Thursday, April 18, 2019

There's No White Privilege, Only Racial Differences. Daniel Greenfield

There's No White Privilege, Only Racial Differences. Daniel Greenfield
Good essay, although personally I do believe that there can be some advantage to having White skin sometimes.  As there are some advantages to being male, as well as disadvantages.  And at times a different skin can also bring an advantage.  Being good looking brings some advantages, although that applies much more to women than men.  Bottom line, life is complex and different situations bring on different results.
But just being White no longer comes with anything like the advantages that people think every White person had, certainly not the privileges that upper class Britons had a century ago, or the children of rich White people in the USA then, and to some extent, now.  Barack Obama's daughters don't have White privilege but they sure as hell don't need it either, nor do the children of other rich and powerful or even just famous American Blacks.
At this point a poor White boy from a broken home who's not done that well in school has less chance of getting special help than a poor Black boy with the same record.  There's no affirmative action for poor White kids.
I still believe our society has a way to go to get close to really equal opportunity for all, but hammering on the idea of some kind of fantastic level of White Privilege has become far more of a negative for the nation than anything else.

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