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Political Digest for June 24, 2011

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The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
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Obama to release oil from strategic reserve
We will never know, but it’s quite possible that fewer people would have been killed and the world’s economy less disrupted, if Obama had not started a war—excuse me, a “kinetic military action that doesn’t rise to the level of hostilities”—and we had stayed out of Libya. Now, of course, the end result of the “No Fly Zone” (LOL) is that we have to kill Gaddafi. And we may get a terrorist-supporting Islamist government in it’s place. Way to go, BO! ~Bob. Excerpt: The Energy Department said Thursday that it will release 30 million barrels of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, citing supply disruptions from the unrest in Libya and other nations that are threatening the global economy. The decision comes amid signs that the economic recovery is faltering – which is a political threat to the White House heading into 2012 – and concerns that high energy prices are acting as a brake on growth.

Important: Obama, Congress warned: National debt growing faster
I think the collapse comes before we get to 187%. But stopping it will take courage and pain, probably riots. ~Bob. Excerpt: The Congressional Budget Office reported Wednesday that the nation probably will owe outside creditors more than the size of the entire economy in 10 years. The forecast -- a public debt equal to 101% of the economy in 2021, and rising to 187% by 2035 unless dramatic changes are made -- should be a warning to President Obama, Congress and Vice President Biden's band of bipartisan negotiators meeting daily to devise just a short-term fix. By comparison, last year's long-term budget outlook from CBO forecast a public debt equal to 87% of the economy by 2020. The difference -- 14% -- would be about $2 trillion based on today's economy, even more as it grows.

Perry to make New Hampshire trip
Excerpt: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) will travel to New Hampshire in October, a schedule change that could signal a possible White House run. Perry will keynote a fundraiser dinner by Cornerstone Action, a conservative group in the state. Kevin Smith, the group's executive director, said they had reached out to Perry to headline the event in early May, and confirmation came this week. "We reached out to him and we had reached out some time ago, probably at the beginning of May," he said. "So it was actually before any of the rumors about him being serious about running for president." (Nothing to do with the import of the story, but have you noticed no one meets, calls, writes, contacts or e-mails anyone anymore. They “reach out” to them. Makes me want to “punch out” at someone. ~Bob.)

Does GOP want Perry’s DREAM act too? In the midst of a number of conservatives believing Governor Rick Perry, Texas Republican, is the GOP’s answer to taking on President Barack Obama, squishy aspects of Mr. Perry’s background are being overlooked. As a border state governor, Mr. Perry signed state immigration law in 2001 known as the Texas DREAM Act. Here is an excerpt from a speech Governor Perry gave during the border summit in August of 2001: As a compassionate state, we know that for our children to succeed, they must not only be healthy, but educated. The future leaders of our two nations are learning their fractions and their ABC’s in classrooms all along this border. Immigrants from around the world are being taught in Texas classrooms, and our history is rich with examples of new citizens who have made great contributions. We must say to every Texas child learning in a Texas classroom, “we don’t care where you come from, but where you are going, and we are going to do everything we can to help you get there.” And that vision must include the children of undocumented workers. That’s why Texas took the national lead in allowing such deserving young minds to attend a Texas college at a resident rate. Those young minds are a part of a new generation of leaders, the doors of higher education must be open to them. The message is simple: educacion es el futuro, y si se puede.

Man Shot, Killed at U.S.-Mexico Border
Excerpt: The FBI is investigating a deadly shooting at the U.S.-Mexico border between U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and a man trying to enter into the U.S. illegally. The suspect, who was shot and killed Tuesday night near San Ysidro Port of Entry, was throwing rocks at the agents when he was shot and killed officials said. Two agents called for help from San Diego police, saying they were being attacked with rocks and sticks near the border fence line around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Investigators said the incident involved three people crossing the border fence east of
Dairy Mart Road

Obama bringing world leaders to Chicago for NATO meeting
Helping Rahm. Good news for Chicago hookers. Alert the Flash Mobs. ~Bob. Excerpt: President Barack Obama will bring world leaders to Chicago next May for a “G-8” summit and a NATO meeting — gatherings Mayor Rahm Emanuel said will provide an international showcase for the city, despite financial and security headaches. Obama will announce the meetings — where Afghanistan and the NATO alliance will be on the agenda — during a Wednesday night speech on his plan to draw down troops in Afghanistan.

House arrest keeps Tierney’s wife from rep’s fund-raiser
Excerpt: With his wife still under house arrest until August, U.S. Rep. John F. Tierney will be going stag to Friday night’s major Women Taking the Lead for Tierney fund-raiser, spokesmen for the couple confirmed yesterday. Patrice Tierney is listed on the host committee of the annual $100-a-plate cocktail party to take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Danvers. But Jennifer Flagg, spokesman for the Salem Democrat’s convict wife, told the Herald, “Mrs. Tierney is definitely not attending the event.

EarthFirst Mourning Loss of a Tree - Crying & Screaming
Excuse me, out of the way. I need to cut my winter firewood. Here’s a tip for these folks—if you walk around with your arms outstretched, it’ll be harder to get the net over you. ~Bob.

Rottweiler Therapy
Good points! ~Bob

The Economic Opportunities of Shale Energy Development
Everything has a negative environmental impact. Look at the CO2 put out by breathing. An hour or two moratorium on breathing would go a long way to fixing this problem! ~Bob. Excerpt: Directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing have unlocked vast new reserves of natural gas in the United States. Development of these resources is now well under way in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Unlike their neighbors to the south, however, New York residents are not directly benefiting from natural gas development as the result of a government-imposed moratorium, itself a response to environmental concerns surrounding hydraulic fracturing. This study analyzes the economic and environmental impacts of shale gas drilling in New York and finds the net economic benefits to be significantly positive. Specifically: An end to the moratorium would spur over $11.4 billion in economic output. Some 15,000 to 18,000 jobs could be created in the Southern Tier and Western New York, regions which lost a combined 48,000 payroll jobs between 2000 and 2010.* Another 75,000 to 90,000 jobs could be created if the area of exploration and drilling were expanded to include the Utica shale and southeastern New York, including the New York City watershed. (This assumes a regulatory regime that protects the water supply but permits drilling to continue.) Localities and the state stand to reap $1.4 billion in tax revenues if the moratorium is allowed to expire.

Laws and Regulations Prevent Extraction of Hydrocarbon Energy
Excerpt: President Obama's speeches sum up his views on oil, natural gas and energy prices in just 45 words. "We have less than 2 percent of the world's oil reserves. We're running out of places to drill. We're running out of oil. We need to end our $4 billion in annual taxpayer subsidies to oil companies. We need to invest in clean, renewable energy." But that is a deliberate distortion of facts, says Paul Driessen, a senior policy advisor for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and Congress of Racial Equality. Oil "reserves" are what can actually be produced at today's prices, with existing technologies, and under current laws and regulations. America has vast oil, gas, and coal resources -- centuries of potential hydrocarbon energy. We have the technology to extract it, especially at $100 a barrel. What we don't have are laws and regulations that allow us to do so. Gulf of Mexico oil production is projected to drop 240,000 barrels a day this year. That's $9 billion that America will have to pay this year to import replacement oil. It is $1.3 billion we won't collect in federal royalty payments. The U.S. Geological Survey says upwards of 90 billion barrels of oil remain to be discovered in the Arctic. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) alone could hold 16 billion barrels of recoverable oil, in places totaling 1/20th the surface area of Washington, D.C, but it's off-limits, says Driessen.

Politicizing Premiums Does Not Control Health Costs
Excerpt: Last week, an overwhelming majority of Connecticut legislators passed a bill, SB-11, that would give the executive branch the power to decide whether health plans should be allowed to increase their premiums at rates that keep pace with medical costs. Health plans may be a politically attractive target, but giving politicians the power to approve premiums causes other problems – and doesn’t even hold down rate increases. Health plans are largely pass-throughs, paying medical claims from providers whose charges have been rocketing skyward. In California, a recent analysis of daily inpatient charges for hospitals revealed that payments from private health plans increased from $1,954 in 2000 to $5,061 in 2009 – 159 percent – during a time when consumer prices increased by only 25 percent, nationwide. The charge for a normal (non-Caesarian) childbirth went up from $3,805 to $6,424 – 69 percent. In Massachusetts, the 2006 health reform led to draconian limits on premium hikes, but health spending still spiraled upwards. (Too many politicians of both parties get elected promising, in effect, to repeal the Laws of Economics, about as effective as repealing the Law of Gravity. But some things are beyond temporal power, as King Canute demonstrated to his lords by famously commanding the tide not to come in. In my view, politicians winning votes through short-term popular policies that have long-term unavoidable disastrous economic consequences have put our country on the path to extinction. ~Bob.)

Be faithful to the Marines
By Lt. Gen. John Castellaw, United States Marine Corps (ret)
Excerpt: Not long after Gen. Jim Amos was announced as the next commandant of the Marine Corps, a past commandant advised, “Get your ‘on bended knee’ speech ready,” meaning Marines were in for another fight to defend their roles, missions and their budget. In spite of fame from the Pacific Islands campaigns, unification battles following World War II threatened the Marines’ role and even their existence. Marines fought back, and, in a seminal event, Commandant Alexander Vandegrift of Guadalcanal appealed directly to Congress with a speech that included the following: “The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps. If the Marine as a fighting man has not made a case for himself after 170 years of service he must go. But I think you will agree with me that he has earned the right to depart with dignity and honor, not by subjugation to the status of uselessness and servility planned for him by the War Department.” Marines, after a hard fight, prevailed, and their structure and missions were enshrined in congressional legislation, preventing the “War Department,” soon to be the Department of Defense (DOD), from turning the Marines into the Navy’s police force as President Truman had desired. Today, even after war-changing victories in Iraq’s Anbar Province and the turning of the tide in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, the future of the Marines is again in doubt as defense drawdowns loom.

Pawlenty, Romney assail Obama for haste in withdrawal plan
Bugler! Sound retreat! The “Necessary War” turns out to only have been necessary to Obama’s 2008 election. Now surrender, suitably disguised to happen after 2012, is necessary. Our troops are dying for that. ~Bob. Excerpt: President Obama's speech laying out the pace at which U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan was panned by Republican presidential candidates, who assailed Obama for either moving too quickly or too slowly. Both former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had more hawkish reactions to Obama's speech, which outlined a plan to remove 10,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, and another 23,000 troops by next fall. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a Republican running for president who served as Obama's ambassador to China, by contrast chided Obama for moving too slowly, joining with the likes of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), the libertarian-minded presidential candidate who's long called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. 

As Politics of War Shift, Risks for Obama Ease
Excerpt: When President Obama expanded the Afghanistan war a year after taking office, Republicans fiercely criticized his deadline to bring troops home. But his decision on Wednesday to accelerate their withdrawal came with few reprisals, a sign of a remarkable shift in the politics of war. The president, who addressed the nation in a prime-time speech from the White House, stopped short of declaring victory, but he suggested that the mission had been a success and that it was time to turn to a new foreign policy and to place a greater focus on domestic concerns. A debate inside the Republican Party over Afghanistan, along with larger questions about American military engagement, has changed the political dynamic facing Mr. Obama as he prepares for re-election. (In three years, the Taliban will be back in charge, stoning teen rape victims, marrying 9-year-old girls and training terrorists. This will be “Bush’s Fault.” ~Bob.)

Obama's Afghanistan Plan and the Realities of Withdrawal
Excerpt: U.S. President Barack Obama announced June 22 that the long process of drawing down forces in Afghanistan would begin on schedule in July. Though the initial phase of the drawdown appears limited, minimizing the tactical and operational impact on the ground in the immediate future, the United States and its allies are now beginning the inevitable process of removing their forces from Afghanistan. This will entail the risk of greater Taliban battlefield successes. Afghanistan, a landlocked country in the heart of Central Asia, is one of the most isolated places on Earth. This isolation has posed huge logistical challenges for the United States. Hundreds of shipping containers and fuel trucks must enter the country every day from Pakistan and from the north to sustain the nearly 150,000 U.S. and allied forces stationed in Afghanistan, about the half the total number of Afghan security forces. Supplying a single gallon of gasoline in Afghanistan reportedly costs the U.S. military an average of $400, while sustaining a single U.S. soldier runs around $1 million a year (by contrast, sustaining an Afghan soldier costs about $12,000 a year).

Excerpt: President Obama flinched. Last night, he announced his decision to begin rapidly unwinding his Afghan surge. Of the 30,000 additional troops committed, Obama wants 10,000 out by the end of this year and the rest out by the end of next summer. This risks giving back to the Taliban all that’s been won over the last year with blood, sweat, and tears.

Obama's aggravation with Congress over Libya on display
The Obama Doctrine: As long as there is no US national interest, we can bomb who we want. We are the President! ~Bob. Excerpt: President Obama and his aides appear increasingly angered by threats from Congress over the president's authority to intervene in Libya. Both in remarks the president made during his address on Afghanistan Wednesday night and in comments made by senior administration officials, the White House is losing patience with Congress. With the House preparing to consider resolutions that would put a check on Obama's authority in Libya, Obama took the time in a speech on a troop draw-down in Afghanistan to defend the U.S.'s role there.

Dear Mr. President, Exactly how many deaths does it take to make a “kinetic military action” into a war? ~Bob. Excerpt: Last week, at House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) request, the Obama administration provided a brief (32 pages plus classified addenda) overview of its activities in Libya, its conversations with Congress about them, and its rationale for not needing Congressional approval to continue this war ad infinitem. The full document (minus the classified annexes) is available here in pdf form. Here are a few highlights. 1. The document begins on a comical note, claiming that “In his address to the nation on Libya on March 28, 2011, President Obama presented a comprehensive explanation for why he authorized military action” in Libya. Recall that this address came nine days after he began taking out Libyan air defenses and command and control nodes with Tomahawks (TLAMs) and Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) sorties — as well as the fact that there’s been nothing clear or “comprehensive” about Obama’s few mentions of Libya and the U.S. war there.

Farrakhan: The White Man Made Obama Bomb Libya
Excerpt: The White Man made him do it. Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan recently unmasked the reason for President Barack Obama's unpopular, non-congressionally authorized, War Powers Resolution-violating decision to bomb Libya, a country that poses no imminent threat to the United States. "We voted for our brother, Barack," said Farrakhan, "a beautiful human being with a sweet heart, and now he's an assassin. They've turned him into them." "Them," of course, refers to the evil, racist, manipulative, all-powerful White Man, who as in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," seized Obama's mind, body and soul, and changed him into an enemy of the poor, the downtrodden, the black. Don't snicker. Farrakhan may be on to something. (Not me. I had nothing to do with President Stepin Bombit’s decision. Yes, I know the first black star, Lincoln Perry’s Stepin Fetchit character is considered a negative racial stereotype. But according to Farrakhan’s description, that’s what Obama is, a helpless tool of whitey. ~Bob)

Marine reservist charged in D.C.-area military shootings
Nothing to do with Islam, of course. Thankfully they didn’t inquire into his views on Jihad—that would have been Islamophobic. Very lucky he didn’t kill someone. ~Bob. Excerpt: A 22-year-old Alexandria man has been charged with shooting at military buildings in the D.C. region last fall, and federal officials said in court papers that he videotaped himself shouting “Allah Akbar” after he fired shots at the U.S. Marine Corps museum. Yonathan Melaku, a Marine Reservist, was taken into custody Friday at Arlington National Cemetery. At the time, he carried a backpack that held plastic baggies with ammonium nitrate, a material that can be used to make a bomb as well as a notebook that included references to Osama bin Laden and “The Path to Jihad.” Melaku has been charged with damaging U.S. property by shooting, and discharging a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

Dozens of Islamist militants tunnel out of Yemeni prison
Must have been one of those “shovel-ready” projects we heard about. ~Bob. Excerpt: More than 60 Islamist militants tunneled out of a prison in Yemen on Wednesday in a well-executed escape that highlighted the security risks in a nation that is increasingly unstable and home to al-Qaeda’s most potent regional affiliate. The prison break, which occurred in the eastern port city of Mukalla, was coordinated with militants attacking from the outside to divert the guards — a tactic that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as AQAP, used last summer to free prisoners in the southern city of Aden. Among the escapees Wednesday were members of an al-Qaeda cell that has killed foreign tourists and tried to attack the U.S. Embassy in Yemen and other Western targets, according to Yemeni officials. AQAP was behind the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound commercial flight on Christmas Day 2009 and the mailing of bombs on cargo planes destined for the United States.

The Department of Food Subsidies
Excerpt: The Department of Agriculture no longer serves as a lifeline to millions of struggling homestead farmers. Instead, it is a vast, self-perpetuating postmodern bureaucracy with an amorphous budget of some $130 billion -- a sum far greater than the nation's net farm income this year. In fact, the more the Agriculture Department has pontificated about family farmers, the more they have vanished -- comprising now only about 1 percent of the American population.

La Raza will doubtless claim the cameras are racist. ~Bob. Excerpt: Last weekend Senator John McCain (R-AZ) pointed his finger directly at illegal aliens and said they are either getting cold at night or trying to distract law enforcement from other illegal activity- namely drug smuggling. As a result of this admission, Senator McCain was lambasted by both liberal media and open border activists. However, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever quickly defended the Senator and said the evidence is overwhelming. The statement that landed McCain in hot water took a direct shot at illegal border crossers. “There is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by the people who have crossed our border illegally. The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border,” he said.

Cameras on the Border
Last month we placed two of our hidden trail cameras in the bottom of a busy canyon in Rio Rico, AZ, not far from where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry died of a gunshot wound after a night time encounter with armed drug bandits. Shortly after placing the camera; two wildfires started and joined together in the area. The cause was listed as human. After the first fire started, the wilderness was closed off to the public. A group of drug smugglers and suspected illegal aliens walked by one of our cameras shortly before the second fire started. Our cameras recorded their passage, and the fire itself as it raged through the canyon. Since this area was closed to hikers, campers, hunters, and other outdoors enthusiasts; one can only derive that the "humans" who causes the second fire, and likely the first, were the smugglers. This is supported by accounts from "boots on the ground" Federal Agents and locals in the area. Some people even claim to have witnessed the fires being set but suspected illegal aliens, thought the government is being quiet on the matter. The video is linked below.
Watch as smuggler walk through a canyon that is later consumed by fire. The fire will do little to prevent smugglers from using these areas. They do not depend on concealment from the foliage, but instead get their concealment from the terrain and lack of witnesses due to environmental restrictions in the wilderness. Area ranchers have been hit hard by the loss of feed for their cattle and destruction of fences in this and the other two major fires burning in southern AZ. Though other parts of the border near by have new fencing and are patrolled; these wilderness areas have nothing more than four strands of barb wire separating the U.S. from Mexico. Roads along the border are rough and do not adequately cover these areas. Fencing and roads must be installed if this area is ever to be considered under operational control.

Global Warming Information Blog

Delta adopts Saudi 'no-Jew' fly policy
If true, both evil and stupid. Haven’t heard of any Jews with bombs or box cutters on planes lately. ~Bob. Excerpt: Delta Air Lines' plan to add Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam Alliance of partnering companies would require the American carrier to ban Jews and holders of Israeli passports from boarding flights from New York or Washington bound for Jeddah, prompting outraged accusations of illegal religious discrimination. The issue, which has caught the attention of the American Center for Law and Justice already, was raised when Washington attorney Jeffrey Lovitky was perusing airline procedures for travel.

The Gunwalker conspirators are losing the PR war. When you show up as fodder on Jon Stewart, you're toast. But Darrell Issa doesn't laugh.

Editors, Scientific American
"Global warming could scorch the western U.S." (Scientific American, June 2011). The Keeling Curve shows annual increases of just over one part per million carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
It is the height of dishonesty to promote hysteria and a worldwide depression based on the most misleading graph ever used in the name of science. Barack Obama, the United Nations, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and countless other groups have not only promoted but also ordered an 80% reduction in anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, i.e. energy. Such extremism would plunge the world into a permanent and unprecedented depression. This is shameless exploitation of bad science. The Keeling Curve omits all other greenhouse gases, most notably water vapor. If only water vapor were added (~21,000 ppm), carbon dioxide would shrink to insignificance. This is particularly true because both have a similar infrared absorption.
The pretense by those calling themselves objective scientists that 1 part in over 21,000 is driving the climate is profoundly irresponsible. --John Jaeger

Dozens Dead in Triple Bombing in Baghdad
If this were Presbyterians murdering Baptists, it would be big news, Members of the “religion of Peace” murdering each other? Not so much. The main victims of Allahmurders are Muslims. ~Bob. Excerpt: Four bombs ripped through Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad Thursday evening, killing at least 40 people in the worst violence the capital has seen in months, Iraqi officials said. An American civilian contractor also died in a separate attack. The violence underscored the fragile nature of the security gains in Iraq at a time when American forces are preparing to withdraw by the end of this year and the challenges facing the State Department personnel and American contractors who would continue on after the U.S. military is gone. The first three bombs went off in quick succession in a southwestern Baghdad neighborhood shortly after 7 p.m. One targeted a Shiite mosque, another exploded just outside a popular market, while the third went off inside the market where people were doing their evening shopping ahead of the Muslim weekend, Iraqi police officials said.

Excerpt: Geert Wilders has been acquitted of all charges at his show trial in Amsterdam: The court ruled that some of Wilders’ statements were insulting, shocking and on the edge of legal acceptibility, but that they were made in the broad context of a political and social debate on the multi-cultural society. “On the edge of legal acceptability,” eh? As for the latter part — “the broad context of a political and social debate” — the genius “jurists” are effectively conceding what I said when this racket got going — that the Dutch state was attempting to criminalize the political platform of a popular opposition party. That’s the sort of thing free societies should leave to Mubarak & Co, and even then, you can only get away with it for a while before people draw the obvious conclusion. Nevertheless, as in all these cases, the process is the punishment. The intent is to make it more and more difficult for apostates of the multiculti state to broaden the terms of political discourse. Very few Europeans would have had the stomach to go through what Wilders did — and the British Government’s refusal to permit a Dutch Member of Parliament to land at Heathrow testifies to how easily the craven squishes of the broader political culture fall into line. And at the end the awkward fact remains: Geert Wilders lives under 24-hour armed guard because of explicit death threats made against him by the killer of Theo van Gogh and by other Muslims. Yet he’s the one who gets puts on trial.

Excerpt: Allen West criticized the President’s speech tonight saying it was a campaign speech and a highly politicized mission-accomplished speech minus the aircraft carrier and banner. He also brought up several good points, namely how the Taliban and Al-Qaeda will spin this speech for their own influence as well as the fact that tribal leaders respect strength and at the end of the day if we are drawing down troops and showing weakness, they will side with the Taliban:

Something is wrong when robbers are called heroes
Excerpt: Is Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland a murderer? A jury in that town thought so. Too bad there's no jury to find Antwun Parker's mom guilty of being an awful parent. I'm sorry; there's just no other conclusion to reach. You may agree or disagree after you hear the details of the story. It was May 19, 2009, when Ersland was working in the Reliable Discount Pharmacy in Oklahoma City. A video surveillance camera showed two men wearing ski masks walk into the store brandishing guns and attempting to rob the joint. Actually, they weren't men. Parker, only 16 at the time, was one of them. Oklahoma City police have identified the other as Jeventia Ingram, who was only 14 at the time. Ersland, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and, unfortunately for Parker, a darned good shot, retrieved a handgun and fired, hitting Parker in the head. He fell to the floor; his poltroon-like crime partner fled the scene.

2 Men Arrested in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Recruiting Station
Didn’t get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Two men have been arrested in a plot to use machine guns and grenades in an attack on a military recruiting station in Seattle that also houses a daycare, the U.S. Justice Department said Thursday. Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, of Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh, also known as Frederick Domingue Jr., of Los Angeles, were arrested Wednesday night.

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