Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From a two-war career Marine

I posted this response from a career Marine who served in Korea and tow tours in Vietnam, because I think it expresses the growing anger among those who served this country. As I told him, his feelings don't matter--he's not part of a voting block that can be kept in line with government programs that create poverty and is taught to play the victim card.

As for his comments about blacks and Hispanics, think what you like, but violence in those communities from black and Hispanic thugs kills more minorities than the KKK could have thought about, but doing anything forceful about it isn't PC, so minority folks suffer the most. But the left politicians and the leftstream media don't care much about dead black kids unless they can blame someone else and win political points. ~Bob


This sad story all boils down to the fact of the idiots in Washington refusing to, "Call a spade a spade," as the old expression goes. If "they" are so concerned that they might hurt someone's feelings, what about your feelings and my feelings. My feelings are hurt daily because of the idiotic things those shit-for-brains in Washington do.

My feelings are hurt when our government won't shut down terrorist run mosques within the United States.

My feelings are hurt because our government won't secure our borders.

My feelings are hurt because our government appoints tax cheaters to high positions in government

My feelings are hurt because the imposter president won't provide his birth certificate.

My feelings are hurt because the government is trying to ruin health care for everyone.

My feelings are hurt because our government will not establish a definitive mission in the middle east.

My feelings are hurt because our government doesn't have the slightest idea concerning how to run this country.

I won't continue, however, you get the picture. So, if the majority of Americans feel as I do about all the above, and our feelings are hurt, why won't the government yield to our wishes?

Had this government allowed the military to handle cases like this Islamic Army Major presented for a long time, then these poor people at Ft. Hood would still be alive today. No, our famous government has to impose rules that disallow the military to do its duty and continue to allow misfits to remain on duty, all in the name of "politically correctness."

It is the same thing with "profiling." Since the huge majority of offenders of the law are Hispanic and black, why not place more emphases on controlling, or watching, the Hispanics and blacks?

The same applies to Muslim religious fanatics. Since all Muslims look alike, and Muslims are terrorizing various countries around the world, why not keep a close eye on Muslims? If the Muslims don't like that, let them clean up their own act and stop other Muslim from terrorizing others. If we had no reason to be alert for Hispanics, blacks and Muslim bad guys, they would not be scrutinized.

The end results is that our government ignores the will of the majority just so they won't "hurt the feelings" of the minorities. Personally, I think that policy is just so much crap!

It will be interesting to see how much our government "coddles" this Ft. Hood terrorist. After all, he is Muslim, and God knows, this government most certainly doesn't want to do anything that will hurt the feelings of the world's Muslims.

Thanks for sending, Dave. Take good care and stay well.


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