Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama and the Marines

He can wear a Marine shirt. He can charm his way into office on promises of hope and change and "not a penny more in taxes for those making under $250,000." He can become Commander-in-Chief as a civilian, in a democratic republic, and order Marines to war, where they will die for that Republic as they have for 234 years.

But not on his best day could he have been a Marine.


  1. UH-RAH!!! to that!

    Semper Fi! TartanMarine...

  2. I TOTALLY CONCUR!!!!! If this isn't blatant narcissism, then I'm not sure of the definition. Now he goes to taint the hallowed halls of West Point this evening. Absolutely pathetic.
    Ken Delfino
    Colfax, CA
    RivDiv 533, TF-116 (PBRs)
    IV Corps, RVN

  3. As some once said, "there are two types of people, those who are Marines and those who wish to be Marines".

  4. Amen! Semper Fi!

    J.A. Clark
    Cpl USMC

  5. You have to be a civilian to be the commander in chief of the Marine Corps. Fortunately for some the Corps lets in rascists and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to enlist.