Friday, September 15, 2017


A glimpse of the party’s dark side in Vietnam. By Kenichi Yoshida / Yomiuri Shimbun Hanoi Bureau Chief
Excerpt: It is said that the Vietnamese government abducted Trinh Xuan Thanh, former chairman of PetroVietnam Construction JSC, part of the state energy company PetroVietnam, when he was staying in Germany, in late July, and brought him back to Vietnam. He had been wanted internationally by the Vietnamese government for allegedly causing an enormous loss to the construction company. The Vietnamese government announced that Thanh voluntarily turned himself in to police authorities in Hanoi. In response to the announcement, the German government determined that he was abducted. Germany strongly criticized Vietnam, describing the abduction of Thanh as an “unprecedented and blatant violation of German and international law.” The German government ordered a staff member of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany accused of being included in the abduction to leave Germany. The abduction site was a high-traffic park adjacent to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The former chairman, who was said to have sought asylum in Germany, seemed to have been transferred by an overland route to Eastern Europe after his abduction and then brought back to Vietnam by air. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel described the abduction method as reminiscent of Cold War spy movies. (I have to laugh.... "the Party's dark side".... what other side is there? --Del)

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