Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Sunday Digest--Sorry

We spent Saturday at the Illinois Highland Games, followed by a pig roast at the home of a Marine Friend. Thus no Political Digest on Sunday. Sorry.

Clan Donald is raffling off the beautiful, handmade flintlock fowler in these picture. That's the gunsmith, Darrin, holding it in the middle between Bonnie and me. If you are into reproductions of old guns, this is a classic. They say it was appraised at over $6,000 and I believe it. I don't see a place on the website to buy tickets, but they told me to send my check ($5 each, or 6 tickets for $25) to:

1234 Spring Valley
Racine WI 53405

But I already sent for my tickets, and given my luck with the lotto, I'm due!

The website does have a slide show of details of the gun, and a short video of it being fired.

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  1. I'd like to turn the clock back a couple days, to our Dear Leader's lame joke about the absence of "shovel ready" jobs.

    I think the commentators have missed the damning part of that exchange. The reason given for the dearth of such jobs was the complexity of "the permitting process."

    Translation: In the middle of a "national emergency", the chief executive could not cut through the red tape administered by his branch of the government in order to "kick start" the economy.

    Two obvious questions arise:

    If the President of the United States can't overcome the regulatory burden, how can we expect private industry to do so?

    Do we need any more evidence of the utter incompetence and fecklessness of this administration?

    And, just for fun, consider a "shovel ready" project of an earlier national crisis. Excavation on the Empire State Building began in late January, 1930; the ribbon cutting ceremony took place in May, 1931.