Monday, March 23, 2020

Is Social Distancing Saving Lives Or Ruining Them?

Is Social Distancing Saving Lives Or Ruining Them?
Perhaps the overwhelming majority would happily endure indefinite isolation and sacrifices of freedom to prevent a fairly bad pandemic from getting somewhat worse. But I doubt it. By Jonathan Ashbach
Excerpt: Americans have been complaining about an unhealthy lack of bipartisanship on the political scene for years. In the last week or so, they got bipartisanship, but maybe not the kind they were hoping for. In their first terrified response to the Wuhan coronavirus, Republicans and Democrats seemingly united in favor of social distancing, quarantine of the infected, and prevention of large gatherings. But as the first fog of panic wears off, another bipartisan phenomenon is beginning to sweep the nation: People are beginning to wonder whether the whole thing is doing more harm than good.

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