Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dark Times Ahead indeed.

I happened to see the excerpt from the TV show where the Black lawyer gives the speech about how it turns out that once you think about it, punching the guy you don't like in the face is really the right and proper thing to do. It absolutely blew me away that this would be shown in a main channel TV show, it's a total legitimization of the idea of personal street justice based on your unrestrained feelings. The video goes into the show in more detail, and the events shown in more detail, gets a bit repetitive by the end, certainly is informative. I still can't believe they would make a show like this and say and do things on it as they have. If you really, really want to push racial divisiveness hard, this is the way to do it.. It's now really scary. This is past irresponsible by the network and the people who make the show, it's absolutely dangerous. Del
17 minutes about a vile piece of network TV.

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