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Random Thoughts for July

Random Thoughts for June, 2017.
By Robert A. Hall
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Muslims screaming, “This is for Allah” murder 7 at FIVE locations in London. Police unsure of their motives.

Few people have done more harm than "activists."

People go around uttering comforting platitudes that are patently false. You know: "Everything works out for the best." "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." "There's a reason for everything." Okay, explain the holocaust, WWI & WWII, the Stalin-created famine in the Ukraine, the Moa-created famine in China and, of I don't know, throw in the Black Plague, for starters, all of which killed many millions of people who didn't think things were working out for the best.

Because your parents told you that you were special doesn't mean the world will believe it.

I posted a review on Yelp, using Facebook. It said I was in San Francisco? And Yelp started sending me reviews of SF restaurants.

We need severe measures to fight global warming. Let's outlaw private jets, limos and homes over 10,000 square feet.

They say, "Follow your dream." My dream is to run a topless bar in Mecca.

They say only the good die young. But I've noticed that the stupid--those who succumb to food addiction (obesity), alcohol, drug, or tobacco addictions, and those who indulge in reckless behavior with sex, driving and other things--kick off far earlier than those who are just good.

Support Planned Parenthood--they keep the black welfare rolls down. Just as promised.

Went to a local restaurant where we hadn't been for a year or two, but where I've always loved the clam chowder. It was bland. I asked them what they changed. The waiter said they took the bacon out. I wonder why in multicultural Madison they would do that.

If liberals really thought Islam was a religion of peace, wouldn't gays be suing Muslim-owned bakeries for not making wedding cakes? They won't dare, of course.

You are almost unique and just that close to being special.

Pro- and Anti-Trump true believers: "Comey lied about everything I don't want to be true and told the utter truth about those things I want to be true."

For some people, "It's all about me and all about today." But other people stop helping them and avoid them because it's really about everybody. And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow roll in to smash them like waves against a rocky shore. These folks lead poor, sad and unhappy lives. For which they always blame others.

Note for dealing with BLM, AntiFa, protesters, etc. Giving in to bullies is like paying Dane Geld. Once you do, you never get rid of the bully and the demands go up and up.

Some folks are generous beyond their means.

I've had 3 or 4 friends go dark on Facebook and email, not responding. Worrisome, as I have no phone numbers.

Hillary Clinton must be experiencing a deep sense of satisfaction. Trump got elected promising the faithful he would appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate her. Five months in, it's Trump, not Hillary, being investigated by a Special Prosecutor.

Headline, Wisconsin State Journal, June 18, 1867: "New fuel could make it too hot for polar bears." Excerpt: "With the aid of petroleum (replacing coal on ships), we may yet make our northwestern possessions too hot for the polar bear." Settled science, you know.

Been working on my genealogy on MyHeritage. Turns out Al Gore is my 13th great grandfather in one line. Robert Algore that is.

It's a mystery to me how the United States managed to defeat the great military power of Germany and Japan in WWII without women and transgenders in combat.

A jerk in England rammed a crowd of Muslims, killing one. Of course, the Muslims blamed "Islamophobia." So when Muslims slaughter Christians and Jews, is in "infidelophobia"?

The Most Liberating Epiphany is When You Realize "It's Not About Me". --EM

Have perversions and bigotry against certain groups (Christians, whites, men) become civil rights?

Otto Warmbier's death should remind people that it's dumb to travel to countries that are hostile to the united States. For any reason.

You don't have to carry a gun. But make it easy on the police and carry your own body chalk.

I'm going to join the Corvette Club of America. I don't own a Corvette, but my Outlander SUV self-identifies as one.

Before (and long after) the Civil war, slave owners argued that blacks were unfit for freedom or self-governance. Too many of today's black seem to be trying to prove them right. Slave owners, for example, passed laws against the education of blacks. Inner-city blacks who disparage education as "acting white" are doing as the slave owners would have wished--preventing blacks from being educated.

School is in session everyday. Doesn't matter how old you are, you should - and must - be learning new things. And everyone you meet can teach you things you don't know--even if it's how not to behave to avoid a crappy life.

I've had a lot of success in life. An important component of that is simply being a reliable person when so many are not.

From Jonah Goldberg: “I’m laughing my Ossoff,” about the GA-6 special election.

Page views of my blog ( for June 23-29, 2017:

France  3789
United States  2093
Norway  1609
United Kingdom  453
Australia  155
Netherlands  153
Germany  126
Spain 92
South Korea 81
Hungary 61

Old age is when everything gets stiff. Well, almost everything.

"It is impossible to maintain discipline without a revolver." --Leon Trotsky, 1919

There's an easy way to eliminate the student debt crisis in the future. Pass a law that if a graduate doesn't find work in his/her field, after a good faith effort, in one year, the university has to assume 20% of the student debt. It then goes up 20% a year to 100% after six years. This would bring both tuition increases and the practice of educating kids in unmarketable majors (think those that end in "studies") to a screeching halt. As a bonus we'd all get to enjoy the agonized howls of academia.

Pacifism is acquiescence to evil.

When you see a sign advertising "home cooking," trust me--it's not home cooked.

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