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Some great news items today

The Philadelphia Inquirer used a version of my VA column. ~Bob

After getting out of the VA hospital Tuesday, I went to PT Rehab at 9:00 am Wednesday. The physical therapist shook his head. "Bob, you never take a day off." "I did once--didn't like it," I replied.

General News and Comment

Chi-cag-o. sha-cog-oh Verb, Noun or Adjective. To ruthlessly acquire power and wealth through corruption of the laws. Examples: "He Chicagoed his way to $100M since he left office." "A Chicago Politician" "We can Chicago this one."

Excerpt: Barack Obama likewise has done some crazy things that seemed for years to have no ramifications. Unfortunately, typical of the ways of Nemesis (a bitter goddess who waits until the opportune moment to demand payment for past hubris), suddenly the bills for Obama’s six years of folly are coming due for the American people. When a president occasionally fails to tell the truth, you get a scandal like the monitoring of the Associated Press reporters. When a president serially fails to tell the truth, you get that plus the scandals involving the IRS, the NSA, the VA, Benghazi, and too many others to mention.

A Primer on Race. by Thomas Sowell 
Excerpt: That is essentially the message of an outstanding new book by Jason Riley about blacks in America. Its title is "Please Stop Helping Us." Its theme is that many policies designed to help blacks are in fact harmful, sometimes devastatingly so. These counterproductive policies range from minimum wage laws to "affirmative action" quotas.

Gay Conservatives of Color
No, really. ~Bob. I've often said that somewhere in this country there is a Black man who is gay, Christian, Republican, and smokes too. This guy has total zero friends, but I'd buy him dinner if I could find him. Now we have an actual blog from someone at least a little like this. My hat is off to them, and I wish them all the luck in the world. --Del

Barney Fife Meets Delta Force: Hypermilitarized police departments are more dangerous than whatever they fight. By Charles C. W. Cooke
Excerpt: The piece’s author, Alecia Phonesavanh, described what it felt like to be on the business end of an attack that was launched in error by police who believed a drug dealer to be living and operating in her house. They “threw a flashbang grenade inside,” she reported. It “landed in my son’s crib.” Now, her son is “covered in burns” and has “a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs.” So badly injured was he by the raid that he was “placed into a medically induced coma.”

In unusual plea deal, Virginia man agrees to a vasectomy
Excerpt: When Jessie Lee Herald fled the scene of a crash with his injured 3-year-old son late last year, authorities reached a breaking point with a man who had been in and out of jail and fathered seven children with six women. A Shenandoah County prosecutor proposed a plea deal that would not only send the 27-year-old to prison, but would also require him to do something to ensure he would not have another child: Get a vasectomy.

Worth Reading: Africanness goes deeper than the skin. By Rhulani Thembi Siweya
Excerpt: Are race and territory the correct terms for defining an African? It would seem that as Africans, we are still preoccupied with the debate of who is more African than the other, using race, language, hair and skin colour as criteria. Some among us have appointed themselves custodians of the true African image. If you look at race as an example of defining an African, a question remains: How do we then define white South Africans, who have never known any other country but South Africa? If we define an African as a black man with certain Bantu features, what then becomes of Moroccans, Egyptians and other Arab Africans?

For bureaucrats process is everything. Outcomes are nothing --Thomas Sowell, PhD

Pavlich Talks (about her book) 'Assault and Flattery': "There Certainly is a War on Women and it’s Being Waged by the Left." By Cortney O'Brien 
Excerpt: 1. Is there a “war on women?” If so, who’s waging it? There certainly is a war on women and it’s being waged by the left, and I’m not talking about contraception or abortion. For decades far left policies have made women more dependent on government rather than independent and empowered, ultimately limiting economic opportunity. Liberals have a bad habit of accusing their opponents of what they are actually doing and the war on women is no exception.

Oops: US Government Misallocated $100 Billion in 2013. By Daniel Doherty 
Excerpt: By its own estimate, the government made about $100 billion in payments last year to people who may not have been entitled to receive them — tax credits to families that didn't qualify, unemployment benefits to people who had jobs and medical payments for treatments that might not have been necessary. Congressional investigators say the figure could be even higher.

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years in prison for bribery, money laundering. 
Excerpt: He also drew notoriety for impolitic remarks, such as the racially charged "New Orleans will be chocolate again" and his comment that a growing violent crime problem "keeps the New Orleans brand out there." (Since he wanted New Orleans to be a "chocolate city," I hope they put him in a chocolate prison. ~Bob)

What a difference the next commander in chief will make. By Jennifer Rubin 
Excerpt: To see what difference a president makes, you need look no further than the violence raging throughout the Middle East and the lack of U.S. influence. Certainly, this was a long time in coming, the inevitable result of President Obama’s notion that the United States should retrench and leave the burden of international stabilizing to others. The next president will have his or her hands full.

Playing in Traffic Is Not Safe Politics: Are Democrats beginning to rationalize that losing the Senate majority wouldn’t be as bad as some fear?
Excerpt: We saw it again this past week with The Washington Post’s inimitable Dana Milbank writing a column July 4 suggesting that perhaps the Obama presidency might benefit from Democrats losing their Senate majority. The crunching sound you heard was the bones of Senate Democrats under a bus, a pretty fair indication that someone in or close to the White House was beginning to rationalize why such an outcome might not be as bad a thing as some might think—all logic to the contrary.

Identifying Those Relatively Apolitical Americans with Conservative Instincts. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
There's a demographic out there that I can describe but not label. These folks are instinctively conservative, but probably don't apply that label to themselves. They work for a living, or they are looking for work. They can't stand what they perceive as whining. But they don't identify with the Republican Party. They look at the leadership of the party, at least in Washington — House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, RNC Chair Reince Priebus — and don't feel any sense of connection to them. In fact, they don't really relate to or connect with any particular politician. They either tune out politics as much as possible, or they find the political process to be dominated by adults acting like children and bickering in a selfish, obstinate manner. One reason they don't feel any particular attachment to the current crop of Republican leaders — or perhaps the last Republican presidential standard-bearer, Mitt Romney —is that they're suspicious, or at least wary of Wall Street, or most big companies. They may work for a big company but they don't feel a particular loyalty or identification with their employer. These folks might sound like potential Tea Partiers, but at some point, these folks either tuned out the Tea Party or got turned off by some of the more fiery rhetoric. (Morning Jolt is free and worth subscribing to. ~Bob)

Government Spending Tax Dollars on Social Media
Excerpt: As social media has risen in popularity, so has federal spending on social media, reports Kelly Cohen for the Washington Examiner. It is difficult to account for exactly how much federal spending goes towards social media, but various reports have revealed pieces of government spending on social media efforts: In 2010, the federal government spent at least $945 million on advertising, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service. That figure includes social media. In 2013, the U.S. State Department spent $630,000 purchasing Facebook "likes."

Death toll rises to 16 in Chicago's bloody 4th of July weekend; 82 shot
Excerpt: Many of the shootings, which began about 3:30 p.m. Thursday, took place in some of the most violent South Side neighborhoods. Five people were reportedly shot by Chicago police, including two who died. (Hey, so what? It's their culture and all cultures have equal worth. ~Bob)

Authorities: Military service member with concealed carry permit shoots attacker
Excerpt: A Gresham man fired on a group of people leaving a party, only to be shot himself by one of the victims, a military service member with a concealed carry permit, authorities said.

Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City into Detroit. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: After another bloody weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel branded the shootings unacceptable and the city’s top cop demanded more gun control laws. Chicago’s murder rate has actually dropped since concealed carry became legal. Emanuel’s lawsuits over his illegal gun control laws have left the already struggling city deep in the hole and forced to cover the NRA’s million dollars in legal bills.

Big Problems Lurk Behind Latest Report On Jobs in U.S. By Lawrence Kudlow
Excerpt: Meanwhile, the U6 unemployment rate, which includes part-time workers who want better full-time jobs or folks who have given up, dropped only slightly to 12.1%. That’s still a historically high rate. And the labor-force participation rate was unchanged at 62.8%, a 30-year low. all Street Journal editor Phil Izzo makes a disconcerting point: The good way for unemployment to fall is for more people to find jobs. But the bad way is for more people to give up looking for work altogether.

Worth Reading: ality. By Walter E. Williams
Excerpt: During last year's budget negotiation meetings, President Barack Obama told House Speaker John Boehner, "We don't have a spending problem." When Boehner responded with "But, Mr. President, we have a very serious spending problem," Obama replied, "I'm getting tired of hearing you say that." In one sense, the president is right. What's being called a spending problem is really a symptom of an unappreciated deep-seated national moral rot. 

States poaching businesses from other states
Excerpt: Indiana is aggressively trying to poach businesses from Illinois — a controversial economic development strategy that several other states also are employing in the battle for jobs and revenue. The dynamic playing out here is one that is being embraced by Republican governors across the country who are aggressively courting businesses in higher-tax states such as Illinois, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri and New York — all states with Democratic governors.

Lois Lerner’s attorney now says former IRS official saved ‘some e-mails.’ By Josh Hicks
Excerpt: Lois Lerner’s attorney on Wednesday revised recent comments he made suggesting his client, the former Internal Revenue Service official at the center of the agency’s targeting controversy, did not save any of her e-mails, a fact that would put her in violation of federal record-keeping laws.

In New Haven, some see sagging pants as statement, others as fueling stereotype
Sag is swag if you ask some young people. For Trevor Smith, saggin’ pants are merely a fashion statement. Others, however, worry that it perpetuates racial stereotypes, may have roots as a gay male signal and could lead to health complications based on the way it can force wearers to walk. (These are the freedoms good men are fighting for. As usual with NHR, the comments are priceless. --GS)

The Congressional Black Caucus Has No Conscience
Excerpt: They have conned the American people into believing that they represent the values of the Black community; and nothing could be further from the truth. They have sat silently by as President Barack Obama has put forth policies that have decimated the very people they claim to represent – the Black community. (Interesting commentary from a Black activist, who is not exactly a Conservative. But I am grateful for people like him, who will call things out clearly, and are not afraid to criticize other Blacks for their publicly known actions. And for the people who are saying that the election was not won for Cochran by the Black crossover vote, how do you react to the very clear statements of Black activists who are confirming that with emphasis? --Del)

Excerpt: Climate alarmism is “the biggest fraud in the field of science” and the 97% consensus claim is nonsensical, Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham tells MRCTV in a preview of his presentation at the upcoming Heartland Institute climate conference, July 7-9.

Obama’s talk about fighting income inequality grows quiet: A split within the Democratic Party over how to address inequality issues is changing the president’s focus.
Excerpt: After making fighting income inequality an early focus of his second term, President Obama has largely abandoned talk of the subject this election year in a move that highlights the emerging debate within the Democratic Party over economic populism and its limits.

Correcting History: How Vietnam Vets Were Embraced. By Dr. Joseph J. Horton 
Excerpt: Americans’ patriotism did not wane during Vietnam, it was simply not widely reported. ... Included in this online repository is rare video of the third longest parade in U.S. history. That parade was called the “Support Our Men In Vietnam Parade.” This parade lasted nearly nine hours, through the heart of New York City. There were approximately 250,000 people, including 15,000 Teamsters, 10,000 Longshoreman and 6,000 union carpenters. Vast numbers of young people can be seen marching. The parade was reported locally in New York, but not nationally.
This enormous parade was not the only event in support of our troops in New York. On March 31, 1973, “Home With Honor Day” was celebrated at a parade with more than 150,000 people. (My experiences are quite different from this report. Washington and the surrounding areas were not supportive when I was sat the barracks in 69-73. The colleges were especially my experiences do not support this. I was at the barracks in Washington in 69-73 and that area was not supportive. --Don)

The Truth about the Vietnam War
Excerpt: Did the United States win or lose the Vietnam War? We are taught that it was a resounding loss for America, one that proves that intervening in the affairs of other nations is usually misguided. The truth is that our military won the war, but our politicians lost it. The Communists in North Vietnam actually signed a peace treaty, (This short video should be seen by each and every American! --Don)

The Town that Privatized Everything
Excerpt: In 2005, Sandy Springs outsourced almost all functions of the city government (with the exception of police and fire) to a single company, which runs the town. That company is in charge of running all the vital functions of government, from the running the parks, to paving the roads, and even 911 calls! The town is run very efficiently, with zero backlogs in permit requests.

Obama’s 2012 straw man: Bain Capital. By John Ruberry
Excerpt: Two years later President Obama, who of course defeated Romney in ’12, faces multiple crises, including scandals involving IRS targeting of conservative groups, deadly waiting lists at VA hospitals, as well as a collapsing Iraq, Russia’s seizure of Ukraine, a still stagnant economy, and 300,000 illegal alien children crossing over our lightly watched southern border. None of these hotspots have anything to do with Bain Capital, other than, remotely, the rotten Obama economy.

UK government bids to overturn US haggis ban
Excerpt: The UK government is making a fresh bid to overturn a decades-long US import ban on traditional Scottish haggis. ... Haggis imports have been outlawed in the US since 1971. (I make my own--in the microwave--no lungs, no stomach. Happy to share the recipe. ~Bob)

The explanation Hillary Clinton gives to the “income inequality” crowd for her high speaking fees would raise a lot of questions among the MSM if her last name wasn’t “Clinton,” so instead the media just lap it up: Hillary Clinton donates speaking fees to the Clinton Foundation. Oh, well that’s that I guess. You just knew they’d find a way to turn “$200k per speech” into “selfless solicitation for charitable donations“: ... Just imagine how that headline would have read if Sarah Palin didn’t pay taxes on her speaking income because she donated it to her own foundation that just happens to pay for family, friends and cronies to fly all around the world.

Excerpt: I don’t know if we sufficiently understand how weird and strange, how historically unparalleled, this presidency has become. We’ve got a sitting president who was just judged in a major poll to be the worst since World War II. The worst president in 70 years! Quinnipiac University’s respondents also said, by 54% to 44%, that the Obama administration is not competent to run the government. A Zogby Analytics survey asked if respondents are proud or ashamed of the president. Those under 50 were proud, while those over 50, who have of course the longest experienced sense of American history, were ashamed.

Worth Reading: When the Last Republican Leaves. By John C. Goodman 
If only they would go away … well … hmmmm … what would happen if all the Republicans went away? There are places where there aren’t any Republicans – or at least there are very few. And I’ve noticed that one of two things happens. Fearful of how bad things might get, voters in some Democratic cities vote for Republicans anyway. That is, they elect mayors who either are Republicans or at least govern like Republicans. This has been the pattern in New York City for the past 40 years (up until the last election) and in almost all cases the mayor the city elected had the endorsement of the Gray Lady herself. ... But there are other times and places where this doesn’t happen. In these cases, Democrats elect mayors and city council members who think just like they think. That’s when you get …. Detroit.

Scary Weekend: Holiday "Thug-ology"  
Excerpt: For those of you good people who occupied yourselves with parades and fireworks and picnics, here's a little recap of what the American minority underbelly, those cretins who failed to absorb even a smidgen of American goodness, those thugs who could have been Obama's son, were up to. In a Detroit suburb a Black thug, one who could have been one of Obama's sons, walked up to a little two year old girl playing with her teddy bear, and shot her dead, point blank. (Is not race, it's culture. Most of the victims of black violence are black. ~Bob)

Family to Lose Everything because of "Endangered" Mouse
Excerpt: The federal government and the environmental regulators who act capriciously in its name continue their assault on innocent American citizens. The most recent horror story proving that the federal government has grown far too big and far too powerful comes to us from New Mexico. A family in the southwestern state is in danger of losing everything – their home and their livelihood – because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided that a mouse that lives on their land is an endangered species

Police Chief in Uniform Told to Leave Gun Outside Ikea. By Chris Gordon
Excerpt: Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg said in 35 years in law enforcement he's never had a store tell him that he would have to leave his service weapon in the car or leave — especially when he was in his police uniform. But that's what happened July 4 in the Ikea in College Park when Goldberg had stopped in with his daughter.

China’s rise and Asian tensions send U.S. relations into downward spiral
Excerpt: China’s military rise, and its increasingly assertive claims to sovereignty over these largely uninhabited lumps of rock, coral and sand, have set it on a possible collision course with its neighbors, which also make various claims on the archipelagos, and with the United States, which has important alliances with three of the rival claimants and would be obliged to defend them in the event of an attack. (Well, when Obama "pivoted to Asia," I expected trouble there. ~Bob)

China has a lot to lose in Iraq—and not just the thousands of oil workers it has there. By Lily Kuo
Excerpt: More than 1,000 stranded Chinese workers are being evacuated from war-torn northern Iraq today via helicopters and buses, according to Chinese state media, as a violent Sunni insurgency threatens to tear the country apart. The emergency operation highlights China’s heavy investment in Iraq, as well as the drawbacks of China’s foreign investment strategy that focuses on less-explored and often unstable regions. China arguably benefited the most from the US invasion of Iraq and the bloody insurgency and civil war that followed. (Wait--the progressives said we invaded Iraq so we'd get the oil...~Bob)

Booming Shale Energy Supply Sectors Supporting 450,000+ U.S. Jobs
Excerpt: America’s shale energy revolution is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in diverse sectors of the economy that supply construction, equipment, supplies and services to shale energy operations; and making the U.S. manufacturing sector more competitive by reducing energy input costs, according to the EEIA (Energy Equipment & Infrastructure Alliance) President & CEO Toby Mack.

California’s Hydromania. By Victor Davis Hanson 
Exerpt: Two events now characterize the California agrarian heartland, the richest and most productive farm belt in the world. One, of course, is the third year of drought. I refer here to nature’s lack of rain and snow. But also factor in the state’s additional man-made drought, through diversions of precious stored reservoir water from agriculture and community use to environmental causes that demand more river water must flow out to the sea. The state’s environmental fanatics over thirty years ago cancelled the critical tertiary phases of the California Water Project and the federal Central Valley Project. I guess those in the Bay Area whose lives rest on Hetch Hetchy delivered reservoir water deemed reservoirs for all others passé and so 19th century. (That natural resources can be and often are very definitely limited, and can be abused into becoming near useless, should not be news to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature. (In degrees C.) One of the reason to have a government is for it to look to the long term good of the people, and prevent or control stupidity and greed from doing the kind of damage short-term that everyone will pay for dearly in the long term. That doesn't seem to be working very well in southern CA. You start to wonder what the elected officials really have for priorities, other than getting re-elected. --Del. There are other priorities? Who knew? ~Bob)

Vote probe aimed at 419 Cedar Avenue S. in Minneapolis
Excerpt: No one lives at the address, which is a Somali-dominated commercial building housing several small businesses and a popular mail center. Several dozen apartments upstairs use a different building number. Records also show that more than 90 of the registrants at that address have voted in previous elections, although it’s unclear how many voted while registered at 419 Cedar. The investigation reignites a long-running debate about voter fraud in Minnesota and is the latest flash point in the highly competitive race between Capitol stalwart Rep. Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor, who would become the first Somali-American elected to the Legislature if elected. Kahn was denied the DFL endorsement in April due in part to Noor’s ability to turn out Somali supporters. An August primary will decide the fate of the race. (Voter Fraud in a Democrat primary? Never! ~Bob)

Undocumented Democrat News

Border Security and the Immigration Colander. By Michael W. Cutler
Excerpt: In point of fact, it has been estimated that 40% of the illegal aliens who are present in the United States did not run our border and evade the inspections process that is supposed to prevent the entry of aliens whose presence would be harmful to America or Americans but entered the United States through ports of entry and went on, in various ways, to violate the terms of their admission into the United States.

Rick Perry Refuses Obama's Offer For A Tarmac Handshake
Excerpt: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) won't be on hand to greet President Barack Obama when Air Force One lands in Austin on Wednesday. The governor's office says the White House extended an invitation to Perry to meet Obama on the tarmac when he arrives for Democratic fundraisers(~JB) in Dallas and Austin. However, Perry refused the offer, asking instead to meet with Obama in private to discuss the high number of unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months. (And maybe enticing him to visit the border after all. This is Obama's his number one priority just ahead of golf ~JB).

Scabies Spreads Among Border Detainees: “Management’s more concerned about processing and getting rid of them as quickly as possible than looking at decontamination,” a Border Patrol agent says. By Ryan Lovelace
Excerpt: Approximately 40 immigrants in detention at one center in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s San Diego Sector have active cases of scabies, a source tells National Review Online, and they could soon be spreading it to the general public.

Top General Says Mexico Border Security Now ‘Existential’ Threat to U.S. By Molly O'Toole
Excerpt: A top United States general in charge of protecting the southern border says he’s been unable to combat the steady flow of illegal drugs, weapons and people from Central America, and is looking to Congress for urgent help. Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, commander of U.S. Southern Command, has asked Congress this year for more money, drones and ships for his mission – a request unlikely to be met.

Obamacare News

Liberty: the road not taken. By John Hayward 
Excerpt: The Left’s cherished new idea is that if someone doesn’t give you something for “free,” such as birth control, they are “denying your access” to it. That’s clearly absurd on the most basic common sense level, the kind of thinking a reasonably clever child would shred in a matter of moments, but it’s becoming something like a religious imperative for liberals – a new commandment written into the holy book of collectivism. Its pedigree can be traced to the centuries-old idea that people should not be forced to work for goods they are “entitled” to, as some basic human right, because that compromises our emotional authenticity; we are taught to think of ourselves as slaves to the cruel taskmaster who pays us for our voluntary labor, but expects us to buy our own bread.

Get ready for an even bigger threat to Obamacare. By Jonathan Turley
Excerpt: In crafting the act, Congress created incentives for states to set up health insurance exchanges and disincentives for them to opt out. The law, for example, made the subsidies available only to those enrolled in insurance plans through exchanges "established by the state." But despite that carrot — and to the great surprise of the administration — some 34 states opted not to establish their own exchanges, leaving it to the federal government to do so. This left the White House with a dilemma: If only those enrollees in states that created exchanges were eligible for subsidies, a huge pool of people would be unable to afford coverage, and the entire program would be in danger of collapse. (I don't think "crafting" is quite the right word. ~Bob)

Nevada Woman Dies After Suing Over Delayed Obamacare Coverage. By Natalie Johnson
Excerpt: A woman with a brain tumor who sued Nevada’s Obamacare exchange contractor for delayed coverage died earlier this week. Linda Rolain was among 150 Nevadans suing the contractor Xerox for lack of coverage. She is the first to die of complications from an illness, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

ObamaCare: A ‘Signature Achievement’ of Unaccountable Bureaucracy. By Arnold Ahlert 
Excerpt: On Tuesday, the consequences of that ongoing fiasco were revealed. A pair of reports released by the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) reveal “internal” controls for evaluating healthcare applications are ineffective, and 85 percent of 2.9 million data “inconsistencies” on ObamaCare applications cannot be resolved, even after nine months of attempting to do so.

It’s Not True that 20 Million Americans Gained Coverage Under Obamacare. By Alyene Senger
Excerpt: First, the authors, Dr. David Blumenthal, president of Commonwealth, and Vice President Sara Collins, get to the 20 million by adding together 1 million young adults who gained coverage under a parent’s policy, 8 million consumers who selected a marketplace plan, 5 million who purchased directly from an insurer, and 6 million who enrolled in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. lso, the authors admit the 20 million figure does not distinguish between those who were previously insured and those who were not – even though the previously insured would not be “gaining” coverage but merely replacing one form of coverage with another.

A rude Obamacare awakening. By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: The New York Times recently reported: Some New Yorkers are in sticker shock after receiving notices from their insurance companies saying that they have asked for significant rate increases through the state’s health exchange next year. The exchange, which has prided itself on being affordable, is now facing requests for increases as high as 28 percent for some customers of MetroPlus, a new entry to the individual insurance market and one of the least costly — and most popular — plans on the exchange this year.

How Much Should Your Health Insurer Know About Your Health? By John C. Goodman 
Excerpt: The modern insurer wants to be involved in your health care. At a minimum they want to steer you to providers and facilities that…well, that might have higher quality care, but for sure will cost less money. What insurers don’t know. There’s just one problem. The health insurers who are enrolling folks in the newly created health insurance exchanges don’t have any more information about the health condition of their enrollees than Blue Cross had about its enrollees back in the 1950s. Why? Because of health reform. (ObamaCare.)

Religion of Peace News

Taliban insurgents set oil tankers ablaze in Afghanistan
Excerpt: Taliban insurgents set fire on Saturday to about 200 oil tanker trucks supplying fuel for NATO forces in an attack just outside the Afghan capital Kabul, police said.

Israel and Hamas Trade Attacks as Tension Rises
Excerpt: Israel and Hamas escalated their military confrontation on Tuesday, with Israel carrying out extensive air attacks in response to heavy rocket fire and authorizing a major call-up of army reserves for an extended campaign against militants in Gaza. Late Tuesday, Hamas took responsibility for a new wave of up to 40 longer-range rockets, some of them intercepted over Tel Aviv and even Jerusalem, where sirens sounded around 10 p.m. 

ISIS Threatens Holocaust Against Jews. By John Rossomando
Excerpt: A Twitter post Thursday by supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now calling itself the Islamic State (IS), has promised a Holocaust against the Jews.
"The Real Zionist Holocaust is Predicted in the Hadiths! The Hour [resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the tree will say: "Oh, Muslim, servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, kill him!

White House debating whether to ally with… God help us… Syria. By Moe Lane
Excerpt: There’s a battle raging inside the Obama administration about whether the United States ought to push away from its goal of toppling Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and into a de facto alliance with the Damascus regime to fight ISIS and other Sunni extremists in the region.

Iraq: ‘Terrorists’ seize ex-chemical weapons site
Excerpt: The Islamic State extremist group has taken control of a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad, where remnants of 2,500 degraded chemical rockets filled decades ago with the deadly nerve agent sarin are stored along with other chemical warfare agents, Iraq said in a letter circulated Tuesday at the United Nations.

Iran's Supreme Leader Calls for More Uranium Enrichment Capacity
Excerpt: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his country needs to significantly increase its number of centrifuges, underlining a gap in positions between Tehran and world powers as they hold talks aimed at clinching a nuclear accord. Iran and world powers have less than two weeks to reach an agreement on the future scope of Iran's uranium enrichment programme and other issues if they are to meet a self-imposed July 20 deadline for a deal. (If they reach agreement--highly unlikely--Iran won't keep it. But Obama will brag about it. What difference, at this point, does it make. If we lose New York City. ~Bob)

Iraqi American man arrested while burning Qur'an in Dearborn. By Ali Harb
Excerpt: On Wednesday June 25, police arrested an Iraqi American who was trying to burn the Qur'an in front of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center on Warren Avenue. Ali Hassan Al-Asaidi, 50, of Detroit, also admitted to burning three Qur'ans at the Karbalaa Center on June 10, according to Lt. Doug Topolski of the Dearborn Police Department. The first Qur'an burning incident coincided with the visit of an anti-Muslim pastor from Florida and made national headlines. 

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