Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

The people, mostly women, lining up for hours and fighting to get into the Casey Anthony murder trial say they are there to get justice for the poor dead girl. Bull. They are sick people whose lives are so empty they need to be excited by a sensational murder trial. Get a life applies.

I peg the start of America’s decline to the decision to take the caboose off the freight train. It just doesn’t look right.

Obama blends many of the great presidents. He sounds like Bush on democracy and strikes on terrorists, like Carter on the Middle East and the economy, like Nixon on the War Powers Act and silencing critics and like Ahmadinejad on Israel and Jews.

It's easy to "balance" a budget, from your household budget to an organization or business budget to the federal budget. Simple raise the estimate of expected revenues until they cover all the desired expenses. Yes, I know it will be ugly down the road, but this approach must have great attractions, because so many people, from members of boards of directors to US Senators, use it to postpone the pain.
If a politician of either party wants to give me a message, I’ll take a call from him or her. But I won’t sit and listen to a recorded robo call, regardless of the cause or party.

We get robo calls from businesses, too. Often during the workday. Because we work, our voice mail answers, and the two machines start talking at once, meaning our voice mail gives us a very clipped message, like, “Thank you for shopping at Walgreens.” Or, “Please call if you can’t make this appointment.” With whom? The idiots have turned the world over to their machines.

I think Microsoft’s motto should be: “Making our products more complicated and harder to use with every new version.”

My bumper sticker idea: “Save Medicare from Obamacare.” I sent it to a couple of GOP members of Congress.

I hope all those people who hate America have a plan for where they are going when the country falls apart, due to them. They can’t be planning to suffer and die with the rest of us, can they?

People who don’t agree with my book, The Coming Collapse of the American Republic, tend to offer only “It can’t happen” as a counter argument—without reading it. This shows why teaching history is so important. Our survival has been a near-run thing several times. And too many political entities the citizens thought would last forever, from the Republic of Rome to the USSR,  are only a dim memory.

If your argument is weak, don’t give up. Try calling your opponent names, like “racist.” It actually seems to work pretty well.

Chicago now has roving gangs of “youths” beating and robbing citizens in broad daylight. I have a simple and cheap solution: concealed carry. But the political thugs who run Illinois aren’t on the side of the decent citizens.

If you live in one of the fiscal disaster states or cities, and your business, job and/or assets are re-locatable, you might want to think about doing so before the collapse starts to take hold.

Looking for blog sources, I see a lot of websites. Many are as cluttered as a teenager’s room. Some have so many pop ups, so much streaming video and other clutter that it’s impossible to get the information you want. Sometimes I give up. The same with posting comments. Some make you jump through so many hoops to register and post that it becomes impossible. I think the designers call this “cutting edge.” It makes me want to cut my throat.

TV “news” tends to be 50% commercials (including commercials for their own program, “Stay Tuned for the Giant Eggplant Contest Results!”), 25% “human interest” news like “Mom develops new way to dye Easter Eggs,” and 15% grudge match entertainment, with panels of “experts” shouting at each other, similar to professional wrestling, but without the authenticity. Throw in talking heads endlessly discussing the latest celebrity trial, and there’s little real news. I get most of my news from reading. It’s little wonder the general public is abysmally ignorant, and the country in decline. I watch little TV, except the news (or football with a book in my hand). When a so-called news program features people interrupting and shouting at each other, I immediately turn it off. How can you learn anything from that?

There are very few events that cannot be spoiled by adding hard rock, heavy metal or hip hop music. Including concerns designed for them. Music should be an improvement on silence. But I don’t like to be shouted at, and I like to understand the words in the songs I hear. Probably why I prefer folk or country. Plus my hearing is already impaired—too many loud noises in my misspent youth—so I don’t want to volunteer to make it worse.

There are also very few promising enterprises that cannot be ruined by being run by the government.

I’ve always been nice to my wife. The fact that she went to a handgun class and can now put them all in the black from 25 feet has nothing to do with it.

I’ve noticed that the majority of the victims of black thugs are blacks, the majority of the victims of Allahmurders are fellow Muslims, and that Hispanic bums make their own neighborhoods unsafe for decent Hispanic people. So how come doing anything strong about this is racist? Isn’t it racist to let minorities continue to be victimized by other minorities, while averting your eyes in a PC tribute to multiculturalism?

Living in the north, summer has to get pretty miserable before I complain about the heat.

We are in mosquito season again, and folks all over are taking steps to avoid the growing plaque of bedbugs. Thank you Rachel Carson, for the gift that goes on giving. Especially in those countries where they are stacking up kids dead from Malaria in heaps. If your child dies from West Nile Virus, please read a passage from Silent Spring at the funeral in tribute to her sacrifice.

I have to think that Concealed Carry would make the roving gangs in Chicago think twice about beating and robbing decent folks in broad daylight. Nothing say “unacceptable behavior” like a double tap from a 9mm auto.

Reports suggest that there have been 35,000 murders in Mexico due to drug cartel killings in the last four years. A number of the dead, of course, are fellow drug-thugs, and no loss to the world. But many are innocent men, women and children just caught up in the violence. If it were not for illegal drug usage in the US, there would be no obscene drug profits to fight over, thus no drug war. Every drug abuser in the America thus has the blood of innocent children on his or her hands.

If you go on the Net, and Google “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long” you’ll find a section of quotes the great science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein had his character say in his book Time Enough for Love. I don’t agree with every point, but it has long been my opinion that you will find more wisdom there than in most college libraries or books of philosophy.

When a presidential debate moderator asks a candidate an inane question, like, “Do you prefer a Blackberry or an iPhone?” the proper answer is, “I prefer to discuss the serious issues threatening the future of our Republic and the freedom of our people.”


  1. Mr Hall, As always, my morning is better for reading what you have to say. God Bless and keep you!

  2. What an excellent blog! Keep on telling the truth it seems very few others will do this. But we expect more great things from a Scotsman Marine. Bless you for your continued service in the Corp representing the true United States. From a fellow USAF NCO retired.