Sunday, February 9, 2020

Open Primaries

If a church in your neighborhood was having an election for congregation president, do you feel you should have the right to vote in the election even if you don’t belong to the church? Of course not. But a shocking number of Americans think that they should have the right to vote in a party primary, where the party chooses its candidates, even if they don’t belong to that party. That leads to what is called “open primaries,” where Republicans can vote in the Democratic primary and Democrats can vote in the Republican primary. So, when the party has only one candidate, it’s good strategy to urge your members to vote in the other party’s primary to elect the candidate perceived to be weakest. That leads to endless meddling by Republicans and Democrats in each other’s primaries. It’s why I have always opposed open primaries. ~Bob

Republicans urging GOP voters to vote for Sanders in South Carolina primary: report

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