Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Post - Founder's Quotes

Let me note the following quotes:

Thomas Jefferson:
1.  Evil is allowed to flourish only when good men do nothing.
2.  Our enemies know that we will try to reason with them like men.  From time to time, we may have to show them that we can fight like men, too.
3.  Too much government is much less preferable than too little government.

Benjamin Franklin:

1.  The U. S. Constitution does not guarantee happiness.  It only guarantees the pursuit of happiness.
2.  Republics will soon fail when its citizens learn that they can vote themselves money.          

3.  We are all born ignorant, but it takes time and effort to become stupid.

It seems that the intelligence demonstrated by these few individuals - and several other people, too - in the 1770s was infinitely far ahead of those who purport themselves to be so intelligent in the 2010s.  Perhaps Ben Franklin's quote in his Number 3 above applies in particular today.

With the incredible political/economic turmoil today in America, it might be wise for all of our so-called political "leaders" in Washington, DC today re-read and commit to their memories the very wise and insightful musings of these two, and others, of our founding fathers who created the U. S. Constitution, which has, in large part, remained little changed or amended in over 200 years of this Republic. 

Unfortunately, too many modern politicians in our government in Washington, DC, today, from the POTUS on down, are trying to roll over it by Presidential edict, or fiat, or both.
Disconcertingly, we Americans are letting them do it.  What will it take to reawaken this nation's electorate to return to the values and philosophies espoused in the U. S. Constitution? 

If we allow this usurpation of America as we used to know it to continue, we may lose this "shining beacon on the hill" forever.  All of us need to wake up, unite, and start to work NOW to recover OUR America before it's too late.

Paul Rendine

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