Thursday, September 21, 2017


It looks like Obama did spy on Trump just as he did to me Excerpt:  According to media reports this week, the FBI did indeed “wiretap” the former head of Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, both before and after Trump was elected. If Trump officials — or Trump himself — communicated with Manafort during the wiretaps, they would have been recorded, too. But we’re missing the bigger story. If these reports are accurate, it means U.S. intelligence agencies secretly surveilled at least a half dozen Trump associates. And those are just the ones we know about. [Note that this item is sourced from The Hill, not exactly a right-leaning outlet.  When Attkisson’s computer hack was acknowledged by CBS, it was a really big deal for those on both sides of the political divide.  For about an hour.  By then, it was plain that Attkisson’s politics were neither leftist enough for the left NOR rightist enough for the right.  The media buried the story, and few cared enough to pay much attention.  Her suit remains in court at this time, though summary dismissal has been denied.  This is an important issue.  Any tactic that can be used by either side can–and will–be used against the other at some future time.  It is in everyone’s interest that these abuses be stopped and punished severely, lest they become routine.  Link may not be live. Ron P.]

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