Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terrorist Sign


  1. Sir, We are all tired of writing,calling, protesting etc..We have been aware for sometime that our voices are not heard, our actions are ignored and thoughts are being manipulated.
    Now more than ever, we need to reread the Constitution, ponder on what is going on in Washington and stand up for our COUNTRY> We all thank you for your service and ask that great men such as yourself step up again and show your valor that others may follow and be as brave.
    All I can say otherwise is vote at every opportunity for Freedom and Independence!

  2. I believe that we the people can get our country back. It’ll take hard work and commitment.

    It will take courage, principled people and constitutionalists to do this. And we must support them.

    I think we (all the states) should refuse to pay taxes in order to force the government out of business. We need either a Fair Tax or Flat Tax.

    We need to repeal everything the government has legislated or mandated, every bill they've passed that is not within their purview, as enumerated in our Constitution.

    We must all start over and cut out the “Political Correctness” – it is the liberal speak used to silence dissent, to silence the people. This politically mandated and insidious polite speak is destroying open and honest dialog, quieting our voice, and making cowards of us all. We need to recognize that there are Islamic Terrorists, many of whom live here in America. They’re using our fear of speaking the truth and our laws and our very freedoms to castrate our Constitution. Let’s not be afraid. Let’s get back America. Let's call a spade a spade.

    Those that want government run health care should pack up and leave America - go to Canada, Cuba, England or France. Obama can go to Havana! … or Venezuela, or better yet, to his beloved Middle East.

    We need to abolish the EPA and set up something better, something that makes more sense, that represents people instead of a 1 inch smelt!

    The Government Educational System is broken and should be dismantled. Teachers Unions as well. Let the States run their educational programs. Get the progressives and gays out of teaching positions. They can find work elsewhere. Keep them away from our children, they've been propagandizing the students, at all grade levels, for far too long. And we now see the results.

    I will not give up my guns, my freedoms, my children’s and grandson's future to this evil administration. I will no longer be politically correct. I will learn the truth, read the legislation, understand who is running for office, know their voting record, and speak my mind.

    I'm not afraid and whatever I do or say, hopefully, will wake up a few people who seem so unaware of where America is now headed.

    Stephanie Robinson