Saturday, September 1, 2018


The Idea That American Gun Manufacturers Block Gun Control Is a Myth
Excerpt: The American gun market is remarkably decentralized. Let’s take a closer look at the anti-gun crowd’s favorite punching bag: the AR-15. Yes, the particular gun used in the Parkland shooting was an MP-15 made at Smith & Wesson, but the MP-15 only makes up a tiny slice of AR-15s made and sold in the United States. ARs from comparatively small shops like Anderson Manufacturing and Palmetto are incredibly popular, and their sales keep growing. The firearms industry as a whole is extremely diverse in terms of company size, with small shops making up a huge chunk of the industry. Just in Florida, producers of the AR-15 include Tactical Machining, Spike’s Tactical, Knight’s Armament, and more. Beyond that, still remaining in Hogg’s home state of Florida, there is Kel-Tec, one of the most prolific manufacturers of inexpensive handguns, and even Kalashnikov working on AK-pattern rifles in Pompano Beach. Truthfully, the gun-manufacturing industry is a diverse and international market. The Belgians took over making most AR-pattern weapons for the Army back in the 1980’s.

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