Saturday, February 15, 2020

This I believe

I’m a heterosexual, old, white male, Christian. I’m a Marine vet who volunteered for Vietnam, so I’ve always been willing to risk my life opposing communism and socialism. I’m a Republican and a gun owner. I’ve been faithfully married to my first wife for over 27 years. I’ve never tried pot, heroin, crack, meth, or any other illegal recreational drug. I do drink, and a few times to excess, but now my lung transplant limits me to one a day. I smoked a pipe, but like Bill Clinton, didn’t inhale. I gave it up 20 years ago. I believe that all lives matter, that only free markets have lifted people out of poverty, and that people should be judged as individuals—black, white, red, yellow, or brown. Male or female. Gay or straight, old or young, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, or Hindu—and that you cannot attribute good or bad characteristics to any individual because of group membership. I believe that violence attacking others because of their religion, political views, or race is wrong, whether it’s white supremacists or antifa, and should be punished. I believe in the death penalty. This should be enough to make any snowflake take to his safe space for a year.

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