Monday, September 18, 2017


No Good Options in North Korea?
Excerpt: First, rising missiles in their boost phase are easiest to detect and destroy. During boost phase, missiles are moving at their slowest velocity, making them easier to shoot down. They also burn more fuel at this point in their trajectory, giving them their hottest infrared signature and making them easier to detect at long range. In addition, missiles in boost phase cannot employ evasive maneuvers or deploy multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (or MIRVs) — unlike descending ICBMs in terminal phase. ... Fortunately, the technology for developing a purely kinetic space-based system — the so-called Brilliant Pebbles system — has been available since the early 1990s. [Hot diggitty damn! Somebody remembers the stuff we were talking about in the 80s: a MORAL defensive solution to incoming missile threats that has NO CONCEIVABLE OFFENSIVE USE. Of course, it would be opposed by every leftist because they don’t WANT us to be defended; so they’ll claim a purely defensive thing is “destabilizing” and therefore actually an offensive weapon. That largely worked in the 80s. But, there is now a clearly certifiable mad man running North Korea claiming he has nukes. And, our cost to do this is minuscule compared with even one near-miss by a nuke. The speed with which it could be done is also impressive. If the South Koreans and Japanese are really smart, they might well build this on their own; they can afford it and the equipment is largely off-the-shelf. Wouldn’t THAT poke a stick into the eye of any potential aggressor nation? Link above may not be live. Ron P.]

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