Saturday, April 13, 2019

Israeli Millennials, Tilting Right, Helped Elect Netanyahu

Israeli Millennials, Tilting Right, Helped Elect Netanyahu
‘The hope or yearning for peace is foreign’ to many Israeli young people who favor security, the economy
This is what happens when you have skin in the game, when you can truly ask what you can do for your country. As opposed to here: oh, cops shooting kids, I’m sad, pay for my education, and don’t ask me to participate in improving things. A few years in the military will relieve you of a sense of entitlement real quick. I also think they don’t really have a Philistine Lives Matter movement over there. They just don’t care about their health, happiness, or well being. Stay on your side of the fence and make sure to wipe your ass really well. If there’s something you want, ask...politely. In 71 years they have demanded lands lost in a war they started. And to think, the three mousketeers in Congress support this barbarism. I keep laughing that the reason the Israeli mission to the moon failed was because they put a philistine in charge of the self destruct mechanism...probably the only job they could handle.-GS

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