Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter to AARP

601 E. Street NW
Washington DC, 20049

Dear Sir/Madam:

Enclosed is my membership card. Please cancel my membership and take me off all mailing and e-mail lists. The benefits are not worth the odium of having my name attached to your organization.

The United States is, I estimate, within ten years of total collapse, as we will be unable to pay anything close to our obligations. The unfunded liability of just the current Medicare program is, as you well know, about $38 trillion, and growing. Each year Congress kicks that can down the road, aided and abetted by the AARP. But each year the can gets heavier, and soon will be impossible to kick. Social security and other entitlement programs add to the looming disaster.

Now AARP has supported adding the horrific liability of a government healthcare plan to the impossible burden, which inevitably will cost far more than the politicians are telling us, hastening the inevitable fiscal disaster, with hyper-inflation as in Zimbabwe and economic disintegration. The Medicaid expansion will ruin the budgets and economies of most states. And all you can think of is getting more for the short term.

We are all locked into this Ponzi scheme, having paid into it under coercion, so I’ll have to sign up at 65 with the rest of the sheeple.

There is nothing I can do to stop it, but as a Marine Vietnam veteran who offered my life to protect this country, I don’t have to lend my name to it.

Future generations living in abject poverty will loath you and the politicians whose short term greed ruined the best country in the world.


Robert A. Hall
Cpl, USMC, 1964-68
Vietnam, 1967
SSgt, USMCR, 1977-83
Massachusetts Senate 1973-83


  1. What took you so long. I sent an identical letter a few months ago. I never saw it printed in my last mags.

  2. Very well said. I'm adding your blog to my blogroll. This concern is shared by millions of hard-working Americans who care about their children.

    Do you also think that some of us need to get out and raise the poor - the homeless - from their places of discontent and share with them what they do not have access to (this information) via the web, etc.?

    How are the poorest of the poor going to pay for healthcare (apparently, if any of us fail to pay, under this legislation passed by the House, we can be fined and go to JAIL!)?

    A wise, older woman was recently mentioning to me that there was a time in our nation when thousands upon thousands of "hoboes" (in the 20's) marched to Washington and set up "camp" on the lawn - so many, they could not be removed, is my understanding.

    Perhaps, it was not enough, to have all of those millions who might somehow now scrape by, albeit much closer to the bone than only a year ago, under this opressive new healthcare "reform" (referencing the demonstration held outside our Whitehouse on September 12th of this year). Perhaps they need to see the faces of the even more unseen in America?

    Soon...I wonder...shall we all become one, unwashed mass, unfit to be heard by our public servants? Sadly, I have to contemplate this...

    Mr. Hall, you've written a fabulous letter - I shall link to your post and kudos for you for having the courage to post your letter online.

    I thank YOU for your service, which clearly extends beyond Vietnam! My children thank you, too.

    Tristan Benz
    Mom, Citizen, Registered Voter

  3. You are courageous, sir.

    Let no one ever dampen your enthusiam.

  4. Good thing we stopped the "domino effect." Thanks for saving us from the cruel, dark world of communism. I can't imagine a United States that would allow health care for all of its citizens. God forbid.