Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Mexico observatory closure stemmed from FBI child porn probe

New Mexico observatory closure stemmed from FBI child porn probe: documents
Excerpt: The mysterious 11-day closure of a New Mexico solar observatory stemmed from an FBI investigation of a janitor suspected of using the facility’s wireless internet service to send and receive child pornography, federal court documents showed on Wednesday. (,,,)  It was finally explained in newly unsealed FBI records, including a 39-page application for a warrant to search the suspect’s residence. An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation wrote in the affidavit that she was “investigating the activities of an individual who was utilizing the wireless internet service of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, to download and distribute child pornography.” (...) The person has not been arrested or charged, and no arrest warrant has been issued, according to the FBI. (...) The warrant issued by a U.S. magistrate in Las Cruces, New Mexico, showed that on Sept. 14 agents removed from the man’s home three cell phones, five laptops, one iPad, an external hard drive, 16 thumb drives, 89 compact flash disks and other material. (Ron P.: I doubt I’m any more gullible than most people, but this explanation strains credulity beyond the breaking point. The Observatory was evacuated and locked down for 11 days to search for porn? Evidence was seized, but  no person is in custody or arrested? A fifth-grader could make up a better BS story than this. Maybe it was the Chinese. Or maybe it's just a HUGE case of bureaucratic overkill. Link may not be live.) 

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