Monday, November 2, 2009

Political Digest for November 2, 2009

I post article because I believe they will be of interest, not because I agree with every—or even any—opinion in them.

Short list today. I’m in Madison, WI. Took the granddaughter trick or treating last Saturday night. Fellow in an Obama mask was giving out phony dollars bills. Maybe they are catching on even here. Will be on the road for business later this week, so there will likely be no posts for several days. Sorry, but the income from the blog, being zero, doesn’t put food on the table.

ObamaCare Vs. The Hippocratic Oath
A Doctor’s Take

Thailand: "More than 3900 people have died in shootings, bomb blasts, beheadings and crucifixions" since 2004
Someone needs to tell them Islam is a “Religion of Peace.”

I Hope Jesus Thinks Larry David is Funny
Excerpt: Larry David joined the ranks of the rank this week when he whizzed on an image of Jesus Christ on his unfunny HBO show. I think this one will come back to bite you, LD. Yep, Larry, you should have indeed curbed your enthusiasm when you were contemplating POing Protestants and Catholics who watch HBO and buy your Seinfeld DVDs. FYI to ludicrous Larry: We “goofy” religious folks who number in the millions in the flyovers take our God seriously and don’t take a shinin’ to tools like you urinating on that which reps our Savior. Heck, we don’t even take kindly to people like Ozzy Osbourne peeing on the Alamo. (I heard he also whizzed on a picture of Mohammad. Tell all your Muslim friends.)

RNC-backed Scozzafava drops out of NY #23 Congressional race
Makes this race winnable for a conservative. Stay tuned.

Comprehensive List of Taxes In House Democrat Health Bill
I’m not worried. President Wobbly promised if he was elected no one making under $250,000 would pay a penny more in taxes. I was surprised to discover that smokers were all in that income category. Who knew?But BO wouldn’t lie to us, right?

NY Post: The Pelosi-Reid train wreck
Excerpt: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled a 2,000-page health-care bill Thursday — complete with a “public option” — cobbled together from competing versions passed by separate committees. At this point, she and her Senate counterparts are crafting their bills in ways to secure votes for passage rather than to produce good policy. But their attempts may backfire on both fronts.

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