Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sri Lanka Attack ‘Is the Wave of the Future’

Sri Lanka Attack ‘Is the Wave of the Future’
Returning Islamic State fighters are spreading “a really viral ideology” and looking for vulnerable countries to target, says terrorism expert Anne Speckhard.
I'm getting old and nasty, and my answer to ISIS was to kill everyone of them possible, and never, ever let anyone who joined them return from the deserts to any of their home countries. But of course that was way too harsh for Europeans and out of the question for other countries, especially the ones with Muslim populations, so now the cancer cells are there, still growing, and the dangers are there and also growing. I think it would take very harsh measures now to dig out and deal with the fanatics, and it's not happening, so we can all look forward to anti-West and anti-Christian atrocities continuing indefinitely. In the long run there may be consequences so terrible in Western nations that no one wants to even think of them today. But the ostrich defense has never worked well. Del

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