Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't Pay the Ransom--I Escaped!

I was discharged from the Madison VA Hospital Today. This was my fourth admission since March. The third was the closest call yet, 14 days and very near to the edge on 5/26. So I was prepared for the worst, but am out after only 4 days. I did not have pneumonia causing me to de-sat on oxygen this time. They think there might have been a mild infection, ran IV antibiotics for the 4 days and sent me home with oral ones, but infection wasn't the problem.

The CT scan showed swelling in the lower small bronchial tubes, and one side tube. They think the bronchoscopy last Monday may have irritated them. Probably mucus buildup behind them as well. Two or three of my other admissions came after bronchs. So they are going to hold off on bronchs for awhile, and do another CT scan before doing one.

Before I had the bronch, I was on 2 LPM of O2 for activity, afterwards 6 LPM until I de-satted Friday, July 4. I'm down to  4 LPM for activity today, so getting better. And my FEV numbers, though still poor, were up this morning. They are trying to induce me to cough up mucus, including using a vest that hooks to a machine and shakes you for ten minutes--usually used for cystic fibrosis patients. But they cost $13k, so I didn't get one to bring home. Just as well, everything worked ad the coughing was some debilitating today. I will see in the morning if I'm up to PT rehab tomorrow.

As usual, I can't say enough about the positive and cheerful care I received from the doctors, nurses, HTs, RTs and other professionals at the VA. They are doing everything possible for me. Top notch, classy people.

Thanks for all the good wishes, thoughts and prayers.

I have so much backed up, it will be a bit until I can get through the 200 emails I have now, and those that come in, to do a blog post. Sorry--we shall see.

Semper Fidelis ~Bob

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  1. I continue in prayer for you and love reading anything you post. Keep up the good fight.