Me neither. ~Bob.

Second Pre-teen in Near-Fatal Shopping Cart Push Could Receive Light Sentence
Excerpt: The suspect, Raymond Hernandez, copped to a guilty plea to a reduced assault charge for his role in a stunt that left a mother in a coma. On October 30, Raymond and fellow juvenile delinquent Jiovianni Rosario hurled a shopping cart onto the head of Marion Salmon Hedges from four stories up. She has remained in critical condition at Harlem Hospital ever since.

THE MOB: Customers Hit By Pepper Spray At Wal-Mart Describe Scenes of Chaos
Excerpt: Matthew Lopez went to the Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch on Thursday night for the Black Friday sale but instead was caught in a pepper-spray attack by a woman who authorities said was "competitive shopping." Lopez described a chaotic scene in the San Fernando Valley store among shoppers looking for video games soon after the sale began.

The NLRB Putsch: The labor agency tries to ram through quickie union elections.
Excerpt: The descent of the National Labor Relations Board from independent referee to a wholly owned AFL-CIO subsidiary is speeding up. Now its two Democratic appointees are attempting to ram through a new rule requiring quickie organizing elections, with barely any notice and little consultation with its sole GOP member.

Curb on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants will be lifted in two years... when Europe insists we have to
Excerpt: Restrictions on migrants moving to Britain from Bulgaria and Romania will be extended for two more years, then lifted on the strict orders of the EU.
Ministers have ruled that, in order to avoid making it even harder for British workers to find jobs, they will continue to impose tough rules on who can move to the UK from the two former communist states. (Here is what is wrong with electing leaders who want open borders and amnesty (see article below). They are part of the New World Order gang, the same elite that robbed the UK (and most of Europe) of their sovereignty. Once you get enough N W O stealth candidates in the White House, and once the spring the trap on you and embroil us in a supranational -- or world -- government, there will be no going back. The will force you to accept immigrants from anywhere, and with enough immigration, our culture will be obliterated. Newt belongs to the CFR, which does not believe in borders and sovereignty. Its president, Richard Haass, has said we need to "rethink" sovereignty. Huckabee wanted Haass as his secretary of state. Mitt also said in a 2007 interview on Meet the Press, that we need to put illegal aliens on a path to citizenship. Stay awake this election season: --Don Hank)

Calling things by their names by Caroline B. Glick
Excerpt: There is a price to be paid for calling an enemy an enemy. But there is an even greater price to be paid for failing to do so.

Miami-protest spokesman led 'Nuke Israel' rally: Mohammad Malik was director of CAIR's South Florida chapter
Excerpt: The recent executive director of the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations' South Florida chapter is a founder and spokesman of Occupy Miami, WND has learned. Mohammad Malik currently is as an activist with several other Islamic groups. He has led hate-filled anti-Israel protests in which participants were filmed wearing Hamas paraphernalia while chanting "Nuke Israel" and "Go back to the oven" – a reference to Jews being killed in the Holocaust.

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