Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Latest surprise

The Yale graduate who was too drunk to walk and needed six days of help "reconstructing memories" before deciding to claim that Kavanaugh sexually harassed her, now refuses to testify before Congress. Her lawyer says everything she has to say is in the New Yorker magazine article.

Great, so all anyone needs to do is make an unsupported accusation, even admitting they were totally sloshed at the time, review it with a nice, helpful attorney, and get published in a classic leftist magazine, and that's supposed to be the equivalent of a legitimate sworn testimony with the accused getting a chance to rebut? Wow.... We are certainly in
deep, deep trouble now as a society.

What I would love to see is a lawsuit about defamation of character filed against her and the magazine by Kavanaugh, that would force them into court and eventually have to pay him damages and all court costs. But he is unlikely to do that, even though he should. They are SCUM and need to be recognized officially and very publicly as such.


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